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E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Overview

E-Lites are one of the main brands for e cigarettes in the UK when it comes to focusing on the 2 piece design with disposable cartridges. The development of the E-Lites product is second to none with them regularly adding new improvements and products to their offering.

This was one of the first electronic cigarettes we tried at ecigclick and we still find it to be a quality product. You can check out our full E-Lites review here.

What Does The E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Look Like

E Lites Electronic CigaretteE-Lites have gone down the route of trying to keep the user experience as near to the real thing as possible in terms of looks. From the white battery with the faux rings to the tan cartridge it all feels and looks good. Only downside is the size which is bigger than a regular cigarette but this isn’t such a bad thing.

Product Options

E40 Disposable 5 pack – £39.99

This offers 5 ready to use e cigs with a choice of either regular or menthol cartridge. As the name suggest they are for one time use and will give you approx 40 cigs worth of usage per cig.

E40 Reusable E Cig – £21.99

Great option for those new to ‘vaping’ the E40 gives you 1 battery, 1 charger (USB) and 1 cartridge that is the equivalent to 40 regular cigarettes.

E80 Starter Kit – £25.99

This is the entry level starter kit supplying you with 1 battery, USB charger and 2 cartridges. You will also get a card ‘cigrette box’ with this kit to keep everything together.

E200 Starter Kit – £39.99

This kit comes with the ‘tough case’ that you charge your cigarette in. A lot better than the card case that doesn’t tend to last that long. You also get 5 cartridges equivalent to 200 cigarettes.

DU03 Kit – £49.99

One of the newer kits in the E-Lites range the DU03 comes with 2 batteries, a couple of chargers and 5 e-tip cartridges. You will also get the new soft touch case which I have to say looks great.

E-Pro 4 – £64.99

If the budget stretches then this is the kit to go for. It is pretty much the same as the DU03 kit but with this you get the soft touch pack that will charge your e cigarettes while your on the move. No need to plug your e cig battery into your computer and wait for it to charge!

E-Gar Disposable Electronic Cigar – £12.99

E-Lites didn’t want the cigar smokers out there to feel left out so they produced this pantela style disposable e cigar that comes complete with tidy metal case.
The E-Gars are also available in a 5 pack for £54.99

If you haven’t done so already take a look at our E-Lites E Cigar review here.

Is There An E-Lites Discount Code?

No E-Lites coupon code availalbe at the moment!

Warranty Info & Money Back Guarantee

E-Lites have a 1 year warranty on chargers and the E-Pack. The batteries are classed as consumable items and are therefore covered for 6 months.

They also have a 7 day returns policy on all UNUSED items in their original condition.

As always though check the E-Lites website for full T&C’s!

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