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So Vaper Expo is happening this weekend and if you’re going today then prepare for a vaping overload!

They’ve moved the event into 3 halls – yeah 3 halls – this year and it is absolutely massive and as well as hundreds of exhibitors from juices to hardware there’s a couple of bars and all the fun of the fair with at least 3 rides including the dodgems!

vaper expo 2017

Given it’s so spread out there’s a lot more room to maneuver which made the whole experience a lot more ‘user friendly’.

I was there Friday and Saturday and have a notebook full of articles – and notes on some amazing new e-liquids and hardware – so expect a load of reviews and stories over the next week or so.

I bumped into and chatted with a whole host of ‘Vape famous’ folks and had some wonderful interviews with manufacturers covering everything from TRPR compliance to the future of vaping in general.

Today [Sunday] is the final day of the three day event so if you’re going prepare for a lot of walking – the walk from the train station almost killed off this old fella!

One thing a few of us noticed was the lack of price tags on stuff – neither Vaping With Vic nor Chris from Empire Vape Co could understand why this was the case – I mean last year price tags were everywhere – it’s almost as if they want to haggle!

Whilst there’s some bargains to be had to be honest they weren’t that amazing but still a saving is a saving!

I resisted the urge to buy a Loch Ness Envii visiting the stall 6 times in total lol. I drooled over the SX-Mini stand – where incidentally I had a quick chat with Daniel from DJLsb Vapes who was ‘helping them out for the day’ – what a genuinely nice guy he is.

daniel DJLsb Vapes

The one device I was specifically going to buy – from Council of Vapor – wasn’t there and as to what and why I’ll explain in the larger article to follow.

Anyway I’ll get all these interviews out of my notebook asap until then let’s just say the TRPR and TPD might be trying to hinder the growth of e-cigs and vaping – but Vaper Expo proves we’re not only here to stay but getting bigger and dare I say stronger!

I’ve popped in a few photos of vaper Expo 2017 at the end of the news – plenty more to come!

UKIP Leader calls TPD Pointless and a Death Sentence’

Love him or hate him one thing about the UKIP leader Paul Nuttal is he’s a massive supporter of vapers rights.

Speaking on the day the TRPR and TPD legislation came into force the outspoken leader said he was in no doubt the long term effect could mean less people quitting smoking:

The EU Directive which comes into force today that places massive restrictions on vaping, is exactly the sort of legislation that should be repealed when Britain finally leaves the EU.
The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was debated from a position of ignorance. There is no point to these regulations and no public health benefit. They do, however, destroy a highly successful free market which has seen almost 3 million people make the switch from tobacco to a far safer alternative at no cost to the taxpayer. Make no mistake, the only result of these regulations will be to deter smokers from quitting smoking.

paul nuttall

TPD is a Death Sentence

Now I’m no fan of many of UKIP’s policies but you have to say he’s saying what a lot of us vapers are saying and he’s calling on the TPD and TRPR to be scrapped as soon as the UK ‘Brexits’ from the EU:

Once we leave the EU It is a no-brainer to repeal the TPD regulations on vaping; they have no discernible purpose and are entirely negative, threatening the success of what some in public health have described as a huge potential public health prize, as well as stifling freedom of choice and innovation in a market that has contributed hugely to record declines in smoking in the UK. What is needed is not the perpetuation of EU regulations which cause real harm to people who are trying to replace smoking with a safer alternative, but simple consumer product standards regulation and common sense rules on responsible marketing.
The EU is literally going to be responsible for the continued sickness and ultimately death of thousands of smokers who use vaping as a way to cut down harm. All this on the altar of ill-conceived and ideologically driven lobbying.

Source: Economic Voice

Bucks Trading Standards Getting Tough

One week into the TRPR and I’m surprised to say the least we haven’t seen any hysterical tabloid stories about raids on vape shops.

But then hey given the industry has self-regulated itself very well for the past decade that’s hardly surprising being as responsible as it is!


However there’s no getting away from the fact that like it or lump it e-cigarettes are thrown in with normal cigarettes in this ridiculous legislation.

This became even more apparent with the comments from Steve Ruddy, head of Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards who warned of dire consequences for anyone flouting the law:

These new laws aim to protect people’s health and include standard plain packaging for cigarettes, a ban on 10-packs and limits on the strength of vaping liquids and the size of containers that hold them.
We’ll be checking that retailers are complying with the rules and would urge them to make sure none of their previous stock remains on their shelves or is available online. The trade in illicit tobacco products undermines reputable businesses and we welcome all intelligence which could help us stamp out the problem – anyone with information about sellers flouting the law is encouraged to report it to us.

I just wish someone somewhere would get it – you know e-cigarettes DO NOT CONTAIN TOBACCO!!!

Source: Surrey County Council

FDA Asked to Re-Consider Deeming Legislation

Whilst the TRPR and TPD came into force with barely a protest that registered politically over in the US the politicians there are fighting hard for vapers rights.

This week Republican Senator Ron Johnson asked the new head of the FDA Scott Gottlieb to scrap the legislation that threatens the future of e-cigarettes and vaping in America.

In a letter to Gottlieb he wrote:

The rules threaten an emerging industry as well as former smokers who have switched to vaping.
The regulations require e-cigarette manufacturers to complete costly and time-consuming applications to get federal approval to sell e-cigarette products.
I am pleased that the FDA recently announced that it would delay enforcement of the regulation.
Although this is a positive first step, more must be done to permanently rein in this burdensome rule. As you begin your tenure as Commissioner of the FDA, I respectfully urge you to review the FDA’s e-cigarette regulation so the industry can continue to innovate and offer vapers an alternative to smoking.

Now if only we had this kind of political support here in the UK and Europe…

Source: Legal Reader

World No Tobacco Day 2017

It’s quite ironic that in the month the TPD and TRPR came into force the World Health Organization is promoting the global No Tobacco Day.

Even the strap-line for the ‘event’ leaves a lump of chewing tobacco in the throat – pun intended.

world no tobacco day

“Tobacco Threatens Us All’ blares the headline on the fancy posters you can expect to see pretty much everywhere.

WHO has been pretty anti-vaping and e-cigarettes since they arrived – so whilst I feel duty bound to report this – I do so with reluctance lol

Hey don’t get me wrong I’m all for less tobacco in the world and it goes without saying I want to see many many more people quit.

I just wish WHO would stop fannying around and seriously consider the evidence 😉

Anyway the theme for this years ‘event’ is:

“Tobacco – a threat to development.”

Goals of the Event Are:

  • Highlight the links between the use of tobacco products, tobacco control and sustainable development.
  • Encourage countries to include tobacco control in their national responses to 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.
  • Support Member States and civil society to combat tobacco industry interference in political processes, in turn leading to stronger national tobacco control action.
  • Encourage broader public and partner participation in national, regional and global efforts to develop and implement development strategies and plans and achieve goals that prioritize action on tobacco control.
  • Demonstrate how individuals can contribute to making a sustainable, tobacco-free world, either by committing to never taking up tobacco products, or by quitting the habit.

Maybe a simple thing to do for the last bullet point would be to consider e-cigarettes…just a thought…

Further Info: World No Tobacco Day 2017

And finally…A Couple of Pics from Vaper Expo

Expect a much larger piece on my two days at Vaper Expo very soon – but until then here’s a few sneaky pics to give you a glimpse of what many folks I spoke to say is the best one ever.

v god vape tricks

The V God vape tricks booth was extremely popular and of course I popped in to show the young pretenders how it’s done – er not lol.

Any clear photos are from the B2B Day where there was far less vapor so apologies in advance for photo quality it was like taking photos from within a cloud!

Final picture for now…

So what do you call a group of international YouTube famous vape reviewers?

A Bar maybe? hehe…

youtube vape reviewers

See if you can spot them 😉

*shuffles papers*

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