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Vape Advocacy Charity Announces New Management Team

It seems like a good time to remind you of the interview I did with both Sarah Jakes and Gerry Stimson last summer.

We discussed everything from the why and how the NNA was formed and as to why vapers in particularly should support the charity’s work.

On that last point Sarah said at the time:

Although NNA relies very heavily on its trustees to fulfill its aims and objectives its strength is in speaking out for vapers and trying to protect what is dear to them.

The more vapers we have registering support for us the louder our voice will be.

Sarah Jakes NNA
Sarah Jakes NNA Chair

And as to the question often asked – what exactly the NNA does – Sarah made it very clear:

…without vaper advocacy the effects of the TPD would have been far, far worse.

With advocacy we can overcome the barriers to an acceptance of the benefits of vaping for both harm reduction and pleasure.

So, take part in campaigns, write to your MP, write letters to your local paper – together we do make a difference.

Use your voice!

We’d like to congratulate Sarah and indeed Kevin on their new positions and look forward to seeing how the dynamic duo take the extremely important vape advocacy group forward.

You can find more information on the New Nicotine Alliance including how to join [which is free] and importantly how to donate by following the link.

Watch Sarah’s incredible keynote speech at last year’s E-Cigarette Summit – it’s well worth it 😉

A reminder you can read a full interview with Sarah and Jerry here: The New Nicotine Alliance Talks With EcigClick.

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