Vapril goes digital during the coronavirus lock down and vape advocates say smokers MUST make the switch to vaping NOW!

Scientists and health experts say smokers are at greater risk of serious complications if they contract the virus, and hope this online campaign will help more smokers quit via vaping.

vapril goes digital coronavirus

For the last 3 years, the month of April has been labelled ‘Vapril’ and it’s the largest stop smoking campaign in the world.

Over that short time a staggering 72% of smokers have said the Vapril campaign led them to make the switch to 95% safer e-cigarettes.

The stop smoking campaign usually involves plenty of public activities, meetings and outdoor events, but due to the COVID-19 worldwide lock down, the team has now gone full on digital.

On the Vapril Hub you can:

  • Download our Switch on to Vaping Plan, developed by vapers for smokers.
  • Access wide-ranging advice from industry experts.
  • Hear from ex-smokers who haven’t looked back since they took up vaping.
  • Get the most up-to-date evidence-based facts about vaping.
  • Find out how you can access expert vaping advice from specialist retail stores near you.

One of the best features is the Switch on to Vaping page where smokers can not only find out the facts not fiction about vaping – but also ask questions about making the switch to a panel of experts.

John Dunne ukvia
John Dunne Director at UKVIA

Organizer of the event, John Dunne the director of the UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA] said:

Normally during VApril our members’ retail stores host expert classes across the country to educate smokers on everything to do with vaping but this year we’ve had to change tact to safeguard the welfare of smokers and vapers during the month and therefore we will be engaging audiences through digital media.

The UKVIA, our members and partners will all provide expert guidance via our social media channels and the dedicated VApril digital hub to help anyone who has either already quit smoking or is looking to give up.

Due to the fact that most of the population is working from home and in front of their laptops or using their mobile devices, we expect VApril 2020 to be very successful in helping to give smokers expert advice on vaping during these unprecedented circumstances.

ukvia coranvirus guide for vapers

UKVIA has also just issued a guide for vapers [and smokers] worried about vaping during the COVID-19 pandemic checkout the link or view it on the Vapril page.

Links To Help You Quit Smoking Via Vaping

Make sure you tell all the smokers you know about the Vapril campaign – your family – friends and colleagues, and share far and wide on social media!

smoking vaping heart health

Now more than ever it is vital they quit or make the switch.

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