Buy An Awesome Vaping Starter Kit At A Bargain Price

The Aspire Pockex vape kit is still one of the best starter kits out there and can be yours for an absolute steal.

I reviewed this one and have to say it’s absolutely perfect for a brand new vaper or someone looking to move away from pod kits.

Powered by a powerful 1500mAH battery, this means you will be able to vape for an absolute age between charging.

It’s dead easy to fill and inside the box are two types of coils so all you need to get vaping and at a bargain price with 34% OFF RRP.

There’s a choice of colours, no code to use at check out and yes delivery is FREE to the UK – check the website for international shipping costs.

What’s the Deal?

  • Free shipping to UK
  • Check website for international shipping/prices
  • No code required
  • Offer ends June 28th 2019
  • Offer is part of 2 deals per day for next 3 days!


  1. This is a brilliant vaping device. It is possible to buy (from 3rd party suppliers – see eBay) an enlarged glass bubble tank, which takes plenty of liquid.
    I went abruptly from smoking cigarettes to vaping 4 years ago and have never touched a cig since. The cost has gone from about £10 a day to about £5 a month! Plus I don’t smell any more!


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