Best RTA Vape ListWhen it comes to the best RTA’s on the market we are lucky to have a good selection to choose from.

It’s not a case of one type of RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) fits all in most cases. You will likely fall into one of the following searchers:

  • Best RTA for Beginners (Which would mean they are easy to build on)
  • Best RTA for Clouds
  • Best RTA for flavour
  • Last but not least the best RTA for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vapers.

What is the Best RTA To Buy in 2022?

So, now you have narrowed down the type of RTA vape that fits your needs we can move swiftly on to the reason you are here.

From over 100 RTA’s reviewed we break down our favourites.

Hellvape Fat Rabbit - Best RTA

Editors Choice

  • Easy to build on
  • Intense flavour
  • Cloud chucker!
  • Very good quality
Oxva Arbiter 2 Ready to Go

BEST All Round RTA

  • 26mm Diameter
  • Top to bottom fanned airflow
  • Simple to build on
  • Superb Flavour & Cloud
  • Single & Dual Coil
  • No leak airflow
  • Save 10% With Code ECC
Best rta for flavour - geekvape zeus x rta

BEST For Flavour & Beginners

  • 25mm Diameter
  • Simple to build
  • Superb flavour
  • No leaking
  • Single & Dual Coil
  • Save 10% With Code ECC
Aspire 9th Tank Colourways


  • High quality
  • Stock coil compatible
  • Excellent flavour
  • Easy build deck
  • Save 10% With Code ECIG10
Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA preview

BEST Beginner RTA

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Very good at lower wattage
  • Easy for vapers new to RTA’s
  • Excellent airflow
  • WorldWide Shipping

1. Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA (Editors Choice)

Hellvape Fat Rabbit - Best RTAHeelvape have a long history in producing some quality RBA’s and the Fat Rabbit RTA is one of their best yet.

It’s not for the faint hearted or small mod holders as this RTA is 28.4mm diameter. So be sure you have a device that can cater to the size.

In review we found it hard to find any cons which is a feat in itself. So what did we like?

The postless deck can accommodate single or dual coils and it makes for an easy build. The flavour and clouds were excellent. The dual airflow was very quiet and the build quality top notch.

Did we mention the flavour and clouds were immense?


  • Postless build deck
  • Single/Dual Coil
  • Intense flavour and impressive cloud
  • Easy to build on
  • All round quality

WorldWide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

2. OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA (Best All Rounder)

Oxva Arbiter 2 Product ShotWell it’s safe to say that our reviewer Will being impressed with this RTA is an understatement.

The OXVA Arbiter 2 is an updated edition to an already very good RTA and this time around they have managed to make it even better. The flavour is wonderful and single coil mode has been smashed out of the park. Dual coil is no slouch either.

The airflow is spot on and delivered to the coils very well indeed. If clouds are your thing then it has you covered.

Overall a good looking RTA that delivers on flavour, clouds and in our testing zero airflow leaks. Excellent.


  • 26mm Diameter
  • Simple to build on
  • Superb flavour and Cloud
  • Excellent Top to Bottom Airflow
  • No leaks
  • Single and Dual coil builds

Save 10% With Code ECC

3. Geekvape Zeus X RTA (Best RTA For Flavour & Beginners)

Best rta for flavour - geekvape zeus x rta
We are big fans of the Geek Vape Zeus range of tanks ant the latest Zeus X RTAis no different. The Zeus design is superb throughout the range, solid without any over the top branding.

The Zeus X measures in at 25mm in diameter and can accommodate dual and single coil builds. Everything is easier on the latest deck design from wicking to building.

But we are ultimately interested in performance right? Well it’s on the Best RTA list for a reason. The flavour is outstanding and if you like chucking clouds along with it then you won’t be disappointed here either.


  • 25mm Diameter
  • Great design
  • Easy to build on
  • Superb flavour
  • No leaking
  • Single and Dual coil builds

Save 10% With Code ECC

4. Aspire 9th Tank (Best Overall MTL RTA)

Aspire 9th Tank ColourwaysThe Aspire 9th Tank is a collaboration with Italian vape brand NoName. These guys have produced some superb vape gear in the past.

The match up with Aspire continues the trend with them hitting home runs with a number of different products. One being the 9th tank.

Not a standalone RTA, the tank is also compatible with stock coils offering some no nonsense vaping as well as satisfying the builders out there.

Flavour is on point however you choose to vape and the clean design makes it a tank that looks the business on any mod you want to throw it on.

Tom, our reviewer loves his MTL devices but is still a hard man to please. So with him describing this as ‘one of the best “mainstream” tanks for flavour I’ve had the pleasure of using’, it makes sense to listen.


  • Beautiful quality RTA
  • Flavour is excellent
  • Can also be used with stock coils
  • Easy to build deck (Not a rebuildable coil option like so many other dual use tanks)

Save 10% With Code ECIG10

5. Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA (Best Beginner MTL RTA)

Innokin Ares2 MTL RTA headerThe Innokin Ares 2 has improved massively over their original release.

Innokin have managed to pack in a lot of features while still keeping the Ares 2 easy enough for those new to rebuildables to get the hang of quickly.

As a single coil RTA the Innokin Ares 2 produces some very good flavour at lower wattage.

It also features a slide top fill function making it easy to top up on the go with minimal mess.

Being as big as they are, we would expect Innokin to produce quality and this is definitely the case this time around.


  • Excellent airflow
  • Very good flavour at lower wattage
  • Built well
  • Easy for vapers new to rebuilding to use

6. Wotofo Profile Unity RTA (Best Mesh RTA)

Colour options profile unityAfter the success of the Wotofo Profile RDA which revolutionised mesh rebuildables, Wotofo, MrJustRight and The Vapor Chronicles decided to make a RTA version!

Like the RDA version the Unity has the spring loaded clamp which helps to keep your cotton in contact with the mesh at all times. This prevents the dreaded dry hit which stopped the progress of the original mesh rebuildables and they initially fell out of favour.

Another feature of this is the fact in the kit you get the OFRF NexMesh strips included. Apparently the designers of the Unity loved these mesh strips so much they did a deal to get them included in the kit. In fact Wotofo love OFRF so much they bought up the company too!

There are bubble glass options to take the e-liquid capacity up to a whopping 5ml and a top refilling design. The airflow is a side intake style and adjustable.


  • Spring loaded mesh clamp to keep the cotton in contact with the mesh
  • Large e-liquid capacity
  • OFRF NexMesh strips included in the kit
  • Mesh build deck

UK – Free Shipping Options
Rest of World – Free Shipping With Code ECIGCLICK – Free DHL Shipping With Spends over $75

7. Dovpo Blotto RTA (Best for Flavour)

Dovpo Blotto - Best RTA For FlavourAnother collaboration, this time with Youtube Vape reviewer Vaping Bogan. Has to be said it’s a good one at that!

The Dovpo Blotto is all about the airflow and the when you see the build deck you will see what we mean. The deck can handle single or smaller dual coil builds, it performs with both.

The 25mm diameter makes it vape mod friendly even though the spare bubble glass will boost the width further up the tank upto 30mm. Either way, it still looks the business on most devices.

The RTA is simple to build on, is fairly forgiving when it comes to wicking and has an easy top fill.

It’s the flavour and cloud where the Blotto really impresses though.. Bucket loads..


  • 25mm Diameter – Fit on most vape mods
  • Simple to build on
  • Superb flavour and Cloud
  • Excellent Airflow
  • Single and Dual coil builds

Save 10% With Code ECC

8. Oumier Wasp Nano RTA (Best Single Coil RTA)

Oumier Wasp Nano RTASometimes the best things come in small packages and that’s certainly the case for the Wasp Nano RTA by Oumier.

This 23mm RTA is comes with clean looks and an excellent build quality.

The single coil deck is simple to build on and the bottom adjustable airflow gives plenty of wiggle room to find your perfect vape.

What impressed us the most though was the flavour this thing pumped out. Outstanding.


  • Single coil deck
  • Nice clean design
  • Well-made
  • Great kit contents including coils and spares
  • Outstanding flavour

WorldWide Shipping
USA – Save 10% With Code ECC

9. Vandy Vape BSKR V1.5 MTL RTA (Best Restricted MTL Draw)

vandy-vape-berserker-v1-5-mtl-rta-reviewFollowing on in the popular Berserker range of MTL rebuildables the V1.5 has had a few tweaks compared to the original. We didn’t get the original in for review however I reviewed the Berserker Mini MTL RTA and it was very impressive!

Strangely for a MTL RTA this has a 24mm diameter – so might not be suitable for smaller mods – but it does give you more space to play with on the build deck!

Talking of the deck this still retains the 2 screw post simple design and it is just a case of getting the single coil central. These are such easy to build decks and remind me of some of the old school MTL RTAs such as the DoggyStyle and Kayfun.

The airflow is where this really shines and this does really give a restricted draw. It is of course adjustable and this time the outlet on the deck is a slot rather than the small hole of the first version.


  • Easy to build single coil deck with more space than 22mm diameter RTA’s
  • Tight adjustable airflow – more for those craving a super tight MTL draw
  • Includes some great Vandy Vape MTL coils
  • Glass or metal tank options included in the kit

10. Vapefly Brunhilde RTA (Best RTA For Hobbyist Vapers)

brunhilde rtaThe design of the Vapefly Brunhilde is a bit retro going back to the days of wire ropes for wicking as the deck is located above the e-liquid chamber – similar to a RDTA.

To get the e-liquid from the chamber the stainless steel wire rope wicks bring the liquid up to deck level. From there you wick as usual with cotton to transfer the e-liquid to the coils. Plus you get everything you need in the kit to get you started including SS wicks, coils and cotton.

The deck is a dual coil design with velocity style posts and there are nice wide clamp holes for some chunkier coil builds. I think experienced builders and those who really enjoy tinkering will find this satisfying to master!

You can adjust the airflow to your preference using the top airflow ring and there is a side refilling port.


  • Easy to coil build deck
  • Large e-liquid capacity – up to 8ml!
  • Top airflow inlet helps reduce chance of leakage
  • Deck near to the mouthpiece for more flavour and vapour
  • Hybrid friendly 510 pin
  • Generous kit contents including coils, wicks and Firebolt cotton

Worldwide Shipping

11. Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA (Best For Ease of Use)

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA ColoursOf course most people into rebuildables will have heard of the Dead Rabbit range – a huge success for Hellvape and the vape reviewer Heathen.

The RTA version was eagerly awaited and seems to follow on in the tradition of the “rabbit ear” style deck.

The Rabbit Ear shaped posts give plenty of room for single or dual coil builds and it is much easier to trim the coil legs down after installation. Plus the side screw clamps make clamping flat coil legs easier without chewing up the metal.

Also on review the size of the post holes was impressive allowing for some more ambitious wires to be installed. In dual coil mode the flavour and smooth vapour was impressive!

Top airflow inlets mean there is less chance of leakage through the airflow and of course you can adjust the airflow to your preference.


  • Easy spacious versatile build deck
  • 4ml bubble glass option available
  • Single or dual coil builds
  • Top airflow to reduce chance of leakage
  • Large post holes with horizontal screw clamps for wider and flat coil builds

So there we have our favourite RTA’s. This top rated list will of course change over time when new and improved products hot the shelves. Or if any of the above atomizers are discontinued.

We have had many emails asking for the best RTA clones. With the quality the big brands are producing along with cheap prices we don’t quite see the attraction of cloned RTA’s. So none of them here.

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RTA Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RTA in Vaping?

RTA is an abbreviation of Rebuildable Tank Atomizer and is part of the RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) family of vapes. Under this category we have RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), RTA’s and RDTA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers).

All of the above vapes allow you to build your own coils and wick with your own cotton. They are true DIY vapes. RTA’s can offer the flavour of RDA’s with the convenience of filling a tank.

How Do You Vape an RTA?

Place your coil on the deck and feed the cotton into the coil. Fill the tank and vape. OK, that’s a simple version but we have in depth RTA reviews that show you in detail 🙂

What Does RTA Stand For in Vaping?

The term RTA stands for “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”.

What is the Best RTA Vape?

If you landed on this page take a look at our top rated RTA’s for flavour, RTA’s for mouth to lung vaping, RTA’s for beginners and more.

Which is Better - RTA, RDA or RDTA?

It’s really a personal preference and comes down to your style of vaping. Me? I prefer RTA’s as the tanks can be filled whereas RDA’s need e-liquid to be dripped onto the coil regularly.

What is the Best RTA for Beginners?

We have some great RTA’s for beginners to rebuilding. The Blotto and Ehpro True MTL are just 2 recommendations.

What is the Best RTA For Flavour?

We really enjoyed the Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA but all of the options on our top rated list are great for flavour.

How Long do RTA Coils Last?

RTA coil lifespan is dependent on many things. Mainly being the type of e-juice you vape and how much you vape. Good news is they can be cleaned. Even better news is building your own coils can be very cheap. For this reason many vapers will change their coils regularly.

Reviewing since 2010, Ecigclick covers all the latest in vaping. The team have a combined vaping experience of over 70 years. We have personally tried and tested over 700 vape products and aim to help you choose the right vape for your needs, whether you are a beginner or looking for a more advanced experience.


  1. Absolutely love the reviews and as I expected my choice of MOD and RTA both come up good in your top reviews, currently I have the zeus edition agis mod with the zeus x RTA fantastic piece of kit, I also swayed my partner from the SMOM Gpriv3 to the zeus x mod with the zeus z sub ohm tank.

  2. Thanks for your guidance, I will be looking at some reviews for most of your top 10 and definitely be buying one are two of these RTAs if they are as good as you suggest


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