Manabush Waxahachie Review

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Manabush: Waxahachie

Manabush Waxahachie Review

So far so great for the Manabush juices I have tried so far, somewhat a surprising considering the flavours are tobacco based. The surprise being that tobacco vapes aren’t really my thing.

What Manabush offers is something of a twist with the tobacco acting as a support and not the overriding flavour. So if tobacco vapes aren’t your thing don’t let this put you off!

With all that said lets get stuck in to the e-liquid on review, Waxahachie.

This review was carried out with a low 6mg nicotine strength and a 50/50 PG/VG mix.

Manabush Say: Waxahachie is the acclaimed Manabush Base with lashings of warm Gingerbread and a tiny hint of chocolate.
Perfect for Christmas”

E Cig/Tank used in this review: Kanger Subtank Mini 0.5 Ohm with the Kanger K Box


The gingerbread aroma seeps from the bottle and smells amazing. So a good start.

I’m a fan of all things Ginger, especially gingerbread and Manabush doesn’t disappoint with Waxahachie, suitably named after the ‘Gingerbread City’ in Texas. 

On vaping the gingerbread flavour hits with a warm spiciness to the throat, not overly harsh though and spot on for my tastes. The maple tobacco base doesn’t take precedence here, it simply sits in the background as a subtle back up for the main flavour giving a slight touch of sweetness. They really do work amazingly well with each other.

This, for me, is impressive. I have been vaping this as my all day vape for two days now and not once has become too sickly. I have moved in range from lower 8W settings upto 15W but for me the cooler settings around 8-8.5W seemed to allow a mix of both the warmth of the gingerbread and the flavour.

This is definitely not a juice just for Christmas, if gingerbread is your thing then I would recommend this highly. Manabush is quickly becoming one of my favourite juice brands.

Vapour Volume

Waxahachie is a 50/50 PG/VG mix and provided plenty of vapour with the Subtank Nano.

Throat Hit

Warm and spicy without being too harsh with the 6mg nic strength.

Production Details

Manabush e-liquid is produced in the UK with the following:

  • Using the best UK and USA ingredients.
  • ISO class 7 clean rooms, laminar flow cabinets with HEPA filters and hygienic wall cladding


  • 10ml £4.99
  • 30ml £12.99
  • 50ml Glass Bottle £21.99
  • 100ml £43.99

Postage Pricing

  • £1.90 for 10ml
  • £3.60 for 30ml+

Available Nicotine Strengths

  • 18mg
  • 12mg
  • 6mg
  • 3mg


Loved this gingerbread flavour, it has everything you want from a proper gingerbread vape. Warmth, spice and a touch of sweetness making for an easy ADV. Highly recommended.

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