Have you ever actually considered just how much you could actually be saving in a year, or even in a week, by switching to e-cigarettes? A lot of smokers refuse to switch because the think the initial price is too high. They think it simply isn’t going to make that much difference in the long run.

But hang in there for a minute, take a closer look at the real figures and think again. To be perfectly honest, some of these figures make you realize just how much money you actually burn – literally – day after day while you are still smoking ordinary cigarettes.

The figures I’m using here are based on a low to medium priced packet of cigarettes in comparison to the average price of e-cigarettes and the cartridges used to get the same amount of smoking experience out of them.

Lets Look At The Savings For E-Cigs

Say, for instance, you smoke 10 cigarettes a day. This will cost you roughly $361.63, or £227.10 if you happen to be in the UK, a year in e-cigarettes. To buy the real thing, it will cost you over £1000. That’s a saving of around £770 a year, or £14-£15 a week if you switch to e-cigarettes.

Smoking 20 a day will set you back over £2000 a year, as opposed to approx £410, on e-cigarettes and cartridges. You are saving yourself around £1500 every year if you switch. That, by the way, is about £30 a week.

Remember, these figures are just approximate figures, you could save more or less depending on the brand of cigarettes you smoke and of course how many you smoke. If you favor a more expensive brand, or smoke 30 or 40 cigarettes a day – which many people do – you can save well over £3000 a year by switching to e-cigarettes.

So, not only does smoking e-cigarettes actually improve your health by not filling your lungs with tar, glue, carcinogens and who-knows what other toxins – as well as obviously keeping the air clean for everybody else around you – it also saves you a packet, if you’ll pardon the pun there.

Considering even the highest price for e-cigarettes and the cartridges, it will be repaid within a few weeks and then it is a matter of save, save, save. Or at least so one would think, after all, we’re no longer spending the money, are we?

What Would You Do With The Money You Would Save?

The really sad thing is that most smokers never actually manage to save all this money. Well, they do, but rather than having the extra at the end of the week, they tend to just sit and wonder how on earth they used to find the money to smoke before.

It does make you realize just how many times you actually buy a packet of cigarettes when really the money should be used for something else, doesn’t it? In any case, to make it worth the effort, I would suggest actually putting the difference saved every week into a pot, or the bank.

Let’s be realistic about it, you managed to make do without this extra money before – you can cope without it now. By the 12 months are over, you will have more than enough saved up to get a really nice vacation, or anything else you’ve ever dreamt of, but couldn’t afford because you smoked.

Yes, you will still be using e-cigarettes, but just putting away what is actually saved is staggering, as we’ve seen earlier. In the long run, you will save your own life, you will save other people’s lives and you can save a hell of a lot of money.

This is not even taking into account any losses in earnings due to ill health, huge bills for medical treatments, prescription costs, etc. If you doubt these facts, sit down and work out how much you are actually spending on cigarettes a year.

Then add any medical bills and prescriptions you may have forked out on for the last year or so as a result of your smoking (and no cheating).

It is highly likely that you will have bought over the counter cold remedies to deal with colds you caught standing outside your office building to have a smoke. Add them, too.

Had to get treatment for the kid’s asthma? Add it, because that is an effect of your smoking, too. So is the need to redecorate the house because the wallpaper is yellow with all that smoke.

Once you have added up all these smoking related costs, get online, see how much e-cigarettes and cartridges actually cost, and how many you will need to ‘smoke’ the same amount you are smoking now.

I will not have to say much more after this, because you will find that when you compare the two figures, you will find that the difference will exceed those taking just your ordinary cigarettes into account by thousands.

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