Best RDA ListIt’s fair to say we have tried our fair share of drippers. Over 110 on the last count. I guess that saves you a lot of trial and error in your search for the best RDA!

The only questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you want an RDA for Flavour?
  • Do You want an RDA for clouds?
  • Are you a beginner looking for an easy RDA to build on?
  • Maybe you want mesh? Single coil? Dual coil?

Well, whatever it is you are looking for you are in the right place.

What Are the Best RDA’s So Far this year?

This will be updated if new RDA’s that are reviewed impress us enough to land a spot on the best of list.

OK.. Let’s get straight in there and see what RDA’s performed for us.

1. Hellvape Passage RDA (Editors Choice – Best RDA for Flavour)

passage rda rangeThe Hellvape Passage RDA was a design collaboration between Hellvape and Matt from Suck My Mod who both have quite a pedigree of designing great vape gear!

Two features make the Passage RDA stand out and they include the deck and the airflow design!

The airflow is designed to be leak resistant with an outer barrel containing the adjustable airflow inlet slot. The airflow is then channelled via the passage (hence the name) to the inner barrel which has the honeycomb airflow inlets.

The airflow then hits the coils side on.

As for the deck this has a 2 post design but the clever thing here is that there are multiple clamp options. The clamping blocks move up and down the post as you turn the clamp screws and you can clamp coils above or below the clamping block.

This is for dual coil builds and as there are different clamping options it should accommodate the most awkward of coil leg directions!

For us the Passage RDA is our top pick for a combination of flavour, cloud and ease of use.


  • Superb flavour and clouds
  • Leak resistant design
  • Great for squonking and standard vaping
  • Easy to build on
  • Top dual coil dripper
  • Deep juice well

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2. Digiflavor Drop (Best RDA for Flavour)

digiflavor drop rdaNow the Digiflavor Drop RDA is pretty much a classic! Many DTL enthusiasts will still rate this in their all-time best RDA list.

The simple deck design gives plenty of options for coil installation – catering for single or dual coil builds with raised posts to enable the coil legs to be easily trimmed. Plus this is a nice simple deck making it a great option for new RDA users to get to grips with.

Also the airflow design (which has been often copied!) with the honeycomb style outer barrel and stepped inner barrel gives a more precise airflow control. The airflow has such a huge range of adjustment you can close it down to almost MTL restriction and open it up to pretty much wide open airflow.

And of course the flavour rocks on this thing.


  • Superb flavour
  • Deck designed to make coil leg trimming super easy
  • Plenty of build options catered for – including single, double and if a bit adventurous possibly triple and quad coil builds!
  • Comes with a squonk 510 pin and solid 510 pin
  • Clever stepped airflow design to give a huge range of airflow adjustment
  • High quality RDA

3. Wotofo Recurve Dual (Best Dual Coil RDA)

Recurve dual on Dovpo Topside modWell we liked the single coil version and the dual coil Recurve RDA is no different. It ticks all the boxes.

The 24mm diameter makes it a good contender to sit on top of most mods comfortably and with its clean lines and design looks good too.

The Recurve Dual is also easy to build for all levels of vaper. Excellent flavour. Smooth airflow and deep juice well. Oh and it’s a dream to squonk as well.

If the pros above sound like what you are looking for in a dual coil RDA then the Recurve could just be the one.


  • Excellent flavour
  • Easy dual coil building
  • Great for squonking and standard vaping
  • 24mm Diameter
  • One of the most popular dual coil RDA’s among vapers

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4. Wotofo Profile Mesh 24mm RDA – (Best Mesh RDA)

profile rda range

The Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA was a bit of a game-changer – a Mesh RDA that actually worked!

To solve the issue that often came with mesh rebuildables of having to get the wicking spot on Wotofo came up with a small spring loaded clamp below the mesh. This clamp simply pushes your cotton against the mesh to overcome the threats of sagging cotton and dry hits.

Plus you get all the other great features including the adjustable honeycomb airflow plus plenty of goodies to enable you to build this straight away.

If you are feeling a bit posh there is also the Titanium Alloy special edition version but there were only 490 pieces of those made so you might have to shop around!


  • Spring clamp to keep cotton in contact with mesh.
  • Comes with a squonk 510 pin and solid 510 pin
  • Extended squonk pin to direct the liquid straight onto the base of the cotton
  • Honeycomb adjustable airflow
  • Plenty of goodies included in the kit to get you started

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5. Geekvape Tengu RDA (Best RDA For Beginners)

geekvape Tengu rda reviewThe Geekvape Tengu RDA is named after a “Heavenly Dog” – so you know like all dogs it is bound to be pretty ace!

This is a dual coil RDA with a simple spacious build deck with plenty of clamps to choose the easiest way to clamp those coil legs. Should be a breeze for even newbies to get to grips with.

A 6mm deep juice well means less dripping or squonking action and more time spent vaping!

The outer barrel has a honeycomb style airflow inlet which you rotate to adjust and our Kev reported the airflow to be on the more restrictive side for a DTL RDA.


  • Dual coil easy to build deck
  • Comes with a squonk 510 pin and solid 510 pin
  • Adjustable side honeycomb airflow
  • Angled posts to allow better e-liquid travel when dripping
  • Generous kit contents including coils, cotton and spares
  • Hybrid friendly 510 pin

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6. Geekvape Loop RDA (Best Squonk RDA)

Geekvape Loop RDA review
This RDA is making an appearance in two categories, cloud and flavour. For good reason.

The flavour produced byt the Loop RDA scored top marks by Laura Ann making this one of her go to RDA’s.

Everything from the ease of build and quality to the flavour and cloud produced impressed. The 24mm dripper will look the part on most mods and the addition of a deep 5mm juice well rounds things off very nicely indeed.

Safe to say this should be on your shopping lit if you are looking for a flavour RDA.


  • Triple threat – Easy to build on | Top Flavour | Impressive Cloud
  • 24mm Diameter
  • As good in squonk RDA mode as it is in dripper mode
  • Easy to build on
  • 5mm Deep juice well

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7. Augvape Druga RDA (Best RDA For Clouds)

Augvape Druga RDA Review

I actually scored this sexy looking RDA quite low at 4.3 out of 5 but gave it max points for cloud production.

It features a stunning design with a two post deck described as CSS (Clamp Snag System) which Augvape says makes for easy building.

I tended to disagree with that and even now and more experienced in building I still believe that – it’s fiddly and those posts can’t take much pressure if I’m honest.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a great RDA for cloud production this blew my mind, also no slouch in the flavour department:

It’s going to be one of those ‘almost a great piece of kit’ reviews I’m afraid. The Augvape Druga RDA looks very smart with superb flavour and truly wondrous cloud production.


  • Cloud for days
  • Well designed
  • Squonk compatible
  • quiet and smooth vape

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8. Geekvape Ammit 22mm MTL RDA – (Best MTL RDA For Flavour)

geekvape mtl rda

In 2018 the tide started to turn from DTL back to MTL and one of the best little releases for MTL enthusiasts was the lovely Ammit MTL RDA.

I personally use one myself for e-liquid reviews and our Neil still uses his too!

The flavour this little thing chucks out is amazing and perfect for e-liquid reviewing as you really do get a full on hit of whatever that e-liquid has to offer.

The airflow has a lot of options whilst still giving enough restriction to keep all MTL-ers happy. Plus a huge bonus for me was how easy this was to build on with a really simple deck arrangement!

You get a great kit of goodies with this too including some lovely coils and plenty of spares!


  • Single coil MTL design
  • Excellent kit full of contents – even some lovely coils!
  • Super easy to build on
  • Wide range of airflow to suit any MTL vaper
  • Comes with a squonk 510 pin and solid 510 pin

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9. Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA – (Best MTL RDA For Airflow Options)

berserker mtl rda range

This is a tiny little RDA at only 18mm in diameter which should fit a lot of smaller mods nicely, but if you did want to make it look a bit better on a larger mod you also get 22mm and 24mm beauty rings.

The main feature of this is the massive range of airflow options. By installing (or not!) the different sized supplied airflow tubes into the deck plus the adjustable airflow inlets on the barrel you can customise the airflow to your preference precisely!

Having a single coil build deck which harks back to the older Doggy Style and Kayfun style decks this is easy to build on.

A deep juice well means if you squonk or drip you will be vaping longer between adding e-liquid! Talking of e-liquid this even handled thicker mixtures up to 70%VG in our review with no wicking issues and kicking out the flavour!

Oh and as usual you get a great kit full of goodies to get you started.


  • Tiny 18mm diameter will fit on most mods plus 22mm and 24mm beauty rings to look better on larger mods
  • Easy to build deck design – ideal for newbies
  • Comes with a squonk 510 pin and solid 510 pin
  • 42 possible airflow options with the included AFC tubes
  • Great kit contents including coils and plenty of spares

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10. Vapefly Holic MTL RDA – (Best MTL RDA for Beginners)

holic rangeThe Holic MTL RDA has a single coil build deck and the posts have slots in which really make getting those coil legs in so much easier! Also to help with building the deck has notches cut out to align your coiling tool with to get the coil perfectly central.

Airflow wise this has the usual rotating outer barrel for adjustment plus the option of fine tuning the airflow with the two screw adjustable valves on the deck.

On review this gave a wonderful MTL airflow adjustment and even a restricted DTL if that is something you enjoy!

Although this is only 22mm diameter – ideal for smaller mods – you also get a beauty ring which takes the diameter up to 25mm so it will still look great on larger devices. Oh and of course you can stick this on a squonker too and it performs well!


  • Simple single coil deck
  • Alignment notches to help centralise the coil
  • Comes with a squonk 510 pin and solid 510 pin
  • Adjustable airflow barrel and deck fine tuning screws
  • Generous kit contents including coils, spares and Firebolt cotton

RDA Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RDA Vape?

An RDA vape sits within a category of vapes known as RBA’s (Rebuildable Atomizers). Under this category we have RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), RTA’s (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers), RDTA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers).

All rebuildable atomizers, including RDA’s, allow you to build your own coils and add your own cotton. RDA’s are regarded, by many vapers, to offer the best flavour and cloud production of any atomizer.

What Does RDA Stand For in Vaping?

The term RDA stands for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer”.

What is the Best RDA Vape?

If you are on this page then take a look at out top rated RDA’s here. We have 10 superb drippers to choose from.

What is Better - RDA, RDTA or RTA?

The question should be – What type of atomizer fits with your vaping style and needs? Many prefer RTA’s and RDTA’s as they have tanks that you can fill and you don’t need to continuously drip e-liquid as you do with an RDA. RDA’s, however, are preferred by many as they can provide superior flavour and vapour.

What is the Best RDA for Beginners?

There are a number of RDA’s that are great for beginners. The Hellvape Passage and Geek Vape Tengu are just two examples. We have more recommendations above.

What is the Best RDA For Flavour?

There are some great RDA’s for flavour. That is what they are designed to deliver. We recommend the Geek Vape Loop, Wotofo Recurve and Hellvape Passage. We have other recommendations above.

Are RDA's Better than Vape Tanks?

RDA’s can offer superior flavour and clouds as well as being cheaper in the long run. Vape tanks, on the other hand, are easier to use and don’t require constant dripping. What is it you want from a vape?

How Long do RDA Coils Last?

The time RDA coils last will vary from vaper to vaper and how you vape. As wire for RBA’s is very cheap to buy many vapers choose to rebuild regularly to get the best performance from their RDA. One thing is for sure. RDA coils can last a lot longer than stock coils.

How Do You Clean RDA Coils?

You can clean your RDA coils by removing the cotton. Rinse coils under water and use a wire brush to clean. You can then dry burn to remove any excess flavour. See are full guide to cleaning coils here.

How Do You Wick a RDA?

Wicking techniques can differ for each RDA. Be sure to check out our reviews for the RDA you have to see best wicking techniques for that particular device.

Can you use squonk RDA on regulated mod?

Most, if not all, Squonk RDA’s come with two pins. One BF (Bottom Feed) pin and one regular pin. These can be swapped out depending on the mod you are using. So yes, you can use a squonk RDA on a regulated mod.

Ecigclick Team
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