Vape Jam 2017 is just 5 weeks away and here’s your essential guide to the event and a light hearted look at what to expect at any of this season’s indoor vaping expos and shows.

vape jam 2017

I say ‘indoor’ because Vape Fest is outdoors and a whole different ball game – more relaxed and as I found a lot friendlier.

Ooops my apologies if that put a downer on things lol – like a review it’s just my personal thoughts 😉

Right and before I dig myself any deeper – this is the third Vape Jam UK and the event runs for three days from Friday 7th until Sunday 9th of April and will be housed at the ExCel in London’s Royal Victoria Dock [links etc below].

excel-london-vape jam 2017

Friday is purely business to business – where the movers and shakers in the vaping world will seal those big money deals.

The weekend is the preserve of the public and the good news is that buying one £10 ticket will admit you to both days – take note Vape Expo!

[slight rider: you have to pay the VAT on top but still a good deal]

You can expect over 300 international e-cigarette – e-liquid vendors and manufacturers with more being added each day.

Here’s just a few who will be there plying their wares:

First up the hardware: iJoy UK – Kangertech – Tesla – Xtar…the list goes on!

E-liquids: Vape Dinner Lady – Suicide Bunny – Nasty Juice – Kilo E-liquid…the list really does go on and on!

Vape Jam 2017 Events

The Vape Jam organisers have lined up a whole host of guest speakers and events many of which are being kept firmly under wraps – or at least not being released to the public yet.

However last year saw guest speaker and vaping legend GrimmGreen attend the event and the official Instagram account welcomes him as one of this year’s attendees.


Apparently the talk he had planned on vaping advocacy got lost in the Vape Jam fog last year – let’s hope he IS attending and WILL get to speak!

Speaking of Vape Jam 2016 over 15,000 vapers passed through its doors however I have a sneaky feeling they’ll smash that this year such is the buzz and momentum around vaping these days!

I didn’t attend – and sadly won’t be able to make it this year either – but I’m sure one of us will be there so if you can’t make it you’ll be able to read all about it.

Vape Jam 2017 FAQ

So for those going or those yet to make up their minds – here’s a few of the FAQ from the Vape Jam 2017 site:

An IMPORTANT thing to note is you WILL need photo ID on the day AND tickets are electronic [sent to your device] and NOT paper!!!


  • Public tickets are priced at £10 + VAT
  • One ticket grants you entrance for both days the 8th and the 9th of April
  • B2B Tickets are £20 + VAT and cover all three days
  • Friday the 7th of April is closed for B2B
  • B2B means Business to Business aka Trade
  • Both Public and B2B VIP tickets will be available
  • B2B VIP tickets are priced £65 + VAT (cover the 7th,8th,9th April)
  • Public VIP tickets are priced £50 + VAT (cover 8th, 9th April)
  • The VIP area will offer complimentary alcoholic and non alcoholic refreshments and a private seating area.
  • VIP ticket holders will get fast tracking at the entrance and a goodie bag £200 worth of freebies.
  • No physical tickets will be sent out, the confirmation email you receive needs to be presented on the day and your passes will be printed on the spot.
  • It can take up to 24 hours to receive the confirmation email with your badge number.
  • Please make sure that all email addresses provided during registration are correct.
  • You must bring a photo ID in order to get in.
  • This is a strictly 18+ event no minors will be let in.

You can find all the information you’ll need at the official Vape Jam UK website.

OK lets do a [slightly tongue in cheek] beginners guide to vaping shows.

B2B – What’s That?

B2B is basically business to business and is really what expos – no matter what they’re selling – are all about.

It’s when the bricks and mortar and online vendors get to see the latest products and ‘do those deals’.

If you want to get in on the B2B day you’ll need a “valid company registration certificate on the day of the Show and a valid form of identification document”.

The ‘Entertainment’

Now I tell you lot often enough that I consider myself a ‘hip grandad’ [soon to be bad hip grandad haha] but after Vape Expo last October I shall be attending vaping jam’s – meets and shows with a trusty set of ear defenders – apart from Vape Fest which is a lovely open air relaxed summer event.

Now I have nothing against what the kids listen to these days [mostly] however the marriage between vaping and ‘today’s disco music’ [hehe] seems a bit of a jump to me.


Call me a killjoy but Expo we had the ‘rap crew’ strutting -screaming and swearing [ok rapping] to a thumping beat and it seemed to go on and on until I found shelter with other ‘mature vapers’ as far away from the noise as possible lol.

There WILL be live music and DJs at Vape Jam and it WILL be loud.

Not sure if the London event with feature quite as much swearing as the NEC – but hey the ‘acts’ seem to think it’s acceptable given it’s an 18+ event.

Not being snippy here but all that swearing didn’t really do the image of vaping much good particularly to newcomers – or at least that’s how I saw it.

So for those of a sensitive nature looking to spend a quiet day discussing ohms law and chatting about the merits of aliens over Claptons – you might/will find things a little loud.

Or is that just me?

The Girls

Sex sells.

Or at least that’s what companies like to think and vaping is no different.

Given it’s a predominantly male orientated ‘scene’ [I said predominantly lol] the manufacturers assume a couple of pretty girls in skimpy clothing will drag testosterone fuelled guys over to their stall to sample their wares.


I actually got it in the neck from my partner for mentioning and photographing the ‘expo girls’ in my piece on Vape Expo – the Return.

At the time I was a little miffed but on reflection I can see what she means.

Is there any need to have young ladies in lingerie ‘sexing up’ the company’s new line in mango and guava fizzy custard e-liquid?

I dunno – and for the record and as an old mod I WAS more interested in the scooter rather than the Signature e-liquid girls…honest!!!

Anyway any guys of a nervous disposition might like to bare in mind there will be female flesh on show.

If you’re taking the good lady with you I suggest averting your eyes or you might find your favourite mod rammed up where the sun don’t shine 😉

dinner lady girls

Though I did think the Dinner Lady er ladies looked very pretty in their none revealing outfits – sometimes you don’t need flesh to make an impression 😉

The Fights Over the Freebies

Now this is where things can get a little out of hand – certainly that was my experience at Vape Expo.

Sure some of the stands will have little sample gifts to take away and there’s plenty of opportunity to ‘taste the wares’.


However the stampede for ‘free shit’ is something you’ll need to be aware of.

I haven’t seen anything like it if I’m honest – talk about a rabid pack of animals!

At Expo the DJ and speakers ‘pumped up’ the crowd and once they’d reached ‘fever pitch’ began throwing out vape bands – t-shirts and caps.

The scramble for these ‘freebies’ would have been a challenge for an international prop forward [that’s a rugby phrase lol] let alone anyone caught up in flailing fists and feet!

So if you are in the crowd [more like vaping mosh pit] then be aware and maybe wear suitable padding.

If you don’t believe me then checkout the excellent YouTube reviewer Kelvin Guy and his ‘vlog’ from last year’s Expo the Return 😉

Vape Jam might be a little more refined – hopefully – as I read somewhere that last year saw the organisers stopping companies from chucking out bottles of e-liquid to the crowd due to Health and Safety which while sensible still made me lol.

What You’ll Need to Take

This is pretty self-explanatory and might come across as me sounding a bit like your mom but here’s a helpful checklist of items you might want to remember to take with you.

“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink”

Luckily some vendors will have freebie bottles and I’m sure there’ll be kiosks to buy drinks however all that e-liquid tasting will leave you parched – so take plenty and drink plenty!


“So many sub ohm t-shirts and not a thing to wear”

If you want to ‘hang with the hip vapers’ then it seems the dress of choice is black – black and then more black.

fluff pop

The tighter the jeans [black] the better and DO NOT forget your snap back baseball cap [did I say that right?] preferably with a vape related logo on the front.

If you haven’t got one get training now for the ‘freebie shit scrum’ and you might emerge from the ruck triumphant!

“Where’s your coat?”

All that vaper in the air and all those hot ‘n excited vaping bodies can leave indoor vape events with an atmosphere like a little sub climate greenhouse.

However you will need a coat for travelling to and from the event – just make sure it’s black lol.

“Sensible shoes”

I really do sound like your mom now – however you will be on your feet a lot.

I almost made the classic mistake of wearing my new stilettos to Vape Expo – thank goodness I didn’t.

One I didn’t have a frock to go with them and two I’d have ended up with blisters on me blisters.

Black skate board style trainers would be good or bovver boots for the vaping mosh pit 😉

Essentials for Attending Vape Shows

Money and plenty of it is number one on your list lol.

You might go to a vape show with the idea of ‘just looking’ but trust me you will be tempted by the ‘expo prices.’

vaping cash

It’s a bit hit and miss but many vendors will have huge savings at the show so start saving 😉

Make sure you have plenty of safely stored batteries for your devices and that all your mods etc are charged up – it’s gonna be a long day lol.

A sense of humour and patience!

Sounds daft but vendors see literally thousands of eager vapers and it is work for them so do respect that particularly if you want to wax lyrical about their goods and end up stopping a sale [I am that interviewer lol]!!!

Despite my tongue in cheek look at surviving vape shows they are fantastic events and you should savour every minute – the good and the bad!

I have met some fantastic folks in the vape community and you will too.

Enjoy and Vape On!

vape jam friends

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


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