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Vaping Discussed in UK Parliament Amid Cuts to Services

Vaping featured heavily in the UK parliament last week with MPs holding two debates.

However and despite their calls for more use of e-cigarettes in the UK’s stop smoking campaigns and services – due to government cuts one SSS has had to withdraw support for all but pregnant smokers looking to quit.

Last Monday saw members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on E-cigarettes discuss the report they’d released – The State of the Vaping Nation.

They called for vaping and e-cigs to be promoted throughout the UK permanently and not just during stop smoking campaigns such as Stoptober – and called for a total relaxation of advertising which gags vape manufacturers from promoting them as healthier options to smoking.

state of the vaping nation report

MPs were also pretty much united in calling for the current perception that vaping being as bad or more dangerous than smoking when it plainly isn’t – a message backed by pro vaper Professor Peter Hajek head of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit who didn’t hold his punches blaming the tidal wave of negative press around e-cigs labeling it as ‘dirty tricks‘.

Then on Tuesday MPs gathered in Westminster Hall for another debate on vaping which was opened by pro vape MP Gareth Johnson – who said the UK had an opportunity to help save the lives of millions of smokers here and around the rest of the world by adopting e-cigs as part of stop smoking campaigns adding:

Unfortunately, statistics show that more and more people are viewing vaping as more dangerous than smoking. Vaping is clearly a lot safer than smoking ​tobacco, but unfortunately the public perception is different from the facts presented by reputable organizations.

MPs also declared the TPD and TRPR ‘ludicrous‘ and called for the government to scrap it at the earliest opportunity.

However in the clearest signal yet that vaping DOES NOT act as a gateway to smoking for young people The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health Steve Brine MP said categorically:

…there is no great evidence in the UK that vaping is leading young people to smoke. There is some evidence that some young people experiment with e-cigarettes, but that regular e-cigarette use is confined almost entirely to young people who have smoked, so it is the gateway out as opposed to the gateway in.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Steve Brine)
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Steve Brine)

As I said in the article – I doubt you’ll have read that anywhere in the mainstream media…

So whilst we have to congratulate MPs for finally starting to accept that e-cigs and vaping is a relatively harmless pursuit and certainly the most effective way to quit smoking – once again it comes down to money – or at least how health Authorities spend the cash allotted to them.

This week for instance Bolton council on the back of having to save £785,000 from their budget in 2017/19 said their stop smoking clinics would now ONLY operate for the benefit of pregnant smokers looking to quit:

Increasing Government cuts have meant that we have had to change the way we deliver some health services. Public Health must make savings of £785,000 in 2017/19 and has therefore had to reduce or decommission some services. The Stop Smoking Service is delivered by Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, and has been redesigned to focus solely on smoking cessation support in pregnancy. However, there are a number of pharmacies within the borough that can offer stop smoking support and specialist medication.

Given the way this Tory Government is going and as austerity seems to show no sign of actually ending – once again we’re looking at words and not action from our elected officials.

Source: The Bolton News

The Amount of Young Smokers Is At An All Time Low

Despite the once again hysterical headlines in the mainstream media announcing that e-cigs and vaping is a gateway to smoking for the young – Cancer Research UK has tried to put the record straight.

According to new NHS research smoking among the young is at an all time low AND yet another study says ‘most young people who try e-cigarettes DON’T become regular users.’

Again I doubt you’ll see that info in the tabloids…


Alyssa Best, tobacco policy advisor at Cancer Research UK said:

This continued decline in regular youth smoking has been made possible by effective tobacco control measures over the years, such as tax rises to make tobacco less affordable, and standard packs to make cigarettes less desirable.

Expect a more detailed article next week.


Somerset NHS Trust Bans Vaping As Stoptober Ends

As seems to be the case with e-cigarettes one positive piece of news is often overshadowed by a good dose of negativity as the last story showed…

In this case and as UK MPs extolled the virtues of vaping the Somerset NHS Trust decided to ban vaping and e-cigarettes from its grounds and buildings.

And in a quite cruel move the new rules means that whilst mental health patients and those who are terminally ill and close to dying are exempt – they will only be allowed to use e-cigarettes that are non-rechargeable – and even then only as part of their ‘nicotine dependence treatment‘ – words fail me…


Paul Milverton the head of the Trusts’ mental health nursing said:

We have a duty to all our patients to support them to be smoke free when in our care, and to encourage them to remain smoke free in future…Trained stop smoking practitioners will be available on all inpatient wards to provide support and practical help for patients with nicotine dependence – this could include Nicotine Replacement Therapy in the form of patches, gum, tablets or e-cigarettes and behavioural interventions.

I’m sure worrying about nicotine dependency will be high on the minds of those with days to live – what a complete bunch of uncaring imbeciles this board is.

The new rules come into force in the New Year.

Source: County Gazette

Big Tobacco Buys UK Nicotine Liquid Company

Imperial Brands makes of among other cigarettes Winston and Gauloises has confirmed it has bought Nerudia a UK based company specializing in supplying liquid nicotine to e-liquid companies.

IB announced the buyout earlier this week and issues a brief statement:

Nerudia is a young and dynamic business and we’re delighted to confirm an acquisition which significantly enhances our innovation capabilities in the next generation products sector.


There was no comment coming from Liverpool based Nerudia and not even Reuters news agency has been able to find the value of the deal.

Nerudia has been operating for four years and as well as making and supplying liquid nicotine also helps vape companies with compliance issues across the UK and US.

Imperial Brands has been slow to move into the vaping market but news of this deal saw their stock rise on the FTSE 100.

Yet another move my a Big Tobacco company into e-cigs and vaping – makes me a little uncomfortable but welcome to the free market…

let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Source: Reuters

Top Players in the US E-Liquids Market 2017 Revealed

V2 – Five Pawns and Suicide Bunny are the best selling e-liquids in the US according to a new report.

The E-Liquids Market 2017 report – the full version costing $3,800 for a single user *gulps* – says they base their findings on ‘growth, constraints, opportunities, feasibility studies’ and those three big names come out top.

A spokesman for the study said:

The United States E-Liquids market 2017 research report at the time of closure, presents an effective combination of primary and secondary research. The E-Liquids research report is an important guide for all users who are interested in analyzing E-Liquids market growth and trends.

You can see a precis of the study HERE and check out the rest of the main players in the blossoming US e-liquid market and it won’t cost you a penny lol.

Source: Time Gazette

Non Smoking Workers to Get 6 Days More Holiday

Yup you read that right!

Non smoking workers in Japanese marketing company Piala Inc took on baord a disgruntled employees suggestion and has made it company policy.

It would seem non smokers were fed up with seeing colleagues disappear for a smoke every hour or so and the idea was placed in the company’s suggestion box.

Spokesman for Piala Inc Hirotaka Matsushima said:

One of our non-smoking staff put a message in the company suggestion box earlier in the year saying that smoking breaks were causing problems. Our CEO saw the comment and agreed, so we are giving non-smokers some extra time off to compensate.

A quarter of the company’s staff has taken advantage of the scheme and 4 have no packed up the fags!

CEO Takao Asuka said:

I hope to encourage employees to quit smoking through incentives rather than penalties or coercion.

No idea if they allow vaping in the workplace but this story has spread around the world and shows above all else as a marketing firm they know how to market themselves 😉

But hey call me an old cynic lol.

Source: Daily Telegraph

and finally…10:4 Good Buddy Vaping Is Healthier for Truckers!

Truckers in the US are more likely to smoke than any other profession with 51% of them smokers compared to just 19% of the rest of the population.

A new study – with a title as long as some of those trucks – the Office of Research and Information Technology National Survey of Long-Haul Truck Driver Health and Injury shows that truck drivers are more susceptible to hypertension, stroke, diabetes and cancer due to smoking.

The study suggests lorry drivers that quit the cigs for vaping could add 5-10 years to the life expectancy.


Industry website FleetOwner has interviewed former smoker and now vaping trucker Tanner Peavler from Oklahoma City who has seen his health improve since quitting the cancer sticks and taking up vaping.

He told the website:

Out of most of the doctors I have talked to, there’s been one or two that said, ‘Hey, yeah, keep it up. Your lungs look good. Your sinuses sound clear. So do what you’re doing.

The study concluded:

Compared with the status quo, replacement of cigarette by e-cigarette use over a 10-year period yields 6.6 million fewer premature deaths with 86.7 million fewer life years lost in the Optimistic Scenario. Under the Pessimistic Scenario, 1.6 million premature deaths are averted with 20.8 million fewer life years lost.

I did have to chuckle whilst looking for a CB slang angle to this to see anti vaping state California known as ‘Idiot Island‘ hehe…

Hey it’s the little things that make me smile!

Source: FleetOwner


Just one more and finally…

It would appear biking rogue busting BBC presenter Matt Allwright filmed a piece for the One Show at Vaper Expo

Sadly I seem to have been in a different world last weekend given all the cock-ups I made…

So I didn’t see him – nor did I watch the BBC mainly because I don’t own nor wish to own a TV AND I think the License fee should be scrapped.

However by all accounts the piece was in the main pro-vaping – if you saw it let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

*Shuffles Papers*

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