Best Budget RDA for under $30 / £30

Top Rated Budget RDA’s – Updated for 2017

Here’s an update to our best 5 budget RDAs for 2016 – you can still see those below.

2017 has been a particularly good year for quality RDAs at really affordable prices so we’ve added a few more than five and we’ve still got a few months to go!

Of course there’s always going to be higher priced RDAs such as the Goons but for this exercise we’re looking at good RDAs at a great price.

We’ve set the price ceiling reasonably high but pretty much all the ones below are priced way below that with a couple sub twenty quid and lower!

Prices have tumbled on most of these and there’s no doubt design and manufacturing techniques have improved making even budget RDAs pretty good performers – so who needs clones!

2017 has also seen a rash of RDAs designed by vape reviewers appear on the market and there is one on our list.

Another thing to note is our previous top 5 might be over a year old but those RDAs are still excellent and a year or so on are considerably cheaper so check them out and grab a bargain 😉

So here’s a look at we think are the best budget priced RDA’s released so far this year and they come in no particular order – bookmark this article because we’ve still got a few more months of RDA releases and we shall update as and when we review them!

The Wotofo Vaporous RDA


The Devil Vaper calls the Wotofo Vaporous RDA ‘amazing’ and that we think says it all!

In fact he says it’s the best RDA he’s ever vaped on – high praise indeed!

It’s a 24mm RDA with an sturdy chunky dual post clamp design deck and a very deep juice well measuring 6mm.

The side airflow is fully adjustable meaning you can get the exact vape you want and the flavour and cloud production is outstanding.

And retailing in some places at less than twenty quid this is most definitely an RDA to add to your armoury!

Read The Full Review Here:

The Wotofo Vaporous RDA Reviewed – Plus Video Review


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Post Dual Terminal Options
  • 6mm Deep Juice Well
  • Side Adjustable Airflow System

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USA – Use Code DNA10 for 10% Off
R.O.W – Free Shipping Options

Digiflavor Aura RDA


One of the new breed of RDAs designed by vape reviewers and the Digiflavor Aura has taken the vape world by storm.

Designed by Daniel from DJLSB Vapes this is a 24mm RDA with an easy to build stepped clamp deck and a reasonably deep juice well.

It’s squonk compatible and has two separate airflow systems giving you total control getting your perfect vape.

According to our reviewer Laura-ann the flavour from this is incredible with decent clouds too.

The reviewers consensus is this is one of the best RDAs to hit the market so far this year – great price too!

Read The Full Review Here:

Digiflavor Aura RDA Reviewed: DJLSB Vapes Designed with Killer Airflow!


  • Diam: 24mm Height: 28mm
  • 1.5 ml Capacity
  • Domed Top cap – Close To coils For Flavor
  • Two Separate Airflow Systems Direct Flow Over The Coils
  • Stepped Clamp Build Deck
  • Squonk compatible

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WonderVape RDA by CigPet And iJoy


Another relatively new dripper that you will find sub £30 if you shop around and this one is a flavour chasers dream.

Laura-ann absolutely loves the flavour profile she gets off this extremely good looking RDA.

Its slightly shy of 24mm with a very cool looking dual post system and a very deep juice well.

There’s fixed bottom airflow but the top airflow is adjustable and this little beauty is single coil compatible too.

As I said shop around an you will find this sub thirty quid so definitely one to invest in.

Read The Full Review Here:

WonderVape RDA by CigPet And iJoy Reviewed


  • Diameter 23.8 mm
  • 2 Post Build Deck
  • Adjustable Side Airflow
  • Bottom Airflow
  • Single Coil Build Compatible

UK – Save 10% With Code SUPERVAPE10
Worldwide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

GeekVape Peerless Special Edition RDA

Peerless Special Edition RDA

Despite the Special Edition tag this pretty little RDA from GeekVape comes in under twenty quid.

From the outside in the Peerless SE RDA is a great looking RDA with a stunning stepped deck and deep juice well.

It’s a 24mm and is squonk compatible and according to the Devil Vaper it’s a thing of beauty that gives ‘great flavour and clouds’.

All that for less than twenty quid – what’s not to like!

Read The Full Review Here:

GeekVape Peerless Special Edition RDA Review + Video Review


  • Unique 2 Post system suitable for both large and small coils
  • Large Juice well
  • Adjustable side air holes for dual coil and single coil builds
  • Squonk compatible with the supplied squonk pin
  • 810 / Goon size drip tip system

Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

Wotofo Serpent BF RDA

wotofo serpent bf rda

Whilst specifically designed as a squonking RDA you can swap the 510 pin out and use this as a regular dripper.

This smallish 22mm BF RDA received high praise from the Devil Vaper who called it one of his favourite squonkers to date.

It might be small but there’s a whopping 6ml juice well and this RDA can switch to single coil mode.

Flavour from this little cutie is excellent and it you will be pleased with the amount of vapour this one gives off!

Definitely one for the shortlist and once again the price has tumbled since its release a few months ago.

Read The Full Review Here:

Wotofo Serpent BF RDA Review – Plus Hands On Video Review


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Two Post Four Terminal
  • 6mm Deep Juice Well
  • Single Coil Adaptor
  • Adjustable Side Airflow System
  • Single Airflow Option

USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of the World – Free Shipping Options

Druga RDA by Augvape


This wouldn’t have made the list a few months ago as the price remained high for quite some time which is unusual in the vaping world.

It’s now sub thirty quid so just sneaks in and it is definitely an RDA worth considering.

Featuring a clamp snag system which makes building on this beauty a doddle – the Druga is 24mm with a very deep juice well.

Once this beautiful looking RDA is coiled and wicked it gives decent flavour and incredible clouds and is squonk compatible.

Read The Full Review Here:

Druga RDA by Augvape Reviewed


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 24K Gold-Plated Two-Post Build Deck
  • Clamp Snag System (CSS) Design

UK – Use Code Supervape10 for 10% Off
USA- Use Code DNA10 For 10% Off
R.O.W – Free Shipping Options

The Venom RDA by VaporFi


This is a lovely little 22mm RDA that has seen its price halved since its release earlier this year.

It’s a simple dual post velocity style deck with quite a deep juice well for a 22mm.

Like most of Vaporfi’s products this is a well built and extremely solid RDA that gives great flavour and incredible dense clouds.

It might be an RDA that’s slipped under your radar but trust us even the colour changing barrel is a cool touch.

Definitely one to consider at a much lower price than when it was released.

Read The Full Review Here:

Vaporfi Venom RDA Review


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 22.0×40.5mm
  • Velocity style posts
  • Color Changing at or above 80-100W
  • Top and bottom airflow

10% Discount Automatically Applied To Cart With Link Below

The UD Skywalker RDA

skywalker rda

Get past the dodgy branding and you have a really rather good RDA according to the Devil Vaper.

Its a 24mm RDA and the deck features two huge chunky posts – suitable for dual or single coils – with tough screws and a 4ml deep juice well.

It gives a decent flavour but really chucks those clouds.

This is currently on sale for less than fifteen dollars so well under our budget!

Read The Full Review Here:

The UD Skywalker RDA Review – Decent Device but Dodgy Branding


  • W: 24mm H: 29.5mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • 4mm deep juice well
  • 2 posts design with 3mm wide vertically slotted posts
  • SS, Delrin & Ultem Construction

Sale on Via Link Below

Vandy Vape Govad RDA


Depending on where you shop the Vandy Vape Govad RDA just sneaks in to our sub thirty quid RDA list.

On it’s release very many reviewers hailed this as the best RDA of 2017 – not something our Reviewer Kevin Jeffrey agreed with.

OK it’s a 24mm RDA with dual spring loaded clamp style posts and a 1.3ml juice well – not as deep as some out there – and features a side and bottom airflow set-up.

Despite Kevin’s reservations he gave it a decent mark particularly on clouds and with some of the airflow shut off the flavour popped too.

Read The Full Review Here:

Vandy Vape Govad RDA Review


  • Includes 3 Different Drip Tips (Delrin)
  • Compatible with Goon Sized Drip Tips
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • 37mm (Height)
  • 24mm (Diameter)

Free World Wide Shipping Options

The Top 5 Budget RDA’s 2015/2016

2015/16 has been a storming year for affordable genuine kit coming to market, and the rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA) section of the market has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this, with some excellent releases available without breaking the bank.

Whereas previously the only way to get a decent performing RDA in this price range was to purchase a clone, now some of the best performing genuine RDA vapes can be found in this section of the market!

Before we have a look at what I consider to be the top 5 budget RDAs, if you are new to rebuilding you might want to familiarize yourself with the guides below-

Done correctly and safely, rebuilding your own coils is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences in vaping, so with that in mind let’s have a look at some of the best RDA vapes for our money. In no particular order-

Wotofo Freakshow Mini RDA

Mini Freakshow PartsComing from the Wotofo stable, the Freakshow Mini is considered by many to be at the pinnacle of flavour RDAs, one of the first ‘mini’ RDAs to hit the market and still to this day one of the absolute best around.

It’s able to be used in single as well as dual coil, with a really generous juice well allowing you to drip plenty of juice into it. Bottom airflow that hits your coil from underneath to maximize the flavour makes for one tasty vape indeed!

Read our Freakshow Mini review here:


  • Bottom airflow for one of the most flavourful Vapes around
  • Very small height
  • Single or dual coil
  • Deep juice well

Click Here to Buy

Indulgence Mutation XS RDA

Mutation XS PartsDesigned and manufactured by Indulgence as well as the famed Project Sub Ohm stable, the Mutation XS took the cloud machine that is the Mutation X V4, compressed it, and turned it into a flavour as well as a cloud beast!

The shortened height coupled with the bottom airflow increased the flavour from this massively, allowing it to compete with the best flavour atomizers around.

Read our Project Sub Ohm Mutation XS review here-


  • One for cloud chasers – An absolute fog machine!
  • Flavour improved over the Mutation X V4, making it an extremely good flavour RDA
  • 4 posts allowing for multiple crazy builds
  • Bottom and side airflow

Wotofo ‘The Troll’ RDA

Various parts of the Troll RDA by WotofoAnother from the Wotofo stable is the Troll. This little RDA has a roomy deck that is very easy to build on. Add to that a stellar all round performance, chuck in a crazy cheap price point and we have our self a very worthy contender in the best budget RDA vape list.

Read our Wotfo ‘The Troll’ RDA review here –


  • Simple 3 post design
  • Great flavour and clouds
  • Different colour schemes available
  • Short height for maximum flavour

Infinite CLT V3+ MINI RDA

Project Sub Ohm Infinite CLT V3 mini reviewSo we come to our second Infinite entry on the list, and it’s no coincidence as when it comes to performance, these guys know what they are doing! The Infinite CLT V3 Mini is a redesigned version of the Infinite original, and one of my favourite atomisers of all time.

It’s easy to build, versatile, single or dual coil, comes with one of the biggest wide bore top caps you will ever come across that makes this one of the best cloud chasing RDA’s out there, and the flavour is absolutely top notch too. The Infinite CLT V3 Mini is an RDA that well and truly has it all!

The review we carries out was for the Project Sub Ohm version of the CLT V3 Mini, this is the same just with different branding.

Read the Project Sub Ohm CLT V3 Mini review here-


  • Huge cloud production
  • Top of the market flavour
  • Single or dual coil
  • Massive build deck

Steam Crave Aromamizer V2 RDA

Steamcrave Aromamizer RDAManufactured by Steam Crave, one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry, the Aromamizer V2 RDA offers a flavourful vape that many other RDAs struggle to get close to, thanks to the innovative cyclone airflow system.

It’s one that’s easy to build and offers such a rewarding vape, cloud chasers might find the draw a little restricted compared to what they are used to but it is well worth it when you consider just how rewarding the results are.


  • Cyclone airflow system
  • Outstanding flavour
  • Easy to build
  • Spitback protection

So there you have it guys, my picks for the best budget rebuildable atomizers, some real gems and top performers here, you won’t be let down by any of the above!

Click here To Buy

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