brexit and vapingIt’s believed that of the almost 3million vapers in the UK, 56% of us voted to leave the European Union.

Now we’re out, what does that mean for the average vaper and where do we stand on the controversial EU legislation known collectively as the TPD?

In a nutshell in this post Brexit Britain, not a lot – if anything – will change in the short term as vaping is way down the list of any negotiations between us and the EU bureaucrats.

Indeed as we haven’t even pushed the button to leave most things will stay the same for at least 2 years – including the £350million we send to Brussels every week.

So let’s look a little deeper into the TPD or the Tobacco Products Directive.

What is TPD?

The TPD is an EU directive that governs the sale, manufacture and advertising of all tobacco and tobacco related products.

Ignorant EU ‘officials’ have lumped e-cigarettes and e-liquids into this mess despite the fact we know they have zero tobacco in them!

The new laws around e-cigs and vaping came into force in May of this year and are formally known as Article 20 of the TPD.

Swingeing cuts to the rights of vapers – vaping manufactures and vape stores have meant among others:

  • The ban of advertising e-cig products
  • Restrictions on vaping in public places
  • Huge taxes added to e-cig products
  • E-liquids to be sold only in 10ml bottles
  • 20mg max nicotine strength
  • Ban on variable voltage or wattage mods
  • Leak free filling
  • Huge warnings on all equipment
  • E-cig products regulated as ‘medicines’

It’s little wonder pressure and campaign groups fighting these ridiculous ‘rules’ have grown in size and strength as vapers unite to fight what really is seen as a punishment backed by big tobacco companies and their slippery lobbyists.

vapers in powerApart from Vapers in Power there’s a relatively new organization out there promoting and supporting tobacco harm reduction.

The New Nicotine Alliance

The NNA strongly advocates vaping as a sure fire method to give up smoking.

They campaign in all areas of health and tobacco and offer information, support and advice to consumers, health authorities, companies and the Government.

As a group they strongly oppose the TPD and are leading a vociferous campaign to see it blown away from the UK nicotine alliance

They say:

“Vaping is at least 95% less risky than smoking.
No credible expert disagrees that vaping (using e-cigarettes) is less risky than smoking.

This is because the harm from smoking tobacco arises from the fact that the tobacco in a cigarette is being burnt producing some 4,000 chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic.

E-cigarettes heat a mixture of three major ingredients – propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, and nicotine, plus flavourings.

When heated, these form an aerosol that is inhaled by the user. There is no combustion involved.

A recent landmark report relying on 185 studies and produced by Public Health England concluded that vaping is 95% less risky than smoking tobacco.”

Good guys indeed.

So is Brexit Good for Vapers?

As I said at the start of this piece, the simple answer is ‘we don’t know.’

However judging from many laws surrounding tobacco and similar products adopted in the past, it’s felt highly unlikely the UK will remove the TPD Article 20 legislation.

Any good information on post Brexit vaping is limited to say the least. Most people are more concerned about a rise in the cost of their summer holidays and if they’ll still have a job than to worry about us vapers.

This sobering news will no doubt leave a sour taste in the mouth of many vapers – call it EU tongue rather than Vapers Tongue if you like.

However given there’s close to 3million of us now, it might pay for politicians to keep a very close eye on our campaigns and lobbying.

So get involved – the British people have blown a dark cloud over the EU already this year, so let’s keep up the pressure and fight for our right to vape!!!article-20-challenge

Neil H
I began vaping over 7 years ago and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Savour RTA...Beater set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Reload RTA I'm a former journalist and now a sort of writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


  1. Although the British Government is seemingly turning in favour of vaping it’s very likely going to be a long time before we see any dramatic change in the favour of vaping.

    When it comes to the TPD unfortunately the majority of those who vape have little or no knowledge of it as it has no effect on them, and they are more than happy to remain in their “I’m alright Jack” ignorance.

    Those who use simple ego/ce4 set ups and even those who have made a slight upgrade to the likes of the Innokin t18/t20 have no interest in the regulations as they have always bought only 10ml bottles of juice, generally buying 3 for a tenner deals, and they have never used any tank or clearomiser that holds more than 2ml.

    Sadly the sub ohm larger mod users have been kicked squarely in the balls but being in the minority makes any challenges made harder.

    And yes all you sub ohm, 200 plus watt mod and mech users believe it or not you/we are massively in the minority of vape users. This is why when any petitions have been put forward they have been pretty pathetically supported!

  2. All the TPD is a corrupt way to keep people smoking because of the money involved. Don’t let your Government kill you while fleecing your pockets and also get all your family and friends off the death sentence, get them vaping and keep vaping yourselves. It does work to get you away from tobacco. I tried all other options and had bad side effects vaping helped me quit and no side effects.

  3. its do difficouls for me to say in english what i think so in german:

    Ich habe eigentlich darauf gehofft, das GB in der EU bleibt – eben wegen der doch eher liberalen und dampffreundlichen Einstellung. Die TPD ist für ganz Europa ein Drama und sollte gecancelt werden und ein “Nein” zur TPD und neue Denkanstöße hätte ich am ehesten von GB erwartet, aber diese Hoffnung wird sich nun leider nicht erfüllen und die EU macht weiter mit ihren Lobbysche…


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