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Vaping News Headlines: SNUS Repeal? – Low Cancer Risk – Extreme Puffing – FDA Kids Campaign – Russia Vape Ban – Telford Charity Vape Show

Sweden: SNUS Ban Could be Repealed

The Swedish Government has shown a clear sign that the threat to ban SNUS in the country could be over.

NNA Sweden with support from NNAUK and International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations [INNCO)] has been fighting the ban taking the matter to court.


According to a joint press release last week:

The Swedish government has chosen not to provide written observations to the European Court of Justice in relation to a case being brought to overturn the EU ban on the sale of snus outside Sweden.

A spokesman for the NNA Sweden said:

All EU member states were asked by the ECJ to submit opinions on a legal challenge by July 7 as part of the court process.
In June 2017 INNCO received reliable information that the Swedish government were planning to submit an opinion to the ECJ identical to their previous EU statements on the health risks and impacts of snus use. Based on Sweden’s historical position this was likely to contain scientifically incorrect information, bias and out-dated references, which would have severely impacted on the judicial process of the court.
INNCO and one of their member organisations – New Nicotine Alliance Sweden – launched a joint initiative aimed at averting such misinformation on snus being sent to the ECJ by Sweden, believing their previous oblique submission to the ECJ to be in part responsible for the ban being upheld by the court in 2004.
Seventeen INNCO international member organisations wrote individual letters to the Swedish government, outlining their objections and concern were Sweden to choose, yet again, to submit an incomplete and misleading opinion on snus to the ECJ.

Sweden currently has the lowest smoking rates in Europe and many say this is thanks to the use of SNUS – which are tiny tobacco pouches placed inside the mouth.

Welcoming the news a spokesman said:

The opportunity for tobacco harm reduction is unprecedented.

You can read the full press release HERE

Scientists Say Risk of Cancer from Vaping is Extremely Low

The chances of getting cancer from vaping is almost ‘negligible’ according to a new study.

Boffins from the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of St Andrews say compared to smoking the risk of being diagnosed with a smoke related cancer is just 1%.

However pro e-cigarette scientist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos whilst welcoming the results called the findings ‘premature’.

The Scottish scientists said the method of testing used was:

The cancer potencies of various nicotine-delivering aerosols are modelled using published chemical analyses of emissions and their associated inhalation unit risks. Potencies are compared using a conversion procedure for expressing smoke and e-cigarette vapours in common units. Lifetime cancer risks are calculated from potencies using daily consumption estimates.

They found that at lower wattage the risks were tiny but did and could jump considerably at higher temperatures:

The aerosols form a spectrum of cancer potencies spanning five orders of magnitude from uncontaminated air to tobacco smoke. E-cigarette emissions span most of this range with the preponderance of products having potencies<1% of tobacco smoke and falling within two orders of magnitude of a medicinal nicotine inhaler; however, a small minority have much higher potencies. These high-risk results tend to be associated with high levels of carbonyls generated when excessive power is delivered to the atomiser coil.

However Dr Farsalinos said the study failed to take into consideration the tobacco deaths brought on through heart disease:

In my opinion, this was a good exercise but a premature one, mainly because for some strong carcinogens (such as 1,3-butadiene, which is considered the compound with the highest contribution to cancer risk from smoking) we have no data concerning e-cigarette emissions. However, I am convinced that, even when we have data, the estimated cancer risk from e-cigarette use will be less than 1% of the respective risk from smoking.
This comment however is more focused on an unbelievable claim that determining the cancer risk of e-cigarettes is asking the wrong question!! This unimaginable statement is not only inhumane but it is also totally unscientific and contrary to any available data. For start, it is (once again) based on the flawed argument that the “particulate matter” in e-cigarettes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You can read Dr Farsalinos’ full article HERE and the results of the study HERE.

Increase in Carbonyls from ‘Intensive Puffing’ on E-Liquid

Scientists say lower nicotine levels in e-liquid could be a risk to vapers health.

The Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco say the ceiling of 20mg nicotine strength brought in by the TPD could mean vapers are ‘puffing more intensively’ and that they say could spell danger.

Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

They fear vapers still craving their nicotine will need to vape more and this they believe increases the amount of ‘carbonyl compounds’ they are inhaling.

The researchers used a smoking machine and compared the results to those from 12 e-cigarette users and the results showed:

Carbonyl levels in aerosols from the puffing regimen of 6 mg/mL were significantly higher (p < .05 using independent samples t tests) compared with those of 24 mg/mL nicotine. For the 6 and 24 mg/mL nicotine aerosols respectively…

However Mirosław Dworniczak from the Nicotine Science and Policy team has said higher amounts of carbonyls was nothing to worry about as they appeared in the most common or garden items including burned steaks and apples.

To sum up – carbonyls are everywhere. There is no need to panic while reading those news about aldehydes found in vapour. If you follow simple rules – use less power; use wicks and coils providing good transport for liquid; and avoid dry puffs” – then everything will be OK.

Read his full article on Carbonyls HERE and the full study HERE

FDA Plans to Discourage Kids from Using E-Cigs

A new campaign launched next month is designed to stop American kids from taking up vaping.

There’s apparently 2 million younger vapers in the states and the move has been welcomed by health organizations.


According to a 2015 report e-cigs was the ‘most prevalent’ form of tobacco use by middle and high school kids…

OK let’s stop right there – e-liquids and e-cigs are NOT tobacco – but once again we have to ‘protect the kids’ – please see my article Adolescents and Vaping – Why All the Fuss? – to see where I stand on this matter.

OK back to the ‘news’.

The campaign will include the release of ‘digital materials’ including videos explaining how ‘nicotine can re-wire the brain’ – scary stuff indeed.

The director of Alliance for Prevention and Wellness at BHCare – Pam Mautte said:

I think it’s wonderful that they’re taking action to do something about e-cigarettes.

You can read the full FDA press release HERE.

Russia to Ban Vaping in Bars

The Russian Health Ministry is drawing up plans for a new bill to come into law early next year banning vaping in bars and restaurants.

The ban will also include the use of hookah pipes and is part of a crackdown by the Government including the use of e-cigarettes by youngsters.

russia-vape ban

A spokesman for the department said:

The general idea of the bill, which is being developed in the ministry, is that the use of vaping should be regulated the same way as the use of conventional cigarettes. Today, a great deal of adolescents use both hookahs and vaping devices, and all this is not regulated legally. We intend to allow their sales only to individuals over 18 years of age

Despite the Fake News and Science Vaping Sales Set to Rise

The global e-cigarette market could be worth as much as $45billion over the next seven years.

A study by market research team Hexa says this considerable progress is down to consumer demand.


They say that last year the figure was slightly over $7billion in sales and the rise is considerable given in 2014 the figure was $2.6billion.

A spokesman said:

Due to the consistent design of e-cigarettes and their segregation with the vapor made by ordinary cigarettes (tobacco rolled), these are thought to have a relatively less harmful impact on health. Moreover, changing lifestyle, expanding e-commerce businesses and mergers & acquisitions between traditional cigarette and e-cigarette manufacturers are a few noted trends within the global market.
The prohibition on smoking in public places in a few nations coupled with the anti-smoking drives may affect the growth of electronic cigarette market. The key driver for the market is the less perilous effect of these products when compared with standard cigarettes; besides the increasing awareness about the ill-effects of smoking traditional (tobacco rolled) cigarettes. Factors such as availability of different nicotine levels and flavors are also portraying a role in the growth of electronic cigarettes industry.

Read the full study HERE

And Finally…Telford Charity Vape Show Less Than a Week Away…

  • When: Saturday August 19th 12pm – 4pm
  • Where: Cordingley Hall – Donnington – Telford – Shropshire – TF2 8JS
  • Admission: £2 – all proceeds to charity
  • 20+ famous vaping vendors
  • Raffle prizes

The first Telford Charity Vape Show opens its doors next Saturday afternoon and looks like one not to be missed.

telford charity vape show

Organized in just a few short months by Kev Hill – aka the Telford Vaper – the show will be raising money for four charities close to his heart.

You can read my piece on the show and the inspiration behind it HERE and read Kev’s full story on the sponsors website Love Vaping.

There’s a whole host of well known vendors attending and you will not believe the amount of superb raffle prices donated by the wider vaping community.

As I said this is one not to be missed!

*Shuffles papers*

PS: my apologies the news is a day late – the samosa I had for lunch shall we say ‘upset’ my delicate tummy lol.

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