HURRY The Clock Is Ticking To Help Stop The E-liquid Flavour Ban!

Despite the cries of Ban Them! Ban Them! The bottom line is IF flavoured e-liquids are banned more people will return to smoking.

So to be brutal – banning flavoured e-liquids either at a state or national level over in the USA or indeed anywhere in the world WILL result in the deaths of billions of smokers – it’s as simple as that.

fight the flavoured e-liquid banI’ll back that statement up with facts and not rhetoric shortly…

I genuinely thought we’d got past calls for the flavour ban or at least had enough scientific evidence on our side to show they’re not as harmful [if they are harmful at all] as lit tobacco smoke.

And I definitely thought we’d got past the tired old cry that sweet and candy flavoured e-liquids are a gateway to youngsters smoking.

It seems not given the sudden rash of media ‘outrages’ and ignorant virtue signalling politicians calling for a total ban on anything that God forbid is both pleasant tasting and a sure fire way of getting smokers around the world off the cancer sticks.

At the time of writing vapers in America are being urged to Fight the Flavour Ban and have just 13 days left to get involved and help stop the absolute decimation of vaping over the pond.


I wrote the first piece about this back in March and followed it up with another in May and given social media has been filled with vape reviewers – advocacy groups and others literally begging for vapers to submit their thoughts on a possible ban to the FDA – let’s hope vapers in their hundreds of thousands are doing just that.

However experience of the campaigning prior to the UK adopting the TPD via the TRPR shows me it’s only after new legislation comes in the outcry begins and then it’s too late…

And just to be clear – the survey I’ve linked to above is NOT the one that ended recently and organized by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos.

That particular exercise was for him to gather evidence to present to the FDA in a bid to argue against the ban.

The one I’ve linked to goes direct to the FDA and will add weight to the results that Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos will present!

Just think in the time it takes to put up your three daily ‘hand checks’ of that shiny new mod – you could actually do something towards stopping the ban 😉

Experts Call For Ban Of ALL Flavoured E-liquids

OK so why the sudden increase in calls for bans when we all thought we’d got past that hurdle?

Just last week a panel of ‘experts’ from the Forum of International Respiratory Societies – made up of experts from around the world called for the flavour ban to…and yeah you guessed it…protect the children.

These so called ‘scientists’ put their weight behind a study published in the European Respiratory Journal.

experts say ban flavoured e-liquid

Whilst accepting that e-cigarettes ‘have a place in smoking cessation’ – they shoot themselves in the foot by demanding a ban on sales to minors [which already exists] and for the regulation of e-cigarettes to be as strong as that of regular tobacco.

Actually e-cigs are in effect regulated far heavier than lit tobacco – but hey don’t let the facts get in the way of your angle as my old newspaper editor used to say before spiking my badly researched article…

They have a hard on for so called ‘passive vaping‘ too calling for vapers to be treated exactly the same way as smokers in public – as in herded into designated smoke and vape zones…

And just like the FDA and to be fair most medical professionals in America they have a real hard on for nicotine – which as I and many others keep pointing out has similar if not the same effects ont he body as the caffeine in your tea and coffee – more on that HERE.

Co author Alexis Hartmann professor of pediatrics and professor of cell biology and physiology at Washington University in St. Louis, USA said:

Until recently, the risks of e-cigarettes and their rising popularity with children and adolescents were under-recognised or ignored. We wrote this statement to address growing public health concerns over e-cigarette use among youths.

Product design, flavours, marketing, and perception of safety and acceptability have increased the appeal of e-cigarettes to young people. These products are ‘normalising’ smoking and leading to new generations addicted to nicotine.

The study – which you can read HERE – ends [no pun intended] with a seven point plan to ‘protect the children’ from vaping with point 4 recommending:

Because flavourings increase rates of youth initiation, they should be banned in electronic nicotine delivery products.

OK using that flawed and ridiculous argument lets ban all alcohol – caffeine products indeed anything that may or may not be appealing to kids – because hey screw the billions of adult smokers that have made the switch thanks to flavoured e-liquids.

Christ sometimes I really want to bang my head on the desk!

Listen and I’m being really serious now – the anti vape – anti flavoured e-liquid lobby is HUGE in the US and ignorant politicans looking to get a name as the great protector of the children lap this kind of garbage up and really do use it!

Look at the proposed ban in New York – the ban that may or may not happen in San Francisco and trust me if California gets in on the act then sorry America but you guys are screwed!

And back to the fags you go…

Don’t believe me?

Banning Flavoured E-liquids Will Send Vapers Back To Smoking

Crazy isn’t it…

The fact is if all that’s left to vape on is either plain PG and VG or weak ass tobacco or maybe just maybe menthol e-liquids – then what do you think going to happen?

And you’re not alone because new research says vapers WILL return to smoking and so will all those children and young people the powers that be are so ‘concerned’ about.

A study published in the British medical Journal [BMJ] snappily titled: Should flavours be banned in cigarettes and e-cigarettes? Evidence on adult smokers and recent quitters from a discrete choice experiment says just that.

e-cigarettes substantially safer than smoking

The study concludes:

A ban on flavoured e-cigarettes alone would likely increase the choice of cigarettes in smokers, arguably the more harmful way of obtaining nicotine, whereas a ban on menthol cigarettes alone would likely be more effective in reducing the choice of cigarettes.

A ban on all flavours in both products would likely reduce the smoking/vaping rates, but the use of cigarettes would be higher than in the status quo. Policy-makers should use these results to guide the choice of flavour bans in light of their stance on the potential health impacts both products.

It’s that simple – ban flavoured e-liquids and more folks will smoke or return to smoking and that includes the kids – because let’s face it it may be wrong but smoking is a rebellious rite of passage act for some kids.

And if vaping is even slightly safer then surely those kids are better off vaping less nicotine in an e-cig than say a packet of Lucky Strikes.

And before you say it I’m not condoning either habit in children but this is the real world we live in and not a laboratory…young people have minds and want to explore and are not lab rats.

Fight To Stop The Flavour Ban!

The various vape advocacy groups in America are urging vapers to get involved and submit their thoughts on possible flavour bans.

Find out more here:

CASAA – Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association
SFATA: Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association
VTA – Vapor Technology Association


In fact CASAA offers this advice:

Our initial advice to members is to share your personal story about vaping.

Specifically, comments should include which flavors you use to stay smoke-free and how many different flavors you use in a given day.

Even the FDA has written guidelines on what they expect from submissions:

  • The role that flavors play in initiation and patterns of tobacco use, particularly among youth and young adults;
  • The role that flavors may play in helping some adult cigarette smokers reduce cigarette use and/or switch to potentially less harmful tobacco products;
  • The role that flavors in non-combusted tobacco products may play in quitting combusted tobacco products use, quitting all tobacco use or starting to use more than one type of tobacco product;
  • Consumer perceptions of health risks and addictiveness of flavored tobacco products;
  • Whether certain flavors used in tobacco products present potential adverse health effects to users or others; and
  • The impact of local, state and international efforts to restrict the sale or marketing of flavored tobacco products

Now please just take a few minutes and fill out the FDA Docket and help stop the flavour ban!

Neil H
I began vaping over 7 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Savour RTA...Beater set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Reload RTA I'm a former journalist and now a sort of writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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