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Older Vapers Return To Smoking Thanks To Media Scaremongering

The Marlboro men say older vapers are now smoking and that’s down to fake news from the media and a continued crackdown on all things vape.

Of course, this could be a sneaky PR spin from Big Tobacco Corporation Altria, but it certainly is a cause for concern if true.


However the company says it’s not flagship brand Marlboro the former vapers are switching to – but cheaper brands.

Data from Nielsen seems to confirm a downward trend of e-cigarette sales across America with numbers tumbling “seven of the past nine four-week periods.”

Very worrying indeed.

The fact the media seems obsessed with anti vaping groups is another cause for concern.

Giving those idiots column inches and airspace is simply pushing those that have switched to 95% healthier e-cigarettes back to deadly lit tobacco.

As I often say – shame on them.

JUUL To Pull Out Of the European Market?

Rumours are rife that vape giant JUUL could be pulling the plug on its sales in a number of European countries as early as July this year.

I say ‘rumours’ because the story comes from online tittle-tattle mag BuzzFeed ‘News’ – not a site I trust or recommend…


They say JUUL will remove its vape kit from the shelves in Austria, Belgium, Portugal, France, and Spain.

That would leave only Czechia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and Ukraine, as well as Russia and the United Kingdom – the last two countries having the largest JUUL sales in Europe at this time.

BuzzFeed claims it has been talking to a JUUL ‘insider’ which could mean anything or anyone.

He/She/It/They [have to be careful with pronouns these days – especially when dealing with BuzzFeed] claim that despite high sales in France and Spain the figures are not enough to continue trading in the countries.

As to if there’s any truth in this is unclear.

I’ll check in with my UK JUUL contact and let you know in the midweek vape news.

One thing is clear, it’s tough times for cash strapped JUUL with reports it’s about to shed a third of it’s US workforce.

It’s also swamped in law suits filed by states and individuals across America.

The company is also being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission because it claims the Altria and JUUL buyout deal was shall we say ‘dodgy‘.

Tough times for the largest vape manufacturer in America.

WTF Is PuffPacket?

Simply put, the PuffPacket is a device you can put on your e-cigarette allowing ‘researchers’ to monitor your vaping habits.

You hook it up to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and it records the amount you inhale and how often and the nicotine levels you’re inhaling.

puffpacket bluetooth vape snooper

It’s been designed by boffins from Cornell University and they’ve also produced open-source designs so that researchers can easily use the device in studies.

Researcher Alexander Adam – spokesman for the student team behind the vaping tracking device said:

The lack of continuous and objective understanding of vaping behaviors led us to develop PuffPacket.

Getting these correlations between time of day, place and activity is important for understanding addiction.

The demand is great for understanding the e-cigarette epidemic.

We wanted to give the community of public health researchers a tool to help them.

Not even sure there’ a vaping epidemic – but OK…

Big Brother snooping on your vape habits?

Is the PuffPacket something you’d consider using to help further e-cigarette science?

puffpacket vape snooping device

As you can see, it’s also as ugly as sin lol.

Not for me thanks…

MyBlu Files For PMTA

Pod kit MyBlu is the latest Big Tobacco backed vape brand to file for a PMTA.

As you know, without a Pre Market Tobacco Agreement in place, NO vape device can be sold in the USA from September this year.

myblu adverts

The MyBlu device becomes the 3rd kit to be submitted for FDA scrutiny and the other two being the Logic and Vuse kits – all pods and all owned by Big Tobacco.

At a cost of up to $460,000 per device, coil or individual e-liquid flavour – it seems only the richest can afford to even consider submitting a PMTA.

Antoine Blonde, president of Fontem US, said:

We agree that the electronic vaping industry should be held to the highest product and marketing standards while providing adult smokers with alternative products that could serve the interest of the public health.

Fontem US looks forward to working with the FDA as the agency develops and enforces an evidence-based regulatory policy.

I seriously wonder if any vape manufacturers not backed by Big Tobacco will be able to afford to submit a PMTA – let alone even bother – sad but true.

As for China, and despite being asked – there’s still no word if they will be taking part either.

Simply put if individual vape companies don’t – every single item they have on sale in the USA right now will be deemed ‘illegal’ and removed from the shelves from September this year.

Crazy times and most worrying is the first 3 are not exactly the best pod kits out there by a long way…

Read more on the PMTA process:


Bit of a quiet vaping news this week…

But please checkout the article I posted yesterday and get involved!

The Government of Denmark is looking to ban all flavoured e-liquids from the country!

Without support from vapers everywhere – the European Union may just rubber stamp the plan.

If that happens – nowhere in Europe – possibly not even the UK – will be safe from a similar flavour ban 🙁

Read the article: Denmark Flavour Ban Plan Could Spread Across Europe

More vape news on Wednesday 🙂

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