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6.6 Million US Lives Could Be Saved If Smokers Switch To E-Cigs

That shocking statistics comes from a new study to be published in the weighty Annual Review of Public Health which focuses on both harm reduction of best and proven ways to quit smoking.

Lead author of the study – Professor David Abrams PhD of the NYU College of Global Public Health – said:

Studies show that if most current American smokers switched to vaping e-cigarettes over the next 10 years, there could be as many as 6.6 million fewer premature deaths and 86.7 million fewer life years would be lost.

The safest course is to stop smoking or, better, never to start. But a harm minimization approach recognizes that demanding absolute perfection is often counterproductive and that, when a harmful behavior cannot be eliminated, we can still dramatically reduce adverse health consequences.

The authors now say there’s a ‘misconception’ around vaping and in particular nicotine – that it is as harmful or even more harmful than lit tobacco and this could not be further from the truth.

annual review of public health

The study pretty much falls in line with FDA supremo Scott Gottleib’s view of vaping as a positive.

He said recently:

Nicotine, though not benign, is not directly responsible for the tobacco-caused cancer, lung disease and heart disease that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

Professor Abrams agreed adding:

Alternative nicotine delivery systems, such as e-cigarettes, have the potential to disrupt the 120-year dominance of the cigarette and challenge the field on how the tobacco pandemic could be reversed if nicotine is decoupled from lethal inhaled smoke.

E-cigarettes could provide a means to compete with, and even replace, cigarette use, saving more lives more rapidly than previously possible.

You can read the full study HERE

UK MPs Get True Facts About Vaping

Two panels of academics gave UK MPS the truth about e-cigarettes this week – you can read my full article about the two part Science and Technology Committee session HERE.

MPs are keen to learn more about e-cigs especially if they are viable as smoking cessation tools to the actual – and not made up – health risks.

It was an impressive line-up of experts:

  • Professor Peter Hajek, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Queen Mary University of London
  • Professor Mark Conner, Professor in Applied Social Psychology, University of Leeds
  • Professor Riccardo Polosa, Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Catania
  • Dr Lion Shahab, Senior Lecturer Health Psychology, University College London
  • Dr Jamie Brown, Deputy Director, Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group University College London
  • Professor Paul Aveyard, Co-ordinating Editor, The Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group

science and technology committee academics

This dream team of pro vaping scientists left MPs in no doubt they are considerably safer than lit tobacco and the 2 hour meeting can be summed up with a quote from Professor Paul Aveyard who opened the second session up with the quote:

If you smoke and switch you’re better off – there’s no doubt of that…we also mustn’t think that people switch and then go on to be life time users…

However star of the ‘show’ was undoubtedly Professor Riccardo Polosa who’s delightful style and manner charmed the MPs as he blew away any opposition the committee may have had towards e-cigarettes.

Indeed there was a stand out moment when he produced a burnt slice of toast telling the politicians there was more carcinogens in that than e-cigarettes.

The powerful committee will now debate among themselves to see what recommendations they make to the Government.

This could mean somewhere down the line the scrapping of the the TPD and the re-writing of the UK’s TRPR.

We’ll keep you informed.


Dragon Blows Vapour Not Smoke

A new NHS backed hard hitting stop smoking campaign has received support from a former scary member of Dragons Den.

Millionaire entrepreneur Hilary Devey has smoked for the past 20 years but after seeing medical tests on the effects of tar on her body from smoking – she’s stubbing them out.

stop smoking with e-cigs
Dr Dawn Harper and Dragon Den’s Hilary Devey

The former Dragon said:

Like many, I’ve been hooked on cigarettes and ignoring the damage – even though I know the harm I’m doing, I’ve found it extremely difficult to quit for good. Even a stroke 3 years ago only led me to stop temporarily.

Seeing the high levels of poisonous chemicals in my blood from these tests really hit home how dangerous continuing to smoke is – and for that reason, I’m done!

The campaign features posters and leaflets suggesting you switch to e-cigs from smoking as part of any New Year resolution as well as a shocking video showing killer tar flooding through a smokers arteries.

You can find out more and get help quitting on the NHS OnlyYou web page.

…and finally…Junior Vape Researchers 50:50 On Benefits of E-Cigs!

Whilst e-cigarettes and vaping is healthier than smoking a couple of young scientists from Limerick in Ireland reckon long term use could be bad for the body.

Schoolboys Shane Hogan and Jack O’Shea from Coláiste Iósaef – studied e-cigs as part of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition held recently.


They decided to investigate vaping after seeing so many people using e-cigs in their home town.

Just what their methods were are unclear however they’ve deduced based on the study that short term use is fine – but long term use may not be…

Well done boys and with that sort of fence sitting you’ll do well in the world of vape studies – only joking lads – congratulations for tackling such a hot topic!

Sadly it looks as though the boys failed to win a prize – though I reckon had they have said e-cigs were ‘evil’ they would have taken the top one…maybe 😉

You can see an interview with the boys HERE – though do turn your sound up!

*Shuffles Papers*

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