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Spain to Ban Online Sales of Vape Gear

As well as adopting the TPD into law the Spanish Government is now set to get even tougher with an on-line ban on the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

The news has been blasted by health and vaping groups including the NNA that has sent a letter to the government urging them to re-think this decision.


Gerry Stimson the Chair of NNA UK warned the move could force vapers onto the black market:

There is a scarcity of dedicated shops selling e-cigarettes in Spain so a ban on online sales will prevent smokers from buying e-cigarettes and will prevent the hundreds of thousands of existing vapers from continuing to use them to prevent relapse to smoking. Smokers and vapers may need to travel hundreds of kilometres to obtain their e-liquids and devices.

However, cigarettes will still be available at every street corner shop so this will undoubtedly cause thousands of former smokers to relapse to smoking.
It is also likely that a large and entirely unregulated black market in vaping equipment and liquids will spring up, with the additional risks that will bring. This clearly makes no sense from a public health perspective.

VapVIP one Europe’s largest online vaping retails called the move a ‘crime’ and is calling on the vaping community to fight the rather grandly named Royal Decree 579/2017 under the strapline:

Basta de Jugra con Nuestra Salut – which translates as Stop Playing With Our Health

You can read the letters HERE

The full text of the Royal Decree 579/2017 [in Spanish]

MHRA Calls for More Vaping ‘Snoopers’

After closing the loopholes around drippers last week the MHRA are ‘at it again’ this time urging healthcare professionals and the public to report any ‘side-effects’ they find from vaping.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – those responsible for giving the approved green light to new vape related products – has a so called ‘Yellow Card’ system alerting them to any adverse effects or ‘concerns’.


I could add the link here but won’t – and no that’s not me being petty I just think we as vapers have enough to contend with without ‘Worried from Wimbledon’ ringing in anonymously with unfounded alarmist claptrap – Google it if you feel the need 😉

However and as you might expect ASH –who really don’t know which side of the vape debate to stand on it seems – welcomes the call for snoopers and do-gooders to report any vaping transgressions or fears.

ASH also hopes that vaping products will soon become licensed medicines [oh lord no lol] and chief executive Deborah Arnott said:

There are currently 2.9 million e-cigarette users in Great Britain, over half of whom have quit smoking. E-cigarettes are playing an important role in supporting smokers to switch from tobacco smoking.

The new regulations which require notification to the MHRA about the products should give people further confidence in the e-cigarette market. As the market continues to develop we hope to see products go through the more stringent licensing process and become licensed as medicines and available on prescription.

MHRA comments

However the voice of reason as once again left to ‘we the vaping public’ with the readers’ comments saying it all with ex-smoker Susan Leedale eloquently saying pretty much what most of us vapers say:

I was a smoker for more than thirty years. Since becoming a vaper more than 4 years ago, I have not smoked tobacco, nor have I wanted to. I had tried the many varied products offered, including NRT, none of which worked.

They are generally worse than useless. The giant tobacco and pharmaceutical companies are now trying their damndest to take over the vaping industry by persuading health organisation, who they fund, to over regulate the vaping industry.

They are also big players in government, where they bribe and pay to get their way, terrified their huge profits and influence might be undermined, regardless of the cost to public health. Thus with vaping, they wish to take over, to regulate the industry out of being so they can charge huge money for ineffective products, driving people back to tobacco and so hanging on to the profits they gain from treating the effects of smoking.

The vaping industry should be supported, encouraged and left alone. I have only had benefits from vaping. There are no detrimental side effects. I am healthier, happier and in control. And will not become a burden on the NHS, nor will require pharmaceutical products in the future to counter the effects of smoking tobacco.

By adding more and more regulation, across the world, governments, pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies may well be condemning millions of people to death.

The biggest gain for me is that my son, also a smoker, is now a vaper and will benefit for far longer from this much healthier alternative, providing the vaping industry is left alone to develop properly without prejudice and profiteering from big pharmaceutical companies and major tobacco companies.

Why don’t governments and health professionals listen to the actual evidence and science? Just how deeply are they in your pockets?

Bravo Susan – Bravo!


MP Hopes TRPR Will Be Changed

Tory MP Anne Main is hoping the UK Government will re-think the TRPR in a post Brexit Britain.

Speaking in Parliament recently the MP recognized that scientific evidence on how safe e-cigarettes are was still in its infancy but feared the new legislation was stopping very many smokers from quitting via vaping.

anne main mp

Vaping is much safer than smoking, yet these regulations could have a perverse effect. We are not doing nearly enough to support and encourage a practical science-led solution. If we continue with the regulations in their current form then we are at serious risk of reversing the good progress we’ve made on smoking cessation.

She’s hoping that post Brexit the TRPR can be modified adding:

Once we’ve left the EU, there will be scope for government to think again, and make the changes that we know are already working.


New Campaign on Vaping Indoors

The new Nicotine Alliance is planning a new campaign to get to the nitty gritty of ‘vaping in premises’.

I’m assuming they mean vaping indoors in shops – cafes – pubs and the work place given they are calling on folks to get in touch with them to use as case studies.


It’s hoped the findings will set out a blueprint for those responsible for setting indoor vape policies and consumers.

If you’d like to get involved contact the NNA here: info @nnalliance.org

Vape & the FDA Conference

The second conference looking at the state of vaping in the USA takes place next week.

Organized by the Vapor Technology Association [VTA] – the topics to be covered includes a look at a year after Deeming and what’s next for vaping in America.


There will also be a keynote speech from political vaping supporter Senator Ron Johnson.

A spokesman for the VTA said:

VTA’s Board of Directors, which has unparalleled experience operating in a heavily regulated world, knows the information that you need and is putting together another industry conference that will address the biggest and most pressing issues facing our industry.

The event runs from July 17th to 19th in Washington DC and further info can be obtained via the dedicated website.

FOOTNOTE: I couldn’t help but notice the VTA has obtained a ‘block booking’ of hotel rooms for the event at none other than the Trump International Hotel Washington DC – a further sign that under the new president vapers might be getting a better deal – or just Trump filling his pockets?

Telford Charity Vape Show

A quick update on this extremely worthwhile event.

Kev Hill – the Telford Vaper – tells me the vaping charity show’s website is now up and running.

telford charity vape show

One there you’ll find all you need to know about the show including an extremely emotional interview with Kev as to the inspiration behind the event.

You can read our interview with Kev HERE and of course take a look at the new website HERE.

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