Dr Jekyll ReviewDigbys Juices: Dr Jekyll

Following the slight disappointment (for my tastes) of Digbys Hooligan we are taking a look at Dr Jekyll.

Expectations are high from the ‘E-liquid Brand of the Year 2014’ so lets wait no more!

Also, if you want to take a little look behind the scenes, check out this short video from Martyn Parker.

Digbys Say: If you like subtle flavours then perhaps you should avoid this heavy bodied anise monster, layers of flavour that creep around when used in a tank, unleash the Dr on a dripper and you will be faced with Mr Hyde, a true monster of a juice.  A heavy Anise, Wormwood body with citrus high notes and a slightly bitter but creamy mint base.”

E Cig/Tank used in this review: Aspire CF with Aspire Atlantis


The first and most obvious thing here is the colour, it kind of looks like a radioactive juice when it’s sitting in the clearomiser. The good thing is this is not a toxic vape. First impression are that Dr Jekyll is quite a complex flavour.

It initially comes across like the Anise is going to be too overpowering on the inhale but it mellows on the exhale with a mix of citrus and mint.

The aftertaste leaves my tongue tingling as if I have just done a shot of Ouzo. That and my mouth feels like it’s being tricked into thinking I’ve been chewing on a Black jack sweet.

Digbys have done a great job at combining all these flavours and in a tank it works a treat. I have found I can vape this for an hour or so, almost like it’s a palette cleanser before I move back onto other flavours.

Not an all day e-liquid for me but at the same time it is a very good juice. It wouldn’t surprise me if Anise lovers will use this in their all day vaping arsenal.

Vapour Volume

With a PG/VG mix vapour volume was excellent.

Production Details

Digbys make all their juices in house in a sealed lab with full air filtration ISO 6 clean room. Their juices are actually made within a Laminar flow cabinet (ISO Level 3, Class 1) which are used by medical/pharmaceutical companies to create a particle free environment.


  • 10ml – £4.99
  • 30ml – £13.99
  • 50ml – £21.99
  • 100ml £39.99


I had my fingers crossed on Dr Jekyll as I’m a fan of Anise juices and it really didn’t disappoint.

Quite a complex Anise flavour that seems to benefit from the citrus and mint additions. If you are a fan of Anise give this a try!

Used Dr Jekyll from Digbys? What did you think? Leave your thoughts below.
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