Best Sub Ohm TanksFinding the best sub ohm tanks for flavour and/or clouds can be a difficult task in 2021. Luckily we have tried and tested more than 200 tanks over the years so feel we are in a good place to help!

If you have been vaping for any amount of time you have likely come across the term ‘sub ohm’ or ‘sub ohm vaping’, if you are not sure what this is then take a moment to read the guides at the end of this post.

What Are The Best Sub Ohm Tanks To Buy? We Take A Look At our Top Picks For 2021 – So Far…

This post will purely look at some of the best sub ohm tanks (stock coil) available today. And believe me there are lots to choose from!

If sub ohm vaping isn’t for you, check out our best mouth to lung vape tanks.

1. SMOK TFV18 (Editors Choice)

tfv18 coloursThe SMOK TFV18 sub ohm tank is the latest in the long line of TFV edition tanks to be released by SMOK. We have to say they have done a great job although it’s not for everyone. This is sub ohm vaping on steroids, like many of the TFV tanks.

If you are looking for superb flavour and huge clouds then this is a tank for your shortlist. Just keep in mind, like many of the tanks in this SMOK series it does like to drink that e-liquid!

As always there are lots of coil options to keep you busy and for vapers that like to build their own coils there is an option for that, available separately. To get the best favour out of this tank you may need to adjust that airlfow as this is an airy tank when fully open.

Finish it off with a solid, trademark SMOK build quality and this is another sub ohm tank we can advise you to add to your shortlist. SMOK are definitely back with the TFV18. Just be sure your mod is big enough to allow teh TFV18 to sit on top without any overhang.


  • 31.6mm Diameter
  • Comes with 2 Mesh Coils
  • A Sub ohm tank for cloud chasers

2. Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro (Best All Rounder)

Uwell VAlyrian pro 2The Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro is a beast when it comes to both cloud and flavour.

There is also something we haven’t seen in other sub ohm tanks to date. Self cleaning technology that helps prevent leaking. In short it recycles residue juice back to the coil. Gimmick? Well, we had minimal leaking on our testing so if that was the reason then I guess it does work 🙂

It’s a big tank, at 32mm diameter and includes 2 X coils – 1 X 0.32Ohm single mesh coil (90-100W) and one 0.14Ohm dual mesh coil (80-90W) in the kit. So it goes without saying ensure your mod not only has the wattage to cover the coils but also that your mod is big enough to accommodate the tank.

For the vapers out there that like to go even bigger on the cloud and wattage then you may want to check out the 0.15Ohm quad coil that is rated for use between 100-120W.

Finishing things off the tank itself is very solid with a flip top, top fill function making refilling on the go nice and easy.


  • 32mm Diameter
  • 2 X Coils included
  • Top filling system
  • Superb flavour and huge clouds
  • For higher wattage vapers

3. Geekvape Zeus (Best Sub Ohm Tank As Voted By Readers)

Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm TankThe Geekvape Zeus sub ohm tank follows on from the incredible RTA line of tanks.

This time around they have taken the excellent flavour and smooth vape of the Zeus and created a sub ohm tank that really shines.

It looks solid, in fact, it doesn’t just look solid, it is solid. They haven’t scrimped on the design from though as the Zeus sub ohm tank looks great on most vape mods.

All the features you would expect from one of the new sub ohm tanks to market are included. Easy swap coil system, easy top fill and some huge adjustable airflow holes.

As most of the winning tanks in the market today, the Zeus is powered by mesh coils. The Z2 – 0.2Ohm Kanthal Mesh coil is rated for use between 70-80W and the spare Z1 – 0.4Ohm Kanthal Mesh coil is rated for use at 60-70W.

As already mentioned the flavour on this tank is superb, not only that though, the smoothness of vape is there too. We struggled to get a dry hit from this even after some heavy chain vaping.. Oh.. and leaking non existent too.

The Zeus sub ohm tank was voted ‘Best Sub Ohm Tank’ by vapers in the 2020 Ecigclick Awards.


  • 26mm Diameter
  • Comes with 2 Coils – 1 x 0.2 Mesh Coil (pre installed) and 1 x 0.4 Mesh Coil
  • Easy swap coil system
  • Super smooth vape with bundles of flavour

4. Freemax Mesh Pro (Best Sub Ohm Tank For Flavour)

mesh pro colours
Sub ohm tanks that feature mesh coil heads seems to be all the rage at the moment and for good reason. They take the vaping experience in terms of flavour to another level.

One of our top picks is the Freemax Mesh Pro. Michelle, one of our trusty reviewers, classes this as her favourite tank to date.

The Mesh Pro is another tank that is best suited to higher wattages (60W+) and mods that can accommodate the 25mm diameter. The kit comes with two Mesh coil heads – Double mesh coil head 0.2ohm and Single mesh coil head 0.15ohm. In particular we found the double mesh to be superb at 75W.

If you like vaping at around 60-80W and haven’t tried a mesh coil yet this is a no brainer.


  • 25mm Diameter
  • 2 X Coils – 0.2ohm Double Mesh and 0.15Ohm Single Mesh
  • Top filling system
  • 5ml Capacity

5. Horizon Falcon (Best Mesh Sub Ohm Tank)

horizon falcon coloursThe Horizon Falcon is another mesh coil sub ohm tank and what a brilliant tank this is. It quite simply looks the business (available in Resin and Stainless Steel finish) and the mesh coils deliver flavour by the bucket load.

The tank, as with many sub ohm tanks requires at least 50-70W minimum to get the best from the coils. It’s recommended to have head room above this wattage as well so you can explore vapes at different wattage.

The kit comes with 2 X coils – 1 X M2 0.2 Ohm – 1 X M1 0.15 Ohm so will require a mod capable of firing higher wattages. We found 75-80W hit the flavour well so give yourself some wiggle room when pairing with a mod.

Did we me mention it won the “Best Sub Ohm Tank” award in the latest Ecigclick Vape Awards?


  • 25mm Diameter
  • 2 X Coils – M1 0.15ohm and M2 0.2Ohm
  • Top filling system
  • Superb flavour

6. Apollo Portal Tank – (Best Beginner Sub Ohm Tank)

Apollo Portal v2We first used the Apollo Portal sub ohm tank when we reviewed the Apollo Ohm Go vape kit. We were very impressed the performance from a compact sub ohm tank and found it a great entry point for vapers into sub ohm vaping.

Not only that but it’s actually a great looking tank with a top quality build. The top fill feature makes the tank a breeze to use. The added bonus with the Portal tank is the coil selection.

There are three coil resistances available (0.5Ohm and 1.0Ohm) offering a couple of great sub ohm vaping options as well as mouth to lung vape. Best of both worlds allowing you to use a variety of PG/VG e juice mixes.

The Portal tank you buy comes as standard with two coils (0.5ohm and 1.0Ohm) in the pack.

The setup of this tank also makes a very good option for newer vapers looking to explore the sub ohm side of vaping.

Available in three colours with the black being rubberised. Just keep in mind this tank has a diameter of approx 19mm so may not look the best on big mods.


  • 19mm Diameter
  • 0.5 ohm Coil (pre-installed) & Spare 1.0 ohm Coil
  • 2ml capacity tank
  • Top-fill design making it easy to fill on the go.
  • Available in 2 finishes – Stainless steel and rubberised (Black and White)

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7. Vaporesso Forz 25 (Best Low Wattage Sub Ohm Tank)

Vaporesso Forz 25The Vaporesso Forz sub ohm tank caters to those vapers that find the likes of the TFV18 and Valyrian tanks a little too much when it comes to power. The Forz includes a 0.4Ohm mesh coil that is very good for vaping 40-60W. Also helps out that battery a little as well.

The design of the tank is a little different but we like it a lot. The reinforced structure is made from fibreglass plastic and rubber giving it a smooth to touch feel.

Measuring in at 25mm in diameter the Forz should fit on most modern day mods no problem. The tank is also a cinch to use with its push to fit coils and top fill.

While the flavour may not be on the same level as sone of the bigger, power hungry tanks mentioned above it still does a very solid job and for those that prefer to sit around the 40-80W range you can’t go too far wrong.


  • 25mm Diameter
  • Top fill
  • Easy to change coils
  • Comes with 2 mesh coils: 0.15ohm (60-80W) / 0.4ohm (40-60W)
  • Good flavour
  • For the vaper that wants mid range wattage.

8. Uwell Crown 4 (Best Non Leaking Tank)

Uwell Crown 4 Sub ohm tankThe Uwell Crown 4 is the latest in what has, mostly, been a fantastic range of sub ohm tanks.

The latest is a solid tank with a top fill design and an innovative self clean technology that allows the coils to absorb excess e-liquid into a separate chamber which can then be vape later.

The tank pumps out the flavour in both the 0.4ohm and 0.2ohm (SS904L) supplied coils. One thing to keep in mind is the 28mm diameter. It’s bigger than most so keep that in mind if you like your tanks to sit within your mods footprint.


  • 28mm Diameter (Mini = 22.6mm)
  • Comes with 2 coils: 0.4ohm (60W-70W) & 0.2ohm (70W-80W)
  • Top fill
  • Good flavour and big clouds

Sub Ohm Vaping – Things to Keep in Mind

Just a few things to keep in mind if you are new to sub ohm vape gear. These are important –

  1. Be sure your e cig device or batteries can handle the extra battery power these tanks need to perform. Check out our best vape mods for sub ohm compatible vaping devices.
  2. Not all devices are compatible with the most popular 0.5ohm coil.
  3. Many devices aren’t compatible with tanks that use 0.2ohm coils!
  4. Sub ohm tanks are not for use with standard vape pens / EGO batteries.
  5. Just because these kind of tanks are available doesn’t mean you need one.
  6. Sub ohm vaping is generally geared towards direct lung inhale vapers.
  7. They also spit out huge clouds so if you are planning on using one of these vape tanks when you go out then it may not be suitable. These aren’t made for stealth vaping!
  8. They can go through e-juice in double quick time!

Reading back it sounds like I’m trying to put you off! Far from it, sub ohm tanks can provide a fantastic vaping experience that can surpass ‘most’ standard vape tanks.

We focused on the best sub ohm tanks with replaceable stock coils. If you are looking for rebuildable atomizers then check out the following:

Learn More About Sub Ohm Vaping – What it is, How to do it and the best type of e-liquid for sub ohm vaping.

What is the best sub ohm tank you have used? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below!

Sub Ohm Vaping FAQ’s

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

In short, sub ohm vaping is when you use a tank that has a coil with a resistance below 1.0 Ohm. In general sub ohm vaping requires a direct lung inhale style of vaping. Read more about the basics of sub ohm vaping here. Read more about Direct to Lung vaping here.

Is Sub Ohm Vaping Dangerous?

If you are using regulated mods then sub ohm vaping is a safe way of vaping. If using mechanical mods for sub ohm vaping these are a difference beast altogether and only recommended for advanced users that know what they are doing. It’s essential you understand batteries and how they work in different devices. Read more about vape batteries here.

Is Sub Ohm Vaping Right For Me?

That’s a question you will need to ask of yourself. The first question you should ask yourself is ‘Can you vape direct to lung’? If not then sub ohm vaping is not for you.

What Is the Best Type of E-liquid for Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping is best suited to e liquids that have at least a 60VG ratio. 70VG/30PG is the optimal ratio of e-liquid for many who sub ohm. The higher VG ratio helps provide a smoother throat hit.

What Nicotine Strength Should I Use For Sub Ohm Vaping?

This style of vaping is best suited to lower nicotine strengths. Due to the higher heats delivered to the coil the nicotine strength is amplified. We recommend 6mg or lower. The most common nicotine strength for sub ohm vaping is 3mg.

Why is Sub Ohm Vaping Better?

It all depends on the individual. It may not be better for you. For many it helps provide richer flavours and denser clouds.

Why Should I Choose Sub Ohm Vaping?

For us it provides better, warmer flavours and opens up a larger range of e-liquid flavours to enjoy. It also feels more substantial than a mouth to lung vape..

Does Sub Ohm Vaping Use More E-Liquid?

In short – Yes. In long – Hell yes. E-liquid consumption does change depending on tank/brand/coils. Basically, sub ohm vaping requires higher heat (wattage) to get the coils going which in turn vaporizes more juice.

How Do I Inhale a Sub Ohm Vape?

The method is know as Direct to Lung (DTL) or Straight to Lung (STL). As it says on the tin, you inhale vapour directly down into your lungs without holding in the mouth. Read more about the difference between DTL and MTL vaping here.

Does Sub Ohm Vaping Taste Better?

Again, it’s a personal preference. For me yes it does. The higher heats and bigger coils in sub ohm tanks allow more flavours to come out. Vaping at different wattages can also offer different flavour experiences from the same e-liquid.

Does Sub Ohm Vaping Produce Formaldehyde?

You may have heard research studies carried out that say vaping at high heats releases formaldehyde. The basic test they used was flawed to say the least given the temperatures used to simulate a ‘dry hit’ was so great that no vaper could possibly stand it! Read more about that here.

Can I Sub Ohm With My Vape Mod/Device?

Most newer devices are sub ohm compatible but not all. Two things you need to check – First what resistance coils does the tank you are considering use? As an example you will see 0.2Ohm/0.5Ohm etc.

Manufacturers usually have a recommended wattage range for their coils. As an example a 0.5Ohm coil may have a recommended wattage of 30-50W. Once you have that information you need to check what the maximum wattage of your vape device is. Could it handle 30W or 50W? If not you either need to look for a different tank or a new mod that can handle higher watts.

Why is Sub Ohm Vaping Too Harsh on my Throat?

The main reasons are likely that your PG ratio or nicotine strength is too high. Try a higher VG ratio in your juice. The higher the ratio the smoother the vape will be. If you are new to vaping then it could just be a case of getting used to the act of vaping. Drink plenty of water while you vape.

Reviewing since 2010, Ecigclick covers all the latest in vaping. The team have a combined vaping experience of over 70 years. We have personally tried and tested over 700 vape products and aim to help you choose the right vape for your needs, whether you are a beginner or looking for a more advanced experience.


  1. Hello Mate, I agree with you, just bought the zeus tank from the hype these reviewers create, it’s a solid tank nice look and no leak, big clouds and flavour is there but coils goes fast, I burn 4 coils in 2 days, they struggle to get dry hits? This tank gives a lot of dry hits, tried from 70vg up to 90vg, I’m going for tfv18, a lot of negative about smok leaking problems and dud coils but I tested of my mate and it was really nice

  2. Hopefully you read this before buying anything. Do NOT buy the ZUES tank.. I looked into it and it sounded fantastic, the pros and cons was one sided but I was not looking for the cons.. well it’s a fantastic design but your coil will burn quick. Mine as little as a day. Mostly because the eliquid can’t get through the mesh coil quick enough.. Nice if you have one puff every 5-10 minuets..

    • Yes!!! I got it, and the taste is good, but you get a lot of dry huts, and the coil life sucks no matter what you do to prevent it. I was so disappointed in it, and mad. I was literally going through coils everyday! If I got lucky then 2 days at the most!!

  3. I have been vaping for a few years now..i don’t have the ability to pay high dollar for something so I do alot of research in before buying.

    I love sweet ejuices, I don’t care about the big clouds but I don’t want to smoke a cigarette anymore so I don’t like a hard draw.

    I do look for flavor and coil length. I have tried the king falcon the flavor was really good but it was for only one of the coils and I was lucky to get 3 days out of it.

    When those coils are burnt you can def tell. So then I went to the fireluke mesh, I used the triple coils got typically 5 days sometimes longer but I was still buying quite a few coils.

    This was my tank for awhile the flavor was in my opinion better then the falcon and they had more options for coils. I could switch around and try the different kinds. Really great tank.

    But I get tired of buying coils so I went back to the drawing board. I came to the valyrian 2 tank. I was worried about the reviews of how much power it needs but I went for it. I love love this tank. The flavor is the best I’ve ever had, I can go a week to two weeks before switching coils and that’s because I feel like I have gotten so used to switching coils so often before it became a habit.

    But I have yet to have a burnt coil taste. The taste is amazing from day one until 2 weeks later. It comes with a drip tip cover so I can put it in my pocket or purse with no worries. This tank is amazing. I can say that it does tell me when to change my batteries when the flavor dies off a bit but it’s still good.

    I had a leaking problem one time but that was because I was in pinch and went to a tobacco and vape shop where he opened my coil to give it to me. But I never went there again so I don’t see me having a issue like that. I didn’t spend an arm and leg online has great pricing. I got into a tight budget where I was vaping the juice I didn’t like with the other tanks and the juice tasted so different. I can rave enough.

    I feel like this tank should be tried by more so people can see what they are missing

  4. Glad to see the Tfv16 on here, even though I feel it should be higher up on the list, I have a falcon king and it beats that for flavour hands down. The only caveat to this tank is having a mod big enough to use it on(got mine on a smoant naboo) and the fact it drinks eliquid like mad. My Last smok tank was the tfv12 and it was underwhelming, since then I’ve had the falcon king, falcon resin and sense screen. I think I migbt pick up the mesh pro and see what’s all the fuss about.

  5. Where is the Valyrian 2 ? I rate ithis higher than the Crown 4 and it’s nearly as good as the Mesh PRO for flavour.

    To the guy (somewhere above) who keeps coughino on his Cleito 120….

    Me too ! Try an Aspire Athos tank. I still consider that to be the smoothest vape of all my tanks.

    With ANY tank, consider the bottom figure of it’s recommended wattage as the MAX. Then vape at 10-20 watts lower than that.

    Begin at a QUARTER of that, with a new coil, then slowly take it up.

    So if the recommended wattage is 100-120

    Consider 100 your max.

    Begin at 25 then every 3 puffs, go up 5 watts.

    Readers voice: Nonsense. SURELY the manufacturer knows their devices best wattage range ?

    Ok. You are a manufacturer ofor vape tanks. You sell x tanks. How can you continue to make money from the people that bought your tank?

    You sell them coils.

    How can you sell them more coils?

    Get them all to vape at a wattage that burns out the coil faster.

    Ta dah !

  6. How the sense screen subohm tank isn’t in this list I have no idea, the flavour is up there easily with the falcon and mesh pro, such a great tank goes under the radar, I bought it going in blind and it took me by surprise, making me use it more than I would my falcon resin. After watching a lot of vape YouTube reviewers, it was natural why they rated it so highly.

    • Any recommendations would be much appreciated I have just bought an eleaf ijust 3 and find that my coils burn out after about 3 days is this normal I’m using the 0.2 ohm mesh coils with 70/30 juice

      • Hey Kyle,

        3 days isn’t great. I have had this issue with other coil heads but it’s mainly down to using e-liquid flavours that vlog up my coils. Sweet e liquids and some desert flavours can do this. So may be worth looking into trying a different flavour if this sounds like it could be an issue.

        Have you tried other coils compatible with the Ello Duro tank?

  7. Can’t understand why so many people are experiencing quick burnouts an leaks here, it’s more than likely down to overtightning of tank pars which are then causing contacts to come loose.

    Tank cleanliness also prolongs coil use it personally deconstruct and clean every 4-5 refills on mine, I use a Innokin riptide crios which I purchased for £25 and went a fortnight off my first 0.25 coil using 80/20 Vg mix.

    It produces brilliant vapor and flavour add in the 3000 mah battery it’s a really decent piece of kit. The only exception is the 0.25 coils run really hot in the standard setup which caused me to switch to 0.65 for a cooler draw from the unit, this however was unnecessary as extending the tank capacity to 3.5 or above stops the coil contacting the cap making 0.25 an amazing experience.

    If you have not yet tried this unbelievably priced and yet underlooked bit of kit I suggest you invest in one.

  8. I recently got an Eleaf Ipower 80w. I’ve heard a lot about people using th Clieto. I’m assuming that would be your recommendation? I worry about tanks leaking and I think with the top airflow vents it would help this?

    • Hey There,

      I personally use the original Aspire Cleito tank on a regular basis with 70VG e-liquid and rarely get leaks, this is a bottom airflow. My go to coil is the 0.4Ohm. I vape around 30W.

      The Cleito EXO is the latest release with the top airflow. Neil, who reviewed this tank didn’t get any leaks, again with 70VG e-liquid. Both are recommended though Bryan.

      • Thanks. I’ve been using an Aspire CE-5. Leaking is really my only worry with any tank, as I don’t have a lot of money to spend on tanks all the time. I appreciate your reccomendations.

  9. Hi!

    Can anyone help I’m really struggling to find a tank (with cheap replacement coils) that will allow 70vg/30pg liquids (I’m really picky on what flavours I like and higher of makes me feel queasy)

    Was thinking the innokin I sub with 0.5 ohm coil?

    Does anyone know how long I would get out of a coil?

    I don’t mind a box a month as they are £6 to replace a box of 5

    Tried aspire and I’m getting through a coil a day before the burnt taste is far to much (Nautilus coils)
    And they are like £10 every 5 days!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Alyson,

      It’s almost impossible to say how long you would get out of a coil unfortunately. Higher VG e-liquids/Sweeter flavours etc can all effect coil life as well as how much you vape throughout the day.

      The high VG may be one reason your coils burn out quicker in Nautilus coils, they are quite small coils with small liquid intake holes. 70% VG is quite thick so you need to ensure between vapes that you allow enough time for the e-liquid to soak through from the tank to the cotton on the inside of the coil. If you chain vape or don’t give the coils chance to soak the e liquid then, as you know, burnt flavour can come through. Also, the wattage you vape at could effect things too.

      Having said that, I use the Nautilus 2 regularly (with 60%VG and 70% VG) and unless the coil is no good I generally get at the very least 3+ days but I do take care not to over vape or chain vape with higher VG eliquid.

      If you are moving to the likes of a 0.5Ohm coil with an isub tank these will handle the higher VG liquids a little better as the coils and liquid intake holes are a little bigger. As they are higher resistance (0.5) they do require a little more power from your battery so just be sure your device has the wattage to work with the coil.

      So in answer to your question

    • OMG…you cant go wrong with smok t8 coils..I use them all the time with sub ohming…average 11 days a coil..personally the best for me is the vaporesso cascade tank with smok t8 coils. Amazing flavour and lasts at least 10 days. Hope this helps.

      • I’m contemplating making a purchase for my aegis mini kit currently using a cereberus tank. I personally don’t like the 35-45 watt super mesh coils at low0.2 ohms when I was used to 0.15 ohms. Coils and ejuice changed dramatically. I normally vape at 65 watts on a higher resistance coil found I got more vapour through low resistance even at 45 watts. I’ve had just burns out coils faster because it’s a quicker firing rate and hit and a lot warmer. I’ve had a geek blade tc 200 watt kit used ceramic 0.15 coils at 65 watts was my sweet spot could hit longer without burnt tastes and prolonging coil life and ejuice. I’m thinking of either buying a falcon tank to use higher resistance mesh coils. Or should I use Tfv8 coils? Any advice and personal experiences and tips would be much appreciated. Thank you

  10. I have a FreeMax Fireluke and it’s an amazing sub ohm tank with an RTA feature and a great 5ml or 4ml capacity. Should be on this list

  11. Hi, great article. Very interested in the cleito but the smok spirals seem a good choice. What would be your recommendation for an alien kit. Using the baby beast but the coils are so unreliable and have only heard bad things about the rba. Which tank do you think is the best for reliability as I would rather have a coil that can last than a coil than make massive clouds?

    • Hi John,

      Either the Spirals or Cleito will work well with the Alien. I personally use the Cleito regularly and get decent life from the coils depending on the e-liquid I use. Coil life can of course be affected by the type of juice you are using (sweeter e-liquids can shorten coil life), vaping at high wattages and of course how much you vape.

  12. Hey guys, great article!
    I have the smok r80 tc and was wondering if any of these tanks were compatible? I love the tfv4 that’s on it now but coil options are limited.

    • Hey Jeff,

      80W will be plenty to cover the tanks above.

      Although, just keep in mind the following

      Cleito EXO – 0.16hm Coil – Will still be good upto 60-80W but can go above. Not sure what what wattage you vape at now but if you are vaping at the max power on your mod your battery life will decrease a little. Something to keep in mind when looking at coil resistances, you may want to keep around a max of 60W but that’s upto you!
      – SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast – Most coils are OK for your mod but just double check the coils you are buying are suitable ie: Will perform under 80W.

      Apart from that Jeff, you should be good. Any questions on specific tanks ask away, we’ll do our best to help.



  13. Hi – looking for some advice – have been vaping for a number of years but consider myself a novice vaper but I am a heavy vaper (I just like to vape and stay off cigs so not overly fussed about the technical stuff – heat control etc) and I’ve recently moved on from a Coolfire IV (which was awesome but just died after a couple of years) to an Aspire NX-75 (which is way too technical for me tbh) but have stuck with the innokin isub s tank as I like the simplicity. Tried out the new Uwell Crown 3 tank but it leaked quite badly. I use the Black by Zeus Juice so a decent brand. Just want to know what (if any) recommendations you may have for a new tank as the isub s tank is literally on its last legs!! I vape at about 40w and like a good mix of flavour and decent cloud if that helps at all?

      • Hi Jonny – thank you for your response – much appreciated as I do need some help!!! Are the cleito tanks as simple to use as the innokin isubs? I just want a simple yet flavoursome vape tbh!! The juice I use is The Black by Zeus Juice. Leaked like a trooper when I used the Crown 3.

        • No worries mate.. Lot of choice out there for sure!

          OK.. With the Zeus Juice, are you using the 50PG/50VG mix of the high VG? It can make a difference with certain tanks/coils. In other words the 50/50 juice *may* be too thin for the Crown 3. If you compare the Crown 3 coil heads to the iSub coils you will notice the holes on the side where the e-liquid soaks into the cotton are a lot bigger on the Crown3.

          If you have a few mins I’d recommend having a read of the following, may help you understand things a little more and help with your choices:

          PG Vs VG in e-liquid
          E Cig Tank Guide + Troubleshooting

          OK.. The Cleito is easy but it’s a different kind of easy to the iSub tanks. The iSub, as you know, has the easy coil swap system where you just pull the coil and pop a new one in. The Cleito doesn’t have this type of coil swap. It does require an empty tank to swap out the coils. Not a big deal for me, not sure if that’s something that puts you off though Rob?

          I’ve just noticed another tank now available, The Innokin Apex tank. This is part of the iSub family so you will be familiar with how it works, same coil swap and top fill function.

          Just be aware that your iSub tank is likely the 4.5ml capacity version. Due to the TPD regulations in the UK the maximum capacity legally allowed to buy in the UK is 2ml. Just means more regular filling.

          Hope that hasn’t confused things more Rob :). Let us know what you go for and feel free to ask for clarification on anything.



  14. Hi. I’m currently using an innokin cf4tc with an isub v tank. I’ve used ss and kanthal coils at .5 ohm. For the most part my 70vg mix juices are giving good flavour in temp mode. But…leaking/spitting/gurgling and then eventually juice comes out of the airflow holes. Bugging the crap out of me. Most times I’ve only had the bloody tank filled for a few hours. I’ve gone through so many coils each time thinking I have a dud. Even bought a second tank (same isubv). Tried upping the temp/wattage but then I either lose flavour or the thing gets too hot for my liking. Can you either suggest a fix or what I might be doing wrong or a tank that I can trust not to arse around.

      • Fab thanks.

        Yes my kal coils I only use in wattage. I’m pretty good at making sure everything is done right with regards to filling/cleaning/priming etc. I’ll give this current (leaky) coil a few more days in the hope that it’s still ‘breaking in’. It’s such a bind though having to take coil out and poke with tissue!

        Do you believe “you get what you pay for” with regard to sub ohm tanks? I mean my isubv cost £15 but an uwell crown iii is twice that. Is it worth it? Curious to know your thoughts.,..

        • It’s the nature of the beast with e cig gear, very much trial and error and small adjustments that can go a long way. You’ll get there though keep at it.

          Innokin are a very good manufacturer and one of the biggest out there, the iSub V and iSub range of tanks in general have been superb sellers so in this instance I’m not convinced it’s a you get what you pay for kind of thing. Although when it comes to other vape gear such as 18650 batteries for mods it definitely pays to spend a little extra on quality.

          The Uwell crown 3 is a pretty new tank so will be naturally priced higher. I haven’t personally used it but supposed to be very good by judging by Neil’s review he carried out not so long back. Just need to make sure your mod can take the recommended wattage.

          Another thing that may be worth trying (without complicating matters too much!) is re-wicking the isub coil. You can see how to do that in a few videos here. It’s a fairly simple process.

          Let us know how you get on.

    So I just bought the Reuleaux RX200s and am looking for a tank + coils. I vape relatively low wattage, around 40 ish. I want great flavour and clouds, and probably sub ohm but I’ve been looking at TFV series and cleito and crown etc and I think they require a higher wattage… the baby beast looks good but guzzles juice. I probably want something that can do MTL and DL. So 40 ish watts usage, MTL and DL, good flavour and nice thick clouds, and doesn’t guzzle down the juice. What do you recommend? – knowing it’ll be with the RC200s too!

    • Hey, I would suggest one of the iSub tanks (depends on preference but all use same coils), the SMOK Spirals (just bought one) or an Aspire Cleito. I hope this helps. It may be worth noting that the Baby Beast and Big Baby don’t use that much juice depending on the coil/wattage you use. I use them religiously!

    • Hey Toby,

      I remember the days when everyone thought 40W was just crazy high and no one would ever need to vape at that level 🙂

      You will be hard pushed to get a tank that vapes around 40W and offers both MTL and DTL vaping. The nearest is the SMOK Spirals, just don’t expect a true MTL draw.

      Also, at 40W, you will be using juice a lot more (compared to standard MTL tank) no matter what tank, although some are of course thirstier than others.


      The Cleito EXO was covered by our reviewer Neil who loved the 0.16Ohm coil for flavour
      The Spirals tank may offer a slightlty ighter draw for MTL.
      The original Cleito tank is also still a great performer still but only for DTL vaping.

      Hope that helps a little, let us know if you have any other questions and of course what you decide on!

  16. I’m currently using a Cuboid Mini battery with a Cleito Aspire tank and a 0.4ohm coil. I had issues with the Cuboid tank spewing hot juice into my mouth, but I’ve been pretty satisfied with the battery. Being a long time smoker, I like to feel the vapor hit the back of my throat, but I don’t like the taste of high VG liquids. I’ve been using a 50/50 and it works well, but it’s been leaking out of the adjustable airflow holes. The juice also occasionally leaks out of the mouthpiece and it doesn’t taste so great. I would love to hear any suggestions you might have to improve my vaping experience. Thanks!

    • Hi Melissa,

      It sounds like your problem is the 50/50 juice unfortunately. PG is thinner than VG. This basically means that the 50/50 juice you are using in the Cleito is likely too thin and the liquid is flowing through those big holes in the coil far too easily.

      Have a read of this PG vs VG e-liquid guide for a better understanding.

      One immediate thing to try is to close the airflow holes when filling and only open them after the top cap has been screwed back on. And try closing them up when not vaping.

      Other than that if you want to continue with the Cleito then it is best suited to higher VG juices. May be worth just upping to 60%VG to see if that balance is good and if it helps with the leaking.

      If 50/50 is the way forward then it may be an idea looking at an MTL tank but this is a completely different way of vaping to the sub ohm Cleito.

      You can learn more about mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping here.

      With the juice coming through the mouthpiece, you could try using a que tip or rolled up piece of tissue. Poke this down the mouthpiece into the center of the coil to mop up any excess juice or condensation build up.

      I use the Cleito on a daily basis and don’t have any leaking. I do use a minimum 70VG juice though!

      Let me know how you get on and any other questions please ask.



    • Hi Melissa,

      The advice above is great, just one more thing.

      Make sure you are using genuine coils. One marker of a fake coil is leakage. Always buy from trusted vendors and avoid marketplace sites where moderation is harder. One example rhymes with prepay.

  17. Hey Jonny, have recently been given a VIP Mini. Haven’t changed any of the 4 temp settings. Any suggestions on what they should be set on or should I just leave them. Also do you know what the best e-liquid would be for this. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Mark,

      I haven’t used the VIP Mini mod personally but had a little look around to see what it’s all about.

      One important thing straight of the bat Mark is to know what coils you are using?

      Regarding settings, I know this sounds vague but it really is a case of experimenting until you find the setting you want. So if you are using the Ni200 coil just have a play with temp setting. Start on the lower scale and work your way up. If the setting it is on is providing a good vape for you then by all means keep it where it is.

      ALSO.. The Ni coil cannot be used in wattage mode.

      If you are using Kanthal coils that are for use in wattage mode only these shouldn’t be used in Temp mode. Hope that makes sense! Same applies for wattage mode as well, start low and work your way up.

      Regarding e-liquid, again a tough one as it’s a personal taste kind of thing. Check out some of our favourite e-liquids here for some ideas.

      Any more questions though Mark please don’t hesitate to ask!



  18. Alright mate I’ve been researching and reading all over about which tank to get. I’ve got a innokin coolfire 4 40w and I want a a good tank. Soooooo??? And MTL or DL or both doesn’t matter I’ll get one of each if I have to just point me in the right direction so I can stop frying my brains out with all these reviews please

    • haha.. I know what you mean Robert, there is a LOT of choice out there!

      As you may be aware, there has been a change last week in the tanks available to the UK market due to the new regulations so the choice has narrowed a fair bit. So with that in mind here are some recommendations for a 40W mod.

      For MTL

      Jacvapour S22
      Aspire Nautilus 2

      Both the above have sub ohm coils available as well.

      Sub ohm tanks

      SMOK Spirals Tank
      SMOK Brit Mini Flavor Tank

      Hope that helps out a little!



        • Pretty much the tanks that are currently in the above article Robert, I personally use the old Aspire Cleito but this is no longer on sale within the UK due to it being a 5ml tank.

          With your mod being 40W max output though the ones mentioned are great options.

        • The Nautilus , Nautilus mini and Nautilus w along with Triton mini are all good for MTL if you do not want to build your own coils if you fancy trying to do so then theres a good list of Clones tanks /RTAs , these are as good as original version at fraction of price concidering how much some actually are .
          Fasttech has them ,
          copper vapes /Hussar RTA
          single coil
          Kayfun v5 RTA
          Hurricane v2 RTA
          Taifun GTV2
          Taifun GTV3
          Ser SRV4 RTA , can be both has a mTL nano Kit ,
          Origen MKII RDTA,

          Subohm RTA,s RDTA,s
          Steam craves .
          Supreme lite 23mm
          Supreme 25mm Velocity deck and postless available.
          Supreme V2 RDTA 25mm V+ PL decks available,
          Billow v2,
          Obs engine
          Obs engine nano
          Aug vape merlin mini ,
          Ijoy Exo RTA , 2ml + 6ml tank sizes included so can get by regulations 2 x decks single + dual build
          For a bigger one
          Supreme plus RDTA, 30mm
          Ive a few of each and more ,

          Subohm with factory made coils and Rebuilables decks available if so choose .

          The ijoy Exo XL RTA has both subohm pre made factory coils , or build decks .
          Same as the Ijoy Xl RDTA
          Smok big baby +rba available​
          Smok baby beast , + rba available​
          Ijoy Eco X fits factory coils

          Theres plenty of sellers on ebay and over in china selling shipping these still ,
          I know UK regs have changed but still available at some places ,

          • Sorry mate I’ve literally only just seen your post, thanks for your input I wasn’t being ignorant I appreciate all the help I can get

        • Yeah you can use nicotine juices with all. With sub ohm tanks it’s recommended to use a lower nicotine juice, around 3mg – 6mg, due to the higher power running to the coil.

      • Hi Jonny thanks for your help and advice. I have bought several tanks now and just thought I would give you some feedback.

        For MTL I have an aspire k3 tank which I use for when I’m at work I use this on 13.5v which gives really good smooth clouds but the taste is a tad tame.

        For DTL I have a Kebor cloud motor tank which comes with lots of spares and a 0.3ohm sstc and a 0.5 kanthol coil head. I haven’t used the 0.5 yet but the 0.3 is really good for clouds and taste at 36.5v.

        Next is the smok spiral which I am still waiting to be delivered (should be tomorrow)

        I also bought an aspire cleito 120 but I can’t use it, every time I try I makes me cough my lungs up, I think it maybe because my mod isn’t powerful enough? If so which mod would you recommend me to get?

        I was thinking getting the Innokin Coolfire iv plus tc mod but I’m open to suggestions. Thanks again for your help but I would appreciate a bit more lol

        • Hey Robert,

          Thanks for the update!

          With the Cleito 120, it does need a lot of power to get this running to it’s dull potential. It’s really made for vapers that are vaping 100W+.

          You will also likely want a 3mg nic strength and a higher VG juice (70 or 80% min) with this as the power is very high! The high VG juices help for a smoother vape.

          Also, this particular sub ohm tank (as with the TFV8/TFV12 tanks) will also take some getting used too as these tanks that take the higher wattage’s deliver a lot of vapour.

          The Coolfire 4 Plus is different to the Coolfire 4 TC mod. The latter features temperature control functionality and of course 100W instead of the 70W max of the PLUS.

          I just thought I’d mention so you choose the right one 🙂 Good choice though for a 100W mod with an integrated battery!

          Anything else, just ask! Also, let me know how you get on with the Spirals tank!



          • Cheers Jonny I’ve opted for the innokin tc 100 and it’s made a massive difference, I’ve researched all my tanks with the coils I have to see what setting is best for each till my eyes went crossed and my head hurt.

            The result is:
            The aspire k3 @12.5w clouds are really good, it’s as smooth as smooth as the fonz but the taste just ain’t there

            The the Innokin I-sub v (ss coil), smok spirals (28w sweet spot) and the kebor cloud motor tank (ss coils) are pretty much the same in terms of cloud however the I-sub can be a tad hard on the exhale, while kebor is smoother by far than the other 2 but the spirals just pips it on taste.

            As far as the Aspire cleito 120 goes it smashes the others on taste but I still can’t take even one go without coughing that hard it makes me wretch I’ve changed the coil primed the crap out of it but it’s still trying to kill me.

            Any idea how I can tame the beast and actually be able to use it?

            It’s driving me mad and I don’t think it will be surviving the week if I can’t tame it


          • Good choice Robert!

            What e juice are you using with the Cleito 120? If you can let me know the PG/VG mix and nic strength that would be great!



    • Hey Jamie, yeah it’s still a great tank!

      Although I don’t know for sure, I can’t see them stopping coil production any time soon as the Crown V1 was a huge seller for them.

      They do also have an RBA atomizer for the Crown, you will always be able to buy wire/pre-built coils/cotton for that 🙂

      I will also send an email over to them though and ask and see if I get a reply.

  19. Hi I’m using a mello 3 on a pico buy using triton clapton 0.5 coils. Love the amount of flavour buy the tank gets pretty hot and I get often get a dry burn. Using 80/20 vg between 35_40 watts. I think the mello isn’t providing juice to the coil quick enough due to the coil hole position sitting high in the tank. Can you recommend either another great tank for the triton coils or a tank which would give the same great flavour and cloud.

    • Hi Graham,

      I’d say the Apollo Phazer and Aspire Cleito are both great tanks worth looking at.

      I think you are right with regards to the dry burn and juice getting to the coils.

      Before buying another sub ohm tank though you may want to try a lower VG juice, say 60VG/40PG. VG is a thicker consistency than PG so an 80VG juice may be having trouble wicking with the Melo coils.

      • Cheers… I have to use high vg due to pg intolerance. I’ve been using pure water to help with wicking in my juice. Will check out your suggestions. Would a smok tfv4 be as good for flavour?

        • Ahh I see Graham, that makes sense then.

          Yeah the SMOK TFV4 is excellent as is the recent TFV8 tank and the latest TFV12 for flavour and they chuck out big clouds. They also wick higher VG juices well as the coils and .

          The only thing I would be careful with is the coils you can use. I misread your previous comment that you were looking between 35-40W but you do of course have the Pico that can fire upto 75W. Still, not all of the compatible SMOK coils will perform great under 75W.

          That is especially true with the TFV8 and TFV12, these have really been made to perform on high wattage mods.

          We looked at the SMOK TFV4 coils here to give you an idea.

          Also… The TFV series of tanks are real juice drinkers so just be aware of that too 🙂

          • Thanks for the update… I have isub 100 I can use but didn’t see the point of using it when the triton coils are better. I think you’ve confirmed what I was thinking which is good. On face of it I could trade the juice use for better flavour.. Was just looking at the whole picture and there are so many tanks now. Thanks again

    • Did you try the 0.3 eleaf coil for Melo3? It works wonders at 40-45 on a 70-30 juice. So much better than the 0.5 coils.

  20. My favourite tanks for last couple of months have been the Crown 2 on fuchai 200;Atlantis mega on my RX200S; And TFV8 on asmodus minikin v2. Love these tanks, none of them ever leak, I use a Vaporesso target pro with .5 ceramic coils for when I want less cloud best flavour

      • It’s happened with many coils from different batches and the flavor takes a nose dive very quickly after I put a new one in. Lowering the voltage down to the low 40’s seems to help a bit and I’ve ordered the .50 ohm coils to see if that makes a difference.

        I vape a lot I would say and take 3-5 second drags. I assume that’s part of the problem too.

        • The 0.25ohm coil does need a fair bit of power running through it to get the best results. This will certainly have an effect on the coil life.

          Let us know how you get on with the 0.5Ohm coil. We found this to be very good for flavour and you should get more life from it. Not to mention your juice should last a little longer!

          • Jonny – Same problem with the .5’s. They are done in a day, maybe a day and a half. I’m running the .5’s at 30-35 W. Is it the juice? I smoke 70VG/30PG up to 100% VG. Is it the MOD? I’m pretty close to just buying a new tank. I LOVE the fact that the Pure is totally leak proof. Is there another leak proof tank that you would recommend over the Starre Pure? Thanks in advance.

          • Hey Matt,

            Sweet and darker coloured juices can gunk up coils more leading to less life.

            High VG liquids are thicker as well. The only thing I can think of is if you are vaping heavily and the thicker juice isn’t wicking quickly enough on the cotton within the ceramic coil head.

            This in turn could cause you to burn the cotton/wick as it may be drying out. Once the cotton is burnt the coils pretty much ruined.

            On used coil heads you may see the cotton inside may be burnt slightly at some point?

            If you have more coils try priming the coil. ie: Drip 2 or 3 drops on the cotton inside the coil. Then fill the tank and let it sit for 10 minutes. Once you’ve done that start the wattage a little lower and work your way up to break the coil in before hitting it with big watts.

            As for leak proof tanks. I suppose the disclaimer should say that no tank is 100% leak free.

            I personally use the Aspire Cleito on a daily basis and haven’t had any issues with leaking. I also get on well with the SMOK TFV8 and TFV8 Baby Beast.

          • Jonny – I got the Cleito & it’s totally awesome!!! And I can’t believe it costs less than $20!!

            Thanks so much for your advice. Greatly appreciated Jonny!! You rock!!

  21. Hi Jonny, I decided to go and buy the aspire cleito tank and I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks now and I have not regretted that decision ever since!

    It sits perfectly on top of my smok r80 and im using it with the vape band and chuff cap with a dotmod drip tip and it looks great, although not all drip tips may suit the cleito because of the way the 510 hole is designed.

    I’ve gone back to using proof eliquids pink soda and it tastes amazing on the cleito and the flavor is so much better then my micro tvf4!

    It uses up less juice and I prefer the top screw filling method. Some people have complained about the cleito leaking but it hasn’t happened to me at all, I guess they either didn’t screw in the coil tightly enough or they might have primed it with too much liquid.

    I’ve used both coils now the 0.2 and the 0.4 and I’m impressed by both although I personally prefer the 0.4 ohm because i dont like to vape at higher wattages, im only using it on 45w and it also produces pretty great clouds!

    • Nice one Jared!

      Good to hear you getting on well with the Cleito! I’m with you on the 0.4Ohm coil. Allows for a little extra battery life and juice consumption is a little better at the lower wattage. For the price it’s hard to beat.

      I haven’t had any leaking either. I don’t count the time I forgot to drain the tank before getting on a flight. That made a mess of my bag! 🙂

  22. Using a H Priv 220 and a TFV8, currently set at 180w. I’m curious as to what my upgrade might be to better my vaping. Any advice on better cloud chasing set ups?

    • Hey Darran,

      Got to say your set up there should give some seriously dense clouds. Have you tried the various other stock coils on offer for the TFV8 and the RBA deck?

      If you are familiar with building your own coils then this would be the way you would want to go next. The likes of the iJoy Limitless RDTA+ and Wotofo Troll V2 are capable of huge clouds.

      • Yes it does to be fair and I’ve just upgraded to the t10 coils and they’re amazing! I use an Ijoy Limitless XL aswell but it’s hard to get flavour and clouds anything close to the tfv8. Plus I’m running the new coils between 200 – 250w at the moment and yes it guzzles juice (obviously) but it’s immense! Loving it! Just hoping smok have something else on the horizon.

        • Hey Darran,

          Great stuff! The T10 coils are crazy! ha

          SMOK do have some new product coming out. Mostly mods but 2 new tank, Spirals and Skyhook RDTA that look interesting!

          Wouldn’t be surprised if they add to the TFV8 coil range as well.

          Keep an eye out, we will be getting them in for review soon!

  23. Just a quick question, I’m using a smok micro one r80 with the tfv4 micro tank but I wanna change it because it just drinks way too much juice. i was thinking of either getting the aspire cleito or uwell crown which would you recommend ?

    • Hey Jared,

      It really does like a drink doesn’t it!

      I use the Cleito pretty much everyday, the big coils again like to go through juice. Although not on a TF tank level. At least for me anyway.

      The Crown out of the two will be better for juice consumption. As long as you are’nt using low resistance coils such as 0.25ohm.

      Let me know how you get on!

      • Yeah it really does other then that it’s a great tank !

        Alright thanks for the advice ! I’ll probably get one of them once I’m though with my spare coils.

      • Not sure if my reply was posted correctly.

        Yeah your right the tank does love to drink juice way too much ! And I’m using 70/30 vg but apart from that it’s a great tank.

        Apart from juice consumption what’s the performance like for the tanks ? I’ve read a reviews on both on them and it seems like they’re on par with each other but some people have said they leak a lot ?

        • Hey Jared,

          The performance as I’m sure you have read is good for both tanks.

          On a personal preference, I’m a fan of the Aspire Cleito and use this on a day to day basis. Flavour is very good and the clouds are there if you want them.

          I haven’t experienced any leaking with the juice I am using which ranges from 60/40 to 70/30. The only gripe I tend to hear is that the top of the tank can get very hot, but Aspire do include a rubber cap that sits on top of the top cap that helps with this.

          I have never had to use this myself and the tank is fine for me (heat wise) but I vape at around 30-50W depending on the coil. I also don’t tend to take more than 3 drags in a row so the tank doesn’t have chance to get super hot.

          • Thanks a lot for the advice !

            Would it be ok if I used a slightler higher vg then 70/30?

            I was 60/40 towards the cleito and I’ll probably get now. I’ve gotta wait a while though since I just bought new coils for my juice guzzler.

            I’ll leave an update once i have it and tried it out ?

          • Be great to hear how you get on.

            The highest ratio I have used with the Cleito is 70/30. I’m pretty sure it would be OK wicking a higher VG though.

    • Try running temp control,,, i was running watts for a long time and the difference is amazing,, the other way to go is just buy pg, vg and flavors and mix it yourself,, unless your adding nicotine(wich 99.9% of shops that custom blend dont know how to do in the first place and are doing it wrong, its weight of nico to volume , not vol/vol or %/vol like these morons do) thisn’t rocket science ,its 50/50 to 70/30 vg/pg mix ratio, more vg = bigger clouds, less flavor & burns your coil up faster & more pg = harder throat hit, carries more flavor and lighter clouds and your coil lasts longer, simple , in the usa a 55gal drum of vg is $350usd so you can see by that alone just how bad your getting screwed bying premixed juice , the most expensive component of the juice is the bottle

  24. Hi all I need a little help I almost smoking 2 packs in a day so i want a good beginnings for e cig i want good clouds and flavor and a good battery life what you suggest me

  25. I’ve got wismec realux or however u spell it with the geekvape eagle ,great for money saving as it comes with rebuildable coil heads and if u cant build theres like 20 different coils to choose from anyway great clouds but I recommend getting the non top airflow I never use mine and vape condensation sometimes gathers there ,people often mistake this for leakage but its like holding a glass above a kettle hot vapour meets cold metal obviously ita gonna get wet when ure vaping at 80w

  26. I have a smok gimlet clouds (gct) tank on my eleaf 100w tc box and added a felting drip tip with adfed airflow. The flavour is spot on and the clouds are well seems it’s got clouds in its name they are as expected really.. pretty big. Coit’s work best 30-80w, got mine on temp at the min running around 40w

  27. My favorite two tanks are the UWELL Crown and the Aspire Cleito. Great flavor and clouds.
    I really liked the TFV4 but really didn’t like going through so much juice…that tank was thirsty.

  28. I own specialty vapors in Massachusetts usa ND I need a good new distribution comapny do you know any that offer the newest and best devices at good prices.

  29. Man gotta say, council of vapor’s vengeance needs to be on this list, been running the innokin I sub G and apex 5 tanks for a short while, since I got the vengeance however, the Innokin tanks just collect dust, they pale in comparison.

  30. I’m pretty new to vaping but am interested in getting into sub ohm vaping as I hear it’s not that dangerous these days. Is a kanger tank suitable for a beginner?

    • Hi Kathy, Kanger have a number of tanks but they are all suitable for beginners although some will require more of a learning curve ie: sub ohm tanks. Just need to be sure the device you use is compatible and for new users I would recommend using a regulated Mod.


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