Best Vape Juice brands - UK & USA

The Best E Liquid / Vape Juice Brands

E-Juice, e-liquid, vape juice or e cig liquid, whatever you prefer to call it, we take a look at some of the best tasting e liquids from some of the most trusted UK and USA juice brands for 2023.

Below we cover some of the best tobacco e liquids as well as ejuice for both mouth to lung (MTL) and sub ohm vapers. As always taste is subjective but if you are looking for a place to start then here you 🙂

1. Dinner Lady E-Liquids – (Editors Choice)

Dinner lady lemon tart review
Dinner Lady are one of the most popular UK e-liquid brands and for good reason. Many vapers know the brand due to their Lemon Tart flavour (which is excellent) but they have expanded the range in recent years to cover all bases from fruit to tobacco’s.

Not only that but they produce all flavours in a choice of 50PG/50VG, nic salt, shortfill (70VG) concentrates for the DIY enthusiasts and CBD. So no matter what type of vape device you use or what level of experience you have Dinner Lady have you covered.

We have recently reviewed most of the flavours on offer and across the board they offer quality. Even their tobacco and menthol flavours scored high across the board.

Check out their flavours below. Worldwide shipping available.

2. Riot E-Liquid – (Best Flavour Options)

riot bar edtn strawberry blueberry iceRiot E-Liquids (previously known as Riot Squad) are a UK brand that offer quality across the board.

There are a number of ranges on offer which cover all bases from fruits to desserts and drinks to disposable ‘bottled’ flavours. They have a loyal following of vapers and are highly active on social platforms and at events throughout the UK.

Definitely a trusted brand to try.

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3. Wick Liquor (Best Complex E Juice Flavours)

wick liquor vape juiceIt took us a while to get around to trying Wick liquor vape juice but the wait was worth it. They have developed some superb e-liquids with a couple of top notch fruity flavours. This has been one of the best vape juice brands for us this year.

Top fruit picks are Boulevard, which promises “Mardi Gras fruit punch and fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp” and Contra which is described as “Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote”.

I’ll leave it down to our pickiest e liquid reviewer to give his thoughts on the Boulevard:

What I can say is fruit lovers rejoice – especially if you enjoy a deep and mysterious fruity vape that reminds me uncannily of Rowntrees fruit gums that I sucked and chewed on back in the day!

Not too sweet – not too sharp – just a wondrous explosion of levels and levels of flavour that still blows my mind – absolutely stunning…and then some.

UK Shipping

4. JAC Vapour UK Made E Liquid (Best E-Liquid For New Vapers)

JAC Vapour E-LiquidJacvapour has been producing some superb vaping devices and their UK made e-liquid range is no different.

Tests are carried out on the nicotine base and ingredients prior to mixing, they also have their juices tested independently after the mix to ensure quality and safety standards remain high.

Banana Milkshake, Toffee and Real Raspberry were my personal favourites. Mixing the banana milkshake and toffee flavours makes a very tasty banoffee pie! Try mixing your own flavours to come up with something truly individual.

Jacvapour are also the only vaping brand I have seen that produce an e liquid that provides minimal vapour. Great for stealth vaping. This range is called Clear Steam and is available in the same flavours as their main juice line.

They also offer e-liquids that will suit both mouth to lung and sub ohm devices.

Tip: Check out the flavours from Bryn’s Special sauce, very special indeed.

Available in the UK and Europe.

  • Standard range – 50PG/50VG – Recommended For MTL Devices
  • SMOKING Range – Nic Salts – This type of e-liquid helps the nicotine enter the bloodstream quicker than standard e-liquid – Recommended for new vapers that have just come off smoking.
  • Premium/High VG/Bryn’s Special Sauce – Recommended For Sub Ohm Devices

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5. IVG Vape Juice (Best UK Vape Juice Brand: Voted By Vapers)

best uk vape juice ivgIVG were voted best Uk vape juice brand by vapers in the 2021 Ecigclick Awards.  Well deserved it is too.

One of the things we really like about IVG is the amount of flavour options they have. They cover pretty much all the bases for vapers from shortfill to nic salts, tobacco to desserts.

We have reviewed most of their flavour ranges and they consistently impress.

6. Black Note – (Best Tobacco E-Liquid | Most Realistic)

best tobacco e liquid Black NoteBlack Note is fast becoming the go to brand for vapers that want their e-liquid flavour to be a realistic tobacco.

For good reason too. For us this is the best tobacco e juice bar none.

Black Note use naturally extracted tobacco in a process that has 9 careful stages from picking the tobacco leaves to bottling the product.

This is a pure tobacco e liquid that uses no artificial flavouring. Not the cheapest e liquid but you really do get what you pay for. Even the bottle and packaging is the best out there.

Black Note are also tested and are free of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol, Acrolein or Acetoin. All independent lab reports are available to view.

There are 8 tobacco flavours in the range, all with different characteristics. Our personal favorites are Cadenza and Prelude although it is hard to choose. They come in 50PG/50VG ratio making them perfect for mouth to lung vape devices.

UK/Europe – 5% Discount With Code ECIGCLICK
US Store – Free Shipping

7. Apollo E-Liquids – (Best For Choice)

Best E Liquids Apollo

Apollo have a huge range of e liquids from their own brand flavours to guest e liquids from the biggest brands. What we like about Apollo e-liquids is that they offer an e liquid to suit different devices.

If you use a vape pen style e cigarette and vape mouth to lung then go for the 50PG/50VG e-liquids. For sub ohm, direct to lung vapers the Apollo MAX VG range comes with an 20PG/80VG ratio, this is the one for you.

The flavours in this range are excellent, our personal picks are the Smoozie, Zour and Due Time but there is plenty to pick from for all flavour profiles. They are also made to the highest safety standards available.

The 50/50 range gives you tried and tested flavours such as Tobacco, Menthol, Strawberry, Grape and Watermelon to name a few.

Not only that but they also offer more ‘off the beaten track’ e-juice blends including French Vanilla, Baja Burst which is a blend of tropical fruits and Razzle which combines Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry.

All of these e-juices are a great starting point for new vapers and are great for your standard e cig tanks and clearomizers.

They have also recently just stocked a huge range of nic salt e-liquids that are perfect for new vape devices.

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8. JAC Vapour Pure Menthol (Best Menthol E Liquid)

Best Menthol E Liquid - JAC Vapour Pure MentholWe already have JAC Vapour on our list for producing some of the best UK made vape juice. What they have also done is produce one of the best menthol e-liquids available.

What we also like is the options this is available in. JAC VApour offer either a PG or VG based so mouth to lung and direct to lung vape options are there. They also offer is in shortfill version from their PicNic range. This basically means you get 50ml of e-liquid by mixing flavouring and your preferred PG/VG base.

Their e juices are created in clean rooms in a state of the art, UK based facility, to the highest standards.

If you are looking for a menthol e juice then this is one to try.

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9. Twelve Monkeys – (Best Fruit Vape Juice)

Twelve monkeys Vape JuiceTwelve monkeys always get thousands of votes in our annual Ecigclick Awards and after trying their ranges I can see why. I vape at least 4 of their flavours on a regular basis. Mangabeys has to be one of my all time favourite vape juice flavours. Then there is Tropika, Congo Cream, Kanzi… Ok back to the task in hand!

The brand has various different ranges, their original Twelve Monkeys, an Ice version of these flavours and the excellent Origin range that is offered in a 65VG/35PG mix so sits well in most of the latest vape tanks, both Mouth to Lung (MTL) and sub ohm.

If you like your fruit based juices with a twist then these really are worth a punt.

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10. Elements E Liquid (Best Seller)

Buy Element E Liquid UKElements e liquid. This is a brand that has found success over the other side of the pond before repeating that success in the UK.

Anther brand that has won multiple ‘Best E Juice’ categories at vape events all over the world. Not forgetting of course a winner in our very own Ecigclick Awards. They are certainly doing something right.

Originating from the USA, Elements offer some great, simple flavours for those vapers that want minimal fuss.

Their Dripper Range, 80VG/20PG is great for the sub ohm vapers among us.

Recommended For Sub Ohm Devices. Available Worldwide.

11. Vaporfi E Liquid – (Best For Variety)

Best Vape Juice VaporfiWhat can I say about the Vaporfi e juice offering?! One word springs to mind – MASSIVE.

They not only have a number of ranges but they also give you the opportunity to mix your own e juice recipe with the Standard collection that results in over 30,000 options! Great for the more adventurous and creative vapers.

Their e liquids are all Kosher Grade, mixed in FDA certified labs with (what they state) ‘Better than food grade’ flavouring and all vape juices are tested to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

They have gone the extra mile to ensure they only supply a quality product.

There are many standout flavours as our recent Vaporfi E-liquid reviews show but I personally keep going back for more GRND Reserve Catch Ya Latte (My favourite coffee vape), Very Berry Ice and Deep Fried Apple Pie.. Lovely stuff.

12. Freeman Vape Juice (Best Value Vape Juice USA)

Freeman Vape Juice
A new brand, launched late in 2017, Freeman Vape Juice is only available in the USA at the time of writing. We reviewed the full range recently and were really impressed overall. One of the most surprising things was the price, just $19.99 for 120ml.

The range includes a wide range of flavours covering tobacco, menthol, fruits to milkshake. All come in 80VG/20PG so more suited to the sub ohm vapers amongst us. Our personal favourites were Trail Blazer, that offers a slight twist on tobacco, Fall Spirit that is a super tasty Apple and Caramel mix and Cococaine which is a mix of Coconut and Cookie, a beautiful vape.

Definitely worth checking out a few others depending on your personal flavour profile and at this price it isn’t going to break the bank to try.

Currently only available in the USA. Suitable for sub ohm tanks.

Best One Stop UK E Liquid Vape Stores

E-Liquid Superstore

As the name suggests this is an online superstore full of some of the best vape juice brands available. They also stock some lesser known brands that we are hoping to get in our tanks ASAP. From 10ml bottles with nic already included to short fills with the option of adding nic shots, they have it.

They also offer a mix and match discount so the more you buy the cheaper it gets. If you buy 5 or more bottles you can save a whopping 20%. Great if you have a go to vape juice you want to stock up on.

Vapour UK discounts for black fridayIf you are looking for a UK vape store that sells a wide range of e liquid from some of the biggest and best e liquid brands on the market then is a great place to start.

They stock over 40 brands and 200 flavour options from both UK and US brands. Just a selection of what they have on offer:

  • Nasty
  • Space Jam
  • Black Note
  • Dinner Lady
  • Element
  • Suicide Bunny
  • Twelve Monkeys

I could go on! If you are looking for a specific flavour then they have likely got it!

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Best One Stop E-Liquid Vape Stores in the USA

Direct Vapor

Best USA E liquid Vape Stores
Another great resource when it comes to a wide range of the best e-juice brands available.

Direct Vapor stock over 150 flavours of e liquid from the biggest brands in the industry.

Not only do they supply a great range of juice but their hardware offering is superb.

For a US based vape store be sure to check them out.

Just a selection of the brands they have on offer:

  • Element
  • Liquid State
  • Ripe Vapes
  • Kings Crest
  • Motley Brew
  • Halycon Vapors
  • Space Jam

Free Shipping On Everything

How To Choose The Right E Liquid

As you will know, there are plenty of quality UK e liquid brands so it’s virtually impossible to tell you what the best e juice is from all those available. For the USA the choice is even more diverse.

We have however tried and reviewed our fair share so we have a good idea of the brands that are taking the required steps not only to mix some great flavour combinations but ensure they take the actual production side of things seriously.

With a huge influx of US juice brands hitting UK shores we wanted to highlight the fantastic work e liquid brands in the UK are doing, while of course including some of the best from around the world.

The above, ‘best e liquid UK’ list features brands that offer what I personally think are fantastic quality e cig juices for vapers not only in flavour but in the way they produce the e-liquids.

Are they made in the right conditions? Do they test their e-juices? If not do the companies that supply the flavourings carry out tests? We try and look at all this but what this list should do is give you a good starting point on where to buy some top quality e-liquid. You won’t go far wrong with any of the below.

Did you know that not all e-liquids will be suitable for the e cig device you are using?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just choosing a juice and vaping. This is a mistake a lot of new vapers make and then blame their equipment for not working properly.

You need to take into account the type of e cigarette you use, this will determine the type of e-liquid you should buy. Once you know your device the main thing you need to look out for is:

  • The PG/VG ratio of e liquid.
  • Nicotine strength

You can read more in depth information about PG Vs VG here but here is a general quick guide on what you should be looking for.

Device type:

Vape devices with a coil resistance above 1.0 Ohm (eg: Endura T18/T20/T22 Series, Aspire K2, vape pen style e cigs and some pod mods)

If you use the above type of e cig then you will likely vape in a style that is know as Mouth to Lung (MTL).

If that is the case then it is recommended you stick to 50PG/50VG e-liquids and nic salts for best results. Or a maximum 40PG/60VG. You can also vape a higher nicotine strength.

Sub Ohm Tanks for Direct to Lung vaping where your coil resistance is 0.5Ohm or lower.

It is recommended to use e liquid with a higher VG ratio. The minimum of which should be 40PG/60VG. We would also recommend using a maximum of 6mg nicotine. The most popular strength is 3mg.

Best E-Liquids To Try In 2023

  1. Apollo E-Liquids (Editors Choice)
  2. JAC Vapour UK Made E Liquid (Best UK E-Liquid Brand)
  3. Wick Liquor – (best Complex E Juice Flavours)
  4. IVG Vape Juice (Best Brand as Voted by Vapers)
  5. Black Note Tobacco E-Liquid (Most Realistic Tobacco Flavour)
  6. Vape Dinner Lady (Best Flavour Choice)
  7. JAC Vapour Pure Menthol (Best Menthol E-Liquid)
  8. Twelve Monkeys (Best Fruit Vape Juice)
  9. Elements E liquid (Best Selling E juice)
  10. Vaporfi E Liquid (Best Coffee E Liquid)
  11. Freeman Vape Juice (Best Value Juice USA)

E-Liquid FAQ’s

What Is Propylene Glycol (PG) In E Cigarettes?

Propylene Glycol is a thinner liquid (Than VG) and carries flavour well. Read more about PG and VG in e-liquid here.

What Is Vegetable Glycerin (VG) In E Cigarettes?

Vegetable Glycerin is an organic liquid made from vegetable oil. It has a thicker consistency than PG as well as a slightly sweeter flavour.

Higher VG juices are suited to sub ohm vaping.

Read more about PG and VG in e-liquid here.

What Does High VG Mean?

VG is short for Vegetable Glycerol. The majority of e-juice has a mix of PG/VG.

High VG e liquids use a larger percentage of VG, generally 70%, 80% or 90%. There are also 100% VG e-liquids available for those that are sensitive to PG.

Higher VG E Liquids are best used in sub ohm tanks and not mouth to lung vape tanks that are found on eGo type e cigs and entry level vape pens.

What Is the best flavour for vaping?

This is the million Dollar question. Unfortunately not one that’s all too easy to answer. Everybody has different tastes so e-juice flavour recommendations are subjective.

What we can do, however, is point you in the direction of some quality e liquids that do things right and take measures to ensure their e-juice is made to high standards.

Ultimately the decision is yours and it may take trying a few flavours to find one suited to you. Experimenting and discovering new flavours is half the fun and something that helps keep people of cigarettes.

Is E-Liquid Safe?

We think the right question to ask here is this – Is E-Liquid SAFER than tobacco? With just a handful of ingredients in e-liquids the answer to our question is yes, in fact 95% safer according to The Royal College of Physicians.

But.. is it completely safe? Nobody can say it’s 100% safe. You are, after all, inhaling something into your lungs. I would rather be inhaling the handful of ingredients into my lungs from e-liquid any day over the 5000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Can I Make My Own E-Liquid?

You certainly can. Thousands of vapers do so everyday. Check out our beginners guide to making your own e liquid here.

What Is In E-Liquid

E-Liquid generally contains Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavourings and nicotine. The nicotine is optional of course. You can read more about PG and VG here.

Is There Nicotine In E liquid?

The choice is yours. You can choose a variety of nicotine content levels such as 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg. Or you can choose an e-liquid that has zero nicotine.

What is USP/EP Grade Propylene Glycol?

USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia and EP stands for European Pharmacopoeia.

When referred to with PG this means that the e-liquid uses a pharmaceutical grade PG that has a purity greater than 99.8%. These particular grades are tested for compliance.

What Makes E Juice Thick?

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is the main ingredient that makes for a thicker e juice. It is less viscous than PG. So the higher the VG the thicker the e liquid tends to be.

Is it PG or VG that Makes Thick Clouds of Vapour?

Higher VG e liquid will provide you with thicker, dense clouds. Higher VG e-liquids are best paired with sub ohm tanks.

What Strength of E Liquid Should I Use?

This is a very general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the right nicotine strength for your needs:

  • 3mg – 0.3% – Generally a ratio used in higher VG juices.
  • 6mg – 0.6% – For those that smoke upto 10 cigarettes per day.
  • 12mg /-1.2% – For those that smoke upto 20 cigarettes per day.
  • 18mg / 1.8% – For those that smoke upto 30 cigarettes per day.

What Chemicals are in Vape e-liquid?

  • Vegetable Glycerin – Also used in food, medications and cosmetic products
  • Propylene Glycol – Also used in asthma inhalers, food items and medication
  • Nicotine (Optional)
  • Flavourings.

Read more about PG and VG here

What Is Meant By Throat Hit?

Throat hit is a term used to explain the sensation you get when vaping. Generally the kind of feeling you would get when smoking a cigarette that you can feel at the back of the throat.

Higher nicotine content is primarily responsible for throat hit. Higher PG percentage can also contribute to a certain extent as well as some flavourings. So if you are looking for the best e juice for throat hit then be sure to look at the above.

Tip: If you are sub ohm vaping things are a little different. It’s recommended to have a higher VG (min 60VG) and a lower nicotine strength, generally 3mg or 6mg max.

What is the Best E Liquid Mix Ratio?

This will depend a lot on what kind of tank/coil you are vaping with. As a general rule of thumb (although this will differ depending on tank device) these are the recommended PG/VG ratios to use.

1.5 Ohm- 2.0 Ohm – 50PG/50VG | 40PG/60VG (Higher VG juices are thicker and may have trouble wicking in smaller, higher resistance coils)

Sub Ohm coils (0.5 Ohm and below) – 40PG/60VG | 30PG/70VG | 20PG/80VG | 10PG/90VG (Again… Check online if your specific coil can be used (wicks) high VG juices well)

What is Steeping?

You may have heard the term mentioned when it comes to e-liquid. For a better explanation check out our guide to steeping e-liquid.

In short, steeping e juice allows your e-liquid and it’s ingredients to sit for a period of time to allow the separate ingredients to combine.

If you find you have a new e-liquid flavour and it tastes sharp/harsh or not quite right, setting it aside for a week or two could make a difference.

How Do You Store E Liquid?

Best practices for storing your e-liquid:

  • Keep bottles out of direct sunlight and avoid extremes in temperature
  • Store in a cupboard, draw or even a shoe box
  • Some advise to keep in a fridge to extend life but this is not something I’ve personally found necessary

How Long Can You Keep E-Liquid?

E-Liquids have a pretty long shelf life and there isn’t an official expiration time limit.

Most manufacturers will have a 1 year shelf life if you store your juice correctly, away from direct sunlight in a cupboard or draw. Refrigeration is also said to help prolong life.

How Long Does 30ml of E Juice Last?

This is one of those ‘it all depends’ answers.

If you are vaping with a sub ohm coil/tank at higher wattage then your e-liquid will last considerably less time than if you were using a mouth to lung tank such as the Aspire Nautilus 2 at 15-18W.

The average vaper goes through around 2-3 ml of e-juice per say using a MTL tank.

Using a tank such as the SMOK TFV12 could see you using as much as 10-20ml per day. The TFV12, for me, is a special occasion tank 🙂

What Is in Zero Nicotine E Juice?

Zero nicotine e-liquid contains no nicotine. It will consist only of the other flavours that make up e-liquid – PG, VG and flavourings.

So there we have it, our best UK e liquids in the UK and the USA so far.

Should keep you busy for a while!

Do you have a favourite vape juice to add? Let us know in the comments below, we love discovering new flavours!


  1. I’ve yet to find a UK juice that I like, sadly. They all burn the crap out of my coils or taste either too sugary or just bleh. Got to warn you guys I tried Twelve Monkeys many years ago and it tasted like rank cum, that was only one flavour but I can’t bring myself to try anything else by them after that. Had a vape shop worker try it (he didn’t carry the brand) and he said the same thing.

    Dinner Lady is severely over rated, I find their juice burns my coils too quickly for my liking and as far as lemon tart goes there are better lemon ones out there. I really don’t understand the uk’s fascination with it, there are so many better brands lol.

    If anyone has any suggestions, ever since the US went full blown tard with the laws and I can’t import anymore, I’m open and hunting for decent brands to try. I like naked 100 (fruit only not the cream or candy lines) Okami, bomb sauce’s Alien Piss, bad drip god nectar.

  2. I’m currently trying to find a banana milkshake and banana toffee juices at the moment. What ratio did you find best for Jac Vapour banana milkshake with toffee? “Mixing the banana milkshake and toffee flavours makes a very tasty banoffee pie”. Thanks!

    • It was a while back Peter but there was zero science in the way it was mixed.. I literally just ‘free mixed’ 2 pre-made juices in a tank 🙂 Sorry can’t be more exact. I know JAC Vapour now do ‘ToffeeNana’ in their PicNic range so may be worth checking that out.

  3. Element are by far the best brand in this list of manufacturers. Has Vaporfi gone to the wall? it would be a shame if they have as their Grand Reserve was superb.

    • The Black Note range are 50/50 pg/vg which is a thin liquid designed for MTL. If you tried to vape it sub-ohm it would be very harsh and probably leak in your coils. There are very few sub-ohm naturally extracted liquids out there but ask around in forums and you might fine one, mostly because it would be too expensive to vape 10ml+ a day as sub-ohm tends to be. It would work fine in a restricted DTL setup.

  4. Hi, I have just started on this journey of moving from smoking to e-cigs. I have recently been told that most of the e-cigarettes on the market have food grade flavouring that are carcinogenic when burnt. Can you let me know which ones of the recommended e-cigarettes do not use these?

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    Please email or call me as I would like to be challenged on prices as I’m confident we can beat your current supplier.

    Kindest Regards


  6. I’m from UK and for me Vapour2 Platinum E Liquid is number one. I usually smoke tobacco liquids. Once I tried some fruity eliquid but it is like smoking shisha. I wanted to get rid of cigarettes and only this tobacco liquids worked. I tried many different brands too but Vapour2 liquids taste the best.

  7. No doubt about it the best juice I have found in the U.K. Let me rephrase that the world comes from triphammer. Tim is the main man and with out him I would still be on stinkies.

  8. I packed in Nov 2016 and was on 20 a day for 25 years (cigs) I bought a B-Series tilt (sub ohm) from JAC Vapour with a Kanger top fill tank (im a total novice to vaping). Id tried vape pens before but they were useless but this really has worked, never touched a cig since. Started with JAC Vapour tobacco 12mg but now im on trying other brands and only use 6mg now in various flavours. It can get quite expensive but still loads cheaper than cigs, better for your health (I hope) and my missus is well chuffed as I don’t stink like an ashtray. I generally use about 30ml of liquid a week and one coil lasts around two weeks. Good luck

  9. I’m in the USA, and while this list has some great brands, it doesn’t really consider those of us on strict budgets. I’ve found Hangsen to have the best flavors and quality at the more affordable level. My ex husband prefers it, too.

    • If your looking for affordability, you are safest making diy juice. Its easy and cheap. You are buying chinese ejuice, no regulations, u dont know quality, or what your vaping! Dont vape if your going to be stupid about it. Your saving alot by not smoking. If your on a tight budget, buy a liter of vg, pint of pg with nic, and buy the flavors. A liter ov vg costs 20.00. Flavorings about 3 to 5.00 a bottle. I spent 60.00 in vg with nic, pg and all flavorings, will last me 2 years. Dont buy chinese shit. Lookup popcorn lung…..perhaps u wont buy cheap than.

  10. Hey can anyone help out pls just switched from the aspire nautilus mini to the smok helmet mini as I got hold of a fools gold liquid and really liked it but it was demolishing my coil in the nautilus …. But it doesn’t taste the same in the smok 🙁 can anyone recommend a liquid with a kick! Before the fools gold I was on Booboo brew so something like that but in a premium
    Thanks in advance

  11. A few UK one to look at are barons choice, vaping king, tokenvape, tub thumping brews, vapemunki and vape lab uks refresh line

  12. Hi, I was very interested in your review of e-cigs and e-licquid. Im 57 and been a smoker since I was 14ys old. I gave up once with the help of accupuncture for one year.but needless to say it didnt last. I have started vaping with the Vype e-tip kit which seems to be very close to smoking a real cig but the tips dont last very long. I think I was a light smoker and only smoked about 15 roll ups a day. Im vapeing about 2 e-tips a day an its going to be quite expenceive at this rate. Can you suggest the best way for me to go as I have no idea which is best.Ive been vapeing for 4 weeks now and I really dont want to go back to smoking. My self and my home already smells better. Please help. yours smoke free, jackie

    • Hi Jackie
      Great news on you making the switch!
      I haven’t used the Vype E Stick for a good while, I think this is what you are referring to? –
      There are a couple of options you can try.
      I don’t know if this will work as I don’t have the e tips in front of me but if the refills have a bung on the end (where you take a draw) and the bung can be removed then you may be able to refill with your own e juice. It’s worth checking out.
      If you get a fork and pop one of the prongs in the hole at the end of the e-tip and see if you can work free the bung on the end.
      If you can then you should see some cotton material inside. If you drip 4-7 ‘drips’ of e-liquid on these and replace the bung into the top of the e tip you should be good to go.
      You may be able to do this around 5 or 6 times before you will need to dispose of the tip so will get more life from your e-tips.
      Have a look and see if the above is possible Jackie!
      If not then I would recommend investing in an e cig kit that allows you to refill with e-liquid. As you are aware this can work out to be much cheaper in the long run. Not plug and play by any means though as the Vype estick is. It’s only a small learning curve though.
      Take a look here for more on recommended e cigs
      Let me know if you have any look with the e-tips.

    • I’m quiting too and am 37 been smoking since I was 12.

      I found it harder at the start and was vaping and smoking. I smoked less and less but couldn’t quite stop.

      I then almost stopped trying until I got my first sub ohm tank.

      People say you need high nicotine but I did it on 6mg and space jam eclipse.

      I think you just need to try different methods. What worked for me was vaping lots more but with only 6mg nicotine.

      Everyone is different and it helps if there’s other vapers round you to give guidance.

      I used a cheap mod kit and bought the Eleaf istick pico.

      I didn’t find breaking in the coils pleasant but in the end bought another tank for it. I found it helped having an all day vape one that curbed my cig need as I smoked 30 roll ups a day.

      Then a smok tfv8 baby beast for the evening as my relaxing tank in the evening.

      It drinks more juice and drains more power as its a heavier on the wattage need but with how smooth a more premium tank vapes it killed my need to smoke at all. My point being, don’t give up, try different things.

      I’ve been through 4 vape pens before going sub ohm. The experience was miles apart.

  13. So far I have tested 11 suppliers’ creation of my favourite e-liquid flavour ‘Hazelnut’. Only two of those tasted of Hazelnut. The best one came from ‘Vapology’ (extra strength available and recommended).
    The worst place award goes to ‘Kingvape’. Their ‘Hazelnut’ tasted like a pile of unpeeled potatoes and their ‘Pina Colada’ like spilled beer on a coaster. ‘Vapemate’ delivers quite decent flavours (on average) [I ordered 6 diff. ones]. But don’t order VM COOKIE as it smells delicious but on inhalation it resembles ‘soap’.


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