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Vaping Headlines: Cigarette Amnesty – I Lost My Flavours in San Francisco – Vaping Down Under – Asia Getting Heavy on Vapers – Shite Times in Scottish Vape Shop

Science of Vaping Tour Hits the Streets

Smokers in Milton Keynes are being urged to ‘shred their cigs’ and commit to quit smoking over the next 50 days.

The Science of Vaping Tour launched on Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Lord Mayor and includes a town centre ‘Amnesty Shredder’ where those looking to quit the stinkies can dump their fags and watch them get shredded!

cigarette amnesty

Supported by local businesses – health professionals and the council the event is sponsored by Fontem Ventures, the parent company of e-cig manufacturer’s blu.

The tour is aimed at blowing away the myths of vaping and Marc Michelsen from Fontem Ventures said:

The good news is that more than half of the UK’s 2.9 million vapers have successfully quit tobacco altogether with the help of e-cigarettes…But we also know that millions of other smokers, as well as the public in general, remain very confused about vaping products.
The proportion of UK adults who now believe e-cigarettes are ‘as harmful’ or ‘more harmful’ than tobacco has quadrupled over the past four years, from 7% of respondents in 2013 to 26% in 2016.
The fact that increasing numbers of smokers across the country are coming to believe that vaping is as or more harmful than tobacco is alarming given that Public Health England, Cancer Research UK, The Royal College of Physicians, Action on Smoking and Health and others have all concluded vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking. Importantly, all these organisations have actively called for more smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, which is why we believe this Tour is so important.

The tour is based outside Boots in Milton Keynes Town Centre until June 29th before moving to Bletchley high street between June 30th and July 1st.


San Francisco Bans Flavoured E-Liquids

The once liberal city of San Francisco has shown itself to be anything but after banning the sale of flavoured e-liquids.

Hippies and free love and sexual liberation put the city on the map and for many it was the epitome of liberal living.

san francisco flavour ban

Not it would seem if you vape.

In yet another move to ‘save the children’ the only e-liquid that can be sold legally within the city limits will be tobacco flavoured!

This despite recent evidence [as reported last week] that shows a drop in young folk taking up vaping and of course study after study showing that vaping is NOT a gateway to the smoking.

Welcoming the ban Supervisor Malia Cohen churned out the ‘what about the poor kiddies line’:

We’re focusing on flavored products because they are widely considered to be a starter product for future smokers.

However Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association described the move as ‘complete nonsense’ and said the city council had ignored recent studies adding:

There is a great deal of evidence that flavors are critical to helping adults quit smoking by helping them disconnect from the taste of tobacco… Unfortunately, San Francisco supervisors ignored that data and the stories about how vaping was the only thing that helped many smokers quit.

Bricks and mortar shops are now fearing the worst as vapers can still pop into the next town or city to legally buy and vape flavoured e-liquids.

However an online campaign to overturn the ban is now underway and the organizers are calling on the public to contact the council via the online form.

You can fill out the email HERE.


Aussie Health Experts Say Yes to Vaping

As the Australian Government prepares to once again consider making e-liquids containing nicotine legal down under a group of health professionals are urging them to say yes!

In a letter to all Members of Parliament signed by 135 health experts – they say Australia is ‘increasingly out-of-step’ with the likes of the UK – Europe and New Zealand in banning e-liquids containing nicotine.


The letter says:

We believe that the availability of low concentrations of nicotine for harm reduction is clearly a policy matter best resolved by the Australian Parliament through legislation. The Therapeutic Goods Administration, whose role is to regulate therapeutic goods such as medicines and medical devices, is not the appropriate body to determine the legality and availability of a consumer product.
We propose that low concentrations of nicotine are exempted from the Poisons Standard and that nicotine-containing ENDS [e-cigarettes] are regulated by the same mechanisms used to regulate the combustible cigarettes they are designed to replace. At present, nicotine is exempt only when in nicotine replacement therapies and when part of much more dangerous combustible tobacco products.
Australia is increasingly out-of-step with other countries with this important public health opportunity. Nicotine for use in ENDS is legal or currently being legalised in the United Kingdom, United States, European Union, New Zealand and Canada.

Signatories include Professor John Britton, Chair of the Tobacco Advisory Group, UK Royal College of Physicians – Professor Karl Fagerstrom, Sweden – Leading e-cigarette researchers Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, Professor Riccardo Polosa and Professor Ann McNeill.

You can read the full list HERE and read the Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2016 Measures No. 1) Bill 2016 HERE.

Singapore Set to Sling Vapers in Jail?

In a proposed amendment to the country’s already tough vaping and smoking laws the Singapore government is looking to make e-cigarettes illegal.

Under the current laws it’s illegal to smoke before the age of 18 and whilst owning e-cigarettes isn’t illegal – they cannot be imported – distributed or sold!

The Government wants to close the loophole that allows the purchase – use and possession of e-cigs fearing as they put it:

As Ends [electronic nicotine delivery systems] and vaporisers are durable rather than consumable goods, illicit trade in these products may result in a sizeable pool of people who possess and use Ends and vaporisers in Singapore, leading to entrenchment.

The Ministry of Health [MOH] has released a consultation document and are asking the public for their opinions – whether these will be taken on board is anyone’s guess.

The vapers and smokers of Singapore are urged to fill out the small questionnaire on the MOH website:

Public Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act

Hong Kong E-Liquid Seller Arrested

Still in Asia and despite China being the driving force behind the world wide vaping scene a man from Hong Kong is facing jail time for selling e-liquid on social media.

Police swooped on the 22-year-old after what they call a ‘public complaint’ and the unnamed man now faces up to 2 years in prison and/or a fine – for each offence – of up to $100,000.

hong kong police

Under Hong Kong law nicotine is considered a poison – classed as a pharmaceutical product and can only be sold under the ‘supervision of a registered pharmacist’.

Any product containing nicotine must also be registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong before they can be sold.

Police bought three e-liquids: Jam Monster – Ninja Man and Crush Fruits and tests at a Government lab found all 3 contained nicotine.

The investigation is continuing.

And Finally…Shite Times in a Scottish Vape Shop

Note: those of you with weak stomachs might want to skip this 😉

If you think the TRPR and TPD are pretty shite pieces of legislation then spare a thought for the owner of a vape shop in Aberdeen.

e-cigs scotland

ecigs scotland is being ordered by the local council to remove a set of shutters installed in the shop’s doorway.

The decision by the council to slap the shop owner with a listed building enforcement notice quite literally stinks as a spokesman for the shop explained why there’s a need for the shutters:

…it’s to stop drunk revelers using the recessed lobby entrance to relieve themselves, including vomiting, defecating and urination.

Yup – you read that right – staff have had to clean up all manner of messes including human excrement.

The solicitor acting on behalf of the shop said:

It is completely unacceptable for the staff to be faced with clearing up the mess of human excrement every morning, which is a health hazard, especially as the staff cannot gain entry to the shop to fetch cleaning equipment without having access through to the lobby space first.It is not unreasonable to expect to be able to exercise the right to safe use of the premises without having to deal with human excrement.
E-Cigs’ primary concern is for the safety and health of both its staff and its customers and the appellant respectfully asks for the roller shutter to be allowed to remain in place, until the council provides a better solution for the problems of people vomiting, urinating and defecating in shop front lobbies.

The shop has lodged an appeal on the ban and the council has refused to comment during the appeals process.

Let’s hope they don’t poo poo the matter.

*Shuffles papers*

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