Vape News Headlines: Public Health England Backs Vaping Again! – Norway’s Huge Decline In Smoking Rates – Juul Under Fire AGAIN! – Singapore GP Calls For Change – Totally Wicked Expansion and MOM! There’s A Chicken Kiev In My Vape Pen!


UK Government Review Of E-Cigarettes Backs Vaping

Last week saw the publication of Public Health England’s 2018 Review of the safety of e-cigarettes.

You can read our detailed look on this HERE.

I called it ‘resounding support for vaping‘ and it is indeed a firm foundation to move acceptance of e-cigarettes to greater levels.

The short video above is an Q & A with Lead author Ann McNeil, Professor of Tobacco Addiction at King’s College London – and gives a very clear breakdown of the review.

However and as you might expect the media ignored all the scientific facts that vaping is considerably safer than smoking and instead concentrated on vapers should be allowed to vape in hospital beds and e-cigarettes should be made available on prescription.

Nowhere in the UK Government publication does it actually say that – those words are taken from a general quote from PHE’s Martin Dockrell which touches on ‘maybe’ single occupancy rooms ‘could’ allow vaping.

As for e-cigs on prescriptions this is pretty much one of those ‘Chinese Whispers’ the media is so found of blowing up out of all proportion.

In order for an e-cig to be made available on prescription it would need to be licensed as a ‘medicine’.

Only one device went down that route – the eVoke – which is now out of production and no other company has or seemingly plans to bring one to market in the foreseeable future.

Once again the media ignores the positives and reports the ‘negatives’ leaving the majority of the public in the dark as to the true benefits of making the switch from smoking to vaping.

Take a look at the UK Government’s Public Health Blog for a concise breakdown of the PHE Review.

Norway Shows Huge Drop In Smoking Rates

In a little over 15 years the amount of Norwegian young women that smoke has fallen from 30% of the population to just 1% – this in comparison to the UK where 16% of young women smoke.

Whilst some of this can be put down to vaping – the country is currently in the process of legalizing it fully – much of it is down to the increase in the use of Snus says the New Nicotine Alliance.

There’s a similar dramatic fall in the number of male smokers too with a drop from 29% to 3% in the same period.


Compare these figures to the UK and you’ll see a widening chasm despite numbers here showing there’s less smokers in Britain than ever before.

The NNA firmly believes this fall is down to the increase in use of Snus – a moist smokeless tobacco experts say is 99% safer than smoking and users place a tiny pouch under their lip.

The NNA is currently fighting in the European Court of Justice to get the Snus made legal throughout Europe and trustee Professor Gerry Stimson said:

Any reasonable person looking at the spectacular graph for smoking among young Norwegians will be struck by how the fall accelerated after snus became available in 2002.

This is no fluke. The end of smoking is in sight in Norway and Sweden as people choose far safer snus instead.

So reasonable people will ask why the UK government decided to urge the European Court of Justice to maintain the snus ban in the rest of the EU.

The benefits of Snus are even supported by the World Health Organization – unusual to say the least!

More information on Snus

No…Vaping On A Juul Won’t Give You Cancer

The company behind the hugely popular Juul vape device has been quick to squash rumours spreading like wildfire on the internet that the vape device is likely to give users cancer.

The Juul has taken America by storm and is currently not available for sale here in the UK.

Before I go into the company’s statement on the ‘rumour’ let me just say this.

Since its launch the Juul has received a ton – and I mean a ton – of ‘bad press’.

There’s not a week goes by that my emails are not filled with reports from all kinds of US media outlets bringing shocking stories about the menace the Juul brings – particularly to the younger generation.

image via Juul

The brand really do seem to be at the centre of regular and prolonged negativity in the media…maybe their PR team needs to be a little more on their game – if of course they’re not already 😉

To counter this ‘cancer scare’ Juul were playing hard-ball:

The claim circulating on social media that individuals’ friends “have been diagnosed with cancer as a direct result of the JUUL” is unsubstantiated and reckless.

For all our customers, partners and employees that are on our important mission with us to improve public health, know that we will protect the company and our customers and take legal action as appropriate.

At JUUL Labs, we care deeply about our customers.

Many people in the company and their friends use JUUL as well, so we include ourselves as our customers.

We are a mission driven company seeking to eliminate cigarettes by providing a true alternative for adult smokers.

…We will continue to respond as necessary to unfounded allegations.

There you have it and you’ve been told…


Singapore Doctor Calls For Fresh Look At Country’s Tobacco Laws

Following the complete banning of e-cigarettes in Singapore at the start of the month a doctor from the country says it’s time for a rethink.

Dr Tan Kok Kuan says despite hard line tobacco policies smoking rates in the country are not falling in fact they are rising.

Speaking to one of the country’s newspapers – the Straits Times – he said evidence gathered here in the UK by Public Health England and indeed the fall of number of smokers in both the UK and US showed e-cigarettes were viable ways of quitting lit tobacco adding:

We all share the same goal of reducing smoking rates in Singapore. The current measures we have in place seem to have reached the limit of their efficacy. Perhaps it is time for us to consider alternative approaches to the problem.

Given the Singapore Government takes a very different view I – sadly – somehow doubt anything will change there any time soon.


Leading UK Vape Company Totally Wicked Expanding

Totally Wicked is going from strength to strength and that’s meant building a new warehouse next to their existing premises.

Based in Blackburn England for the last 5 years – the vape company’s new building is a whopping 8,675sq ft and was needed due to the demand of their products and indeed the rapid growth of the business.


Local councilor Damien Talbot said it was great news for the area and for jobs:

I am pleased to see that Totally Wicked are continuing their expansion and developing this land at Stancliffe Street as well as providing local employment for people.


and finally…There’s A Chicken Kiev In MY Vape Pen!

MOM!…there’s a vape pen in my dinner!

Just when you thought things in the world of vape couldn’t get any stranger…

A mom from Hampshire was shocked to find a Logic Pro vape device when she opened a packet of chicken kievs bought from Tesco.

I was very shocked too when I read the article – I mean do people still vape on those..?

Mind you in all seriousness had that gone in the oven the consequences don’t bare thinking about…

chicken kiev vape pen
Vape pen found in chicken kievs pic via BBC

All snobby vaping jokes aside [lol] Tesco were quick to respond with £60 in shopping vouchers to placate the family’s ‘ruffled feathers’.

However they were still a little annoyed by the whole thing adding:

Many people we’ve spoken to have had the impression that perhaps a disgruntled employer at the factory had planted it there, as it’s not the kind of object to coincidentally fall into a box.

I would just like to say if you’re thinking of dropping your old ego style kit into say a bag of frozen peas and taking it back to your local supermarket to ‘cash in’ – I would think again…

Once could be explained away but any more than that would indeed be more than a coincidence 😉

BTW if anyone has tried chicken kiev flavoured e-liquid do let us know:)


*Shuffles Papers*

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