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Australia’s Nicotine Vape Ban the Fight Back Begins

Vape advocates have begun to mobilize and the fight back against Australia’s nicotine vape ban has begun.

The Legalize Vaping advocacy group has organized a petition and a pre-written form to be sent to the country’s MPs.

Australia's Nicotine Vape Ban fight back

Legalize Vaping Australia says:

By submitting the form below, you will be recording your strong voice for the legalisation of vaping in Australia with the relevant bodies.

Together, we can make this life saving technology a reality!

Vaping needs to be legalised in Australia to save lives.

Contact your local MP today!

Here are the links – please make sure you get involved and do your bit!

It will take a couple of minutes and could save yours and others lives:

It’s hoped that as many of the country’s vapers take the time to take part and get them sent to the politicians as soon as possible because time is running out!

The nicotine ban comes into force on July 1st 2020 and from that date all nicotine imports will be banned and users could face fines of up to £122,000!

There’s been a surge of Aussie vapers ordering nicotine from New Zealand to beat the ban – however one of the country’s leading websites has stopped taking orders due to the demand from down under.

Australia's Nicotine Vape Ban

VAPO says:

Due to a massive influx of orders we have been forced to stop orders to Australia until further notice. We are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience and we are working day and night shifts to catch up to hopefully allow some more orders to be placed.

Meanwhile vape advocacy groups from around the world have condemned the nicotine ban.

Nancy Loucas, the Executive Director of The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates [CAPHRA] said:

CAPHRA stands in support of ATHRA, PPHA, AVA and LVA in denouncing the announcement by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of a crackdown on those importing vaping products for personal use into the country, with or without a prescription.

Smokers in Australia have been denied access to a proven harm reduction tool and vapers in Australia have yet again been dealt a potentially fatal blow which will see many of the 300,000 strong vaping community go back to smoking cigarettes.

It is astonishing that Health Minister Greg Hunt,, would go on a witch-hunt of this magnitude knowing fully well that across the Tasman, New Zealand is gearing up to legalize vaping and provide risk proportionate regulatory frameworks and guidelines for consumer access and availability to assist the thousands of smokers in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Astonishing is the word…I’d add crazy too…

And of course it’s about the money – as it always is.

Take a look at this chart showing the tax revenue from lit tobacco products – quite a shortfall if all of Australia’s smokers made the switch…
Australia's Nicotine Vape Ban tax revenue lit tobacco

Me a cynic? Definitely in this case – lets face it – Health Minister Greg hUNT is ignoring the 15,500 [and growing] deaths from smoking per year…

He’s been doing the media rounds in a bid to justify his ridiculous and quite frankly dangerous decision, telling one radio host:

We’ve seen a doubling of the number of poisonings in Australia, primarily caused by imported products of dubious quality and safety.

What we’re seeing … in the US is a 78 per cent increase in the number of high school children who are vaping.

The FDA … has been deeply concerned about what they’ve described as an epidemic.

Under the current administration of President Trump they have been very critical, they have seen what they believe is a measure which has not become a smoking cessation tool but it’s become a smoking commencement tool.

Absolute bollox and ingorant bollox at that – the bloke is a tool and his surname rhymes quite beautifully with another word I can’t quite think of right now.

I tackle his ‘arguments’ in more detail here: Australia’s Nicotine Ban – A “Death Sentence” For Vapers and Smokers

All I can add is I hope to God someone down under sees sense – but I sadly doubt it…

UK Vape Laws Should Be Adopted Globally To Save Millions Of Lives

By following the UK approach to e-cigarettes more than 200 million smokers could make the safer switch to vaping.

That’s a hell of a lot of lives saved and better health for smokers across the globe.

uk vape laws would mean 200 million less smokers in the world

The study has been carried out by the Consumer Choice Center and analyzed 61 countries.

By using the UK’s model on advertising, low taxes and displays, the results don’t lie – lives WILL be saved.

Fred Roeder, managing director of the Consumer Choice Centre, said:

The liberalisation of vaping has enormous potential and could help millions of people switch from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping – a safer and less harmful way of consumption of nicotine.

We used the UK’s progressive tobacco harm reduction policies as a reference point and estimated how many current smokers could be helped to switch by having a more permissive vaping framework.

In China, 76 million people could switch. The US (6 million) and Germany (4 million) would also see huge public health benefits by emulating the UK’s approach.

It really is a sobering set of statistics that governments, especially in the USA, India and now Australia would do well to take on board.

To see all of the diagrams checkout the article on the Better Retailing website – very interesting results to say the least.

Shock Vape Article Wins An Award!

A story in the LA Times newspaper on vaping has won a national award in the Health, Medical and Science Writing category…

However, pro-vaping this one most certainly isn’t.

la times anti-vape story

Indeed in just the second paragraph it links vaping to wait for it – cocaine and heroin addiction…

And nope this isn’t sour grapes from someone that’s never won an award – apart of course from 4th and 3rd place in the EcigClick vape writer awards – thanks for the votes!

In this case the award winning article was written by Emily Baumgaertner and has the headline: The FDA tried to ban flavors years before the vaping outbreak. Top Obama officials rejected the plan


Outbreak? What could she mean..?

Surely she isn’t linking flavoured nicotine vape products to EVALI?

She bloody well is with a ‘clever’ bit of wordery at the end of her award winning article:

The CDC says the mysterious lung disease appears to be linked to vaping THC, the chemical in marijuana that produces a high.

The outbreak has sickened 805 people and caused 12 deaths so far.

But the eventual death toll undoubtedly will be much higher among the one in four teenagers who now use devices like Juul, which distills 20 cigarettes’ worth of nicotine into one palatable pod.

Regular vaping is linked to heightened risks of heart attacks, seizures, burns — and, for hundreds of thousands, an eventual switch to traditional cigarettes and their well-known health dangers.

She manages to get a whole gamut of disproven ‘science’ into those last few words – a quite remarkable feat.

JUUL is going to cause deaths? Vaping will cause heart attacksseizures – burns and we’re all going to return to smoking?

Check the links for the REAL facts!

The only interesting thing I got from this story is the fact the Obama administration rejected a vape ban in the USA.

Wonder why the vast majority of Democrats are now fervently anti-vape?

As for the rest of the article, I dunno, the mainstream media these days don’t like to let the facts get in the way of an award winning story that’s for sure…

My old newspaper editors would turn in their graves…

Want To Quit Smoking? It’s About the Numbers!

Smokers that are good at maths are more likely to want to quit according to a new study!

The figures don’t lie as having a nounce for numbers means you’re more likely to stub out the cancer sticks.


Scientists in America studied the numeracy skills of almost 700 smokers, and then showed them a series of graphic cigarette packet warnings.

Once the numbers were crunched, it was found those who were better at sums and remembering the images were more likely to want to quit.

Study lead Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, said health authorities should take this into account when designing tobacco warning labels and not leave people like me that are crap at maths behind:

We want people to understand the risk information in order to make more informed decisions.

Our results suggest that may help them decide to quit.

Interesting – but I’m not actually sure those scary image on packets of fags actually work…

I seem to remember a study a few years ago that showed gentler images worked far better…but then hey I’m no scientist!

It’s Not All About Vaping – NNA Webinar Invite!

The New Nicotine Alliance is holding another webinar and you’re all invited!

This time the theme is Novel Nicotine Products – It’s Not All About Vaping!

nna webinar novel nicotine products its not all about vaping

It will feature NNA vice chair Louise Ross, and also Mark Oates and Jeff DeSouza.

It’s on Thursday 25th June between 6pm – 7pm (BST) – I’ll pop a link at the bottom.

The NNA says:

The public is generally acutely aware of e-cigarettes and the principle of tobacco harm reduction is increasingly being recognised.

Many, however, will not realise that there are many more safer nicotine products than just vaping.

Snus is currently banned in the EU apart from Sweden which carved out an exemption and now boasts by far the lowest smoking rates in Europe.

New tobacco free snus products have recently been introduced to the market in the UK and elsewhere.

Heat not burn tobacco products which are far safer than cigarettes – and reduced smoking prevalence in Japan by a third in less than three years – are also a relatively new harm reduction option.

What could be the role of these products for smokers looking to reduce their risk from nicotine consumption?


More vape news on Sunday!

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