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Cancer Research UK Slams Recent Media Scare Stories

Newspaper and online media headlines suggesting vaping causes cancer are wildly misleading according to the highly respected charity Cancer Research UK.

Newspapers and websites were filled with cancer scare stories last week after a study on the effect of vaping on DNA cells was published by researchers from the New York University School of Medicine.

It claimed experiments showed DNA damage in the lungs, bladders and hearts of mice – see my article published the day the results were released: No…Vaping Doesn’t Damage Your DNA for the full story.

cruk manchester e-cigarette campaign

However many experts were quick to label the methods used in the study as ‘junk science’.

CRUK were a little more restrained in condemning the study but were nonetheless damming in their response from Michael Walsh who rote on the charity’s science blog:

The researchers described their results with an interesting line:

“It is therefore possible that e-cigarette smoke may contribute to lung and bladder cancer, as well as heart disease, in humans.”

While this is technically possible, the study didn’t look at humans, and so didn’t show any effect on the health of humans.

Different e-cigs devices deliver different amounts of vapour, and people use them in different ways. So the levels of e-cig vapour and nicotine used in the study might not match the levels that people are exposed to through normal use.

And other research didn’t show a link between nicotine products and cancer.

Finally and crucially, the study didn’t compare vaping to tobacco smoke.

Sadly and judging from social media responses this particular story seems to have resonated with smokers thinking of quitting via e-cigarettes with many now put off.

CRUK said:

The evidence so far shows that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking.

And for some people they’re a helpful aide to stop smoking.

Up to two-thirds of long term smokers will die because of their addiction. E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, which is the biggest cause of preventable death worldwide.

E-cigs are a relatively new technology and so we can’t be certain about any long-term effects the devices might cause to health – they haven’t been around long enough for this to be completely worked out.

But compared to smoking, the evidence so far shows they are less harmful.

If you have a family member – friend or colleague that was concerned by the recent scare stories direct them to the CRUK blog article – they know what they’re talking about unlike many media outlets out there…

New Zealand Vape Survey Shows Smokers Switch To Quit

Vapers in New Zealand say they switched to vaping to stop smoking and many have now given up lit tobacco completely whilst dual users have cut down their use considerably.

Results from surveys like this may seem pretty obvious however the anti-vape brigade and Governments in particular need a constant stream of such data in order for them to begin to accept the benefits of e-cigarettes.

200 vapers from across New Zealand took part in the on line 2016 survey conducted by Massey University’s School of Health Sciences.

The boffins crunched the numbers and published their findings last week in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The results should be of considerable interest to Governments around the world that has banned or is considering banning vaping as the survey was conducted whilst it was still illegal to use nicotine vape products in New Zealand.

wales vaping

Lead researcher Dr Penny Truman said:

We found the main reason for trying vaping was to stop or reduce smoking.

Most study participants said they had completely switched from smoking to vaping. Some newer vapers still smoked, but they were still cutting down on cigarettes and some only smoked occasionally.

The results suggest that whilst some people switch from smoking to vaping quickly and completely, others have a longer transition.

Most of the participants had changed the type of vaporizer they used several times.

There was also a pattern of moving away from tobacco flavoured e-liquids, experimenting with many different flavours until they found several they liked and then continued to use on an ongoing basis.

The research team now say the NZ government should fast track the new legislation that allows vaping and introduce ‘minimal’ quality standards:

It would also provide clarity around the greatly reduced risk associated with vaping compared to smoking which would encourage more people to make the switch.

At the moment, inaccurate information about vaping is still being spread by and among health professionals.

This needs to stop because it is keeping people smoking – the very opposite of what we want if we are serious about reaching the smoke-free goal of five per cent or less smoking by 2025.

The survey was supported by Ministry of Health and the Health Research Council of New Zealand and the Tobacco Control Research Tūranga programme.

Are you reading this Australia?


Further reading: The War on Vaping In Asia and Australia

Wrigley’s Suing Another E-Liquid Company

Lawyers are chewing over another law suit from famous gum makers Wrigley and this time it’s the ‘use’ of the names Pink Starburst and Skeetlez in e-liquid flavours.

They say the names are far to close for comfort to the confectionery they hold trade marks for.

Just last year Wrigley sued another e-liquid manufacturer last July for using the names Dbl Mint and Joosy Fruit on their juices.

The gum giant won that legal claim and the company behind the branding – Chi-Town Vapers – was ordered to pay Wrigley damages and hand over all profits from the brands.

10ml e-liquid bottles

This latest suit is filed against Get Wrecked Juices and neither the company nor its lawyers have commented on the matter.

A spokesman for Wrigley Caitlin Kemper said:

The use of popular candy brands in the marketing, sales and promotion of e-cigarettes is deceptive and irresponsible.

We strongly condemn these actions, which are directly at odds with our anti-tobacco policy and our strict marketing standards.

Whilst I have to point out vaping has nothing to do with tobacco as such – I do tend to agree with any company’s use of a brand name – no matter how ‘clever’ the marketing team may think they are in altering it slightly.

At a time when the vape industry worldwide is under minute scrutiny these kind of marketing ploys only add weight to an already strong anti-vape brigade and needs to stop.


Malaysian Vape Shops Raided – Singapore Vape Ban In Force

It’s all kicking off in Asia with already heavy handed approaches to vaping going to the next level.

Singapore’s countrywide ban on vaping came into force on February 1st – whilst in Malaysia every single vape shop was raided by police and health officials.

Products were seized and names of vape wholesalers were taken in a crackdown more fitting to hardcore drugs raids.

I wrote an article last week – The War On Vaping In Asia and Australia – giving my thoughts and why the southern hemisphere in particular is so anti-vape.

Meanwhile over in Thailand that’s also operating a vape ban – two elderly Israeli tourists were arrested and fined over £800 for vaping!

VapeForce one

It’s a crazy state of affairs and given Australia has also made vaping on nicotine illegal – as I said in my piece – something stinks down there.

BTW do follow the progress of the excellent Legalise Vaping Australia as they continue to tour Australia in #VapeForce One.

Their campaign to get vaping legalized down-under is really capturing the public’s imagination.

Tomorrow [Monday] is a massive day for them as they arrive in the constituency of Minister of Health Greg Hunt.

He’s the rather silly man who announced vaping with nicotine e-liquids would never be legal ‘on his watch’.

Let’s hope time’s up very soon on this buffoon’s term in office.

Follow the Legalise Vaping Australia Twitter account for up to date information.

…and finally…Anti Smoking Boss Buys Tobacco Stock Forced To Quit!

The head of the powerful Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America has been forced to quit after it emerged she’s bought stock in Big Tobacco whilst in office.

CDC director Brenda Fitzgerald resigned last week after it emerged she’d bought and sold shares in Japan Tobacco Inc which owns brands such as Benson and Hedges – Winston and Camel…

Given one of the CDC’s main targets is the reduction of tobacco related illnesses and deaths in America – it’s all the more shocking.


A quick look at the dedicated Smoking and Tobacco Use website page the Office of Smoking and Health shows the headline:

OSH saves lives and money by preventing and reducing tobacco use – the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the US.

And the boss bought and sold in Big Tobacco shares?

Oh my…

Maybe she’d have made more money investing in e-cigarettes given the projected growth that financial experts are forecasting – but hey I’m no stockbroker…

The CDC whilst not an avid supporter of e-cigs – indeed they’re kind of on the positive side of the fence – they are one of the few health bodies in the US that recognizes them as useful as an aid to quit the killer weed.

I think they call that Karma 😉

World Cancer Day

Footnote: Today is World Cancer Day and you can find out more at Cancer Research UK

*Shuffles Papers*

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