100% VG E juice and E Liquids 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E-Liquid Options

Many vapers out there may find that they have an intolerance to Propylene Glycol (PG) which leaves them with Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as there only choice when it comes to e-liquids.

In the last 6 months the number of vape brands producing 100% VG Juice is growing although still a fairly niche market, especially in the UK. Most have PG in them in some form or another, 80% and 70% VG lines are becoming quite a common thing especially for those that prefer dripping and cloud chasing.

With a large percentage of e juices out there being a mix of PG/VG we thought we would focus this post on where to buy 100% VG e liquids in the UK. In fact not just where to buy them. We only want to point you in the direction of the best quality and VG vape juice flavours.

So lets get straight into looking at some of the best VG juice brands available in the UK (This is a growing list so bookmark and check back often!).

Vsavi 100% VG E Liquid

100%VG E-liquid - VsaviVsavi is a UK base ejuice brand from that manufacture 100% VG with pharmaceutical and food grade ORGANIC ingredients.

They were formally known as Eco Vape and carry the same high standards to ensure their VG range is produced to the highest quality.

The flavour line looks interesting as well with a large selection of options mixed between their Vsavi and Vsavi Gourmet range:

  • Vsavi flavours: 3 X Tobacco, 1 X menthol and 6 others including coffee and strawberry.
  • Vsavi Gourmet: 11 flavours offering something that little bit different: Includes juices such as Apple Pie, Cappuccino, Toffee Caramel Choco and Tutti Frutti to name a few. Great if you want to try something a little different.

Vape Green

Vape Green are a UK based e commerce site that offer a large number of PG free e-liquids from many brands including their very own Vape Green ejuice range that offers around 18 different flavours. Theses are available in 30ml short fill bottles that hold 20ml of e-liquid. The idea here is to add a 10ml nic shot depending on your preferred nicotine strength.

Free Delivery Over £20

Avante Garde 100% VG E Liquid

Avante Garde 100VG e-liquidBased out of London, UK, Avant Garde e-liquids are made with a 100% VG base.

There is plenty of flavours on offer across two ranges, Superhero (Blue Bottles) and Cloud Chaser range (red bottles). The bottles are 75ml so keep that in mind when you see the price! They also come with zero nicotine as standard. There is an option to add nic shots to your order if you need them.

The flavour line looks great as well with a large selection of options such as:

Kind E Juice – 100% VG

Kind Juice do things a little differently with their e-liquid line. All the ingredients use are ‘plant based raw pure’ and their holistic, approach to creating e liquids makes them one of the leading manufacturers of vegan friendly pure organic e-liquid.

The Kind Juice range of flavours is an impressive one so a great option for vapers wanting to try various 100% VG juices.

Choose from the likes of:

  • Once In A Blue Moon – Fresh Forest Fruits, Blueberries
  • Ring of Fire – Cinnamon and Cane Sugar
  • Pirates Gold – Spiced Dark Rum and Banana nut Cake
  • Midnight Decadence – Mint and Dark Chocolate
  • Geisha Moon Song – Jasmine and Plum wine

Ripe Vapes

ripe vapes 100vg coconut thai e-juiceRipe Vapes have received some great reviews and has managed to gain a loyal following due to the punchy, individual flavours they have on offer. Something that little bit different from the norm.

There range isn’t all 100% VG however, they only have one option but a very interesting one at that!

Coconut Thai: Ripe Vapes have created an e juice with a unique blend of coconut, basil, and lemongrass.

A citrus flavour is experienced on the inhale with a touch of basil following up soon after then the lovely coconut finishing your vape off nicely on the exhale.

A one of a kind e-liquid!

90% VG E-Liquids

If you can tolerate a small amount of PG in your e-lquid then your options are slightly better. There are a selection of brands that do these high VG ratios including Twelve Monkeys and The Cloud Company (makers of Suicide Bunny).

Other 100VG Brands To Check out

  • Virgin Vapors

That’s it for now (I know not a huge list) but we will have plenty more coming! Our research to find the best 100% VG e-liquids is under way!

Also please let us know your favorites by leaving a comment below!

I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. Hi there, I’ve been vaping for a year now. Aspire K3 with 12mg juice 60/40. Past 2 weeks my throat hurts and I’m coughing after vaping but I haven’t changed anything. Have you come across this before? Perhaps reduce nicotine? Many thanks

  2. Fcuking flavour Honey dew and blackcurrant is My favourite liquid by far so smooth and flavourful but can be hard to find My all day Vape usually They also do a ribena flavour, both quality juices and 100% vg

  3. Hi I’d like to know where your vg comes from. I have an allergy to palm and rapeseed oil that’s used in most vg fluids available to me. Thank you Matt

    • Hey Matt, we don’t actually produce/stock any VG Juices.

      There is a newer brand out at the moment that may be worth contacting. They are called Vsavi. You can check them out and get in touch with them here.

      Be interesting to hear how you get on though Matt, in many years of vaping I’ve not actually come across an issue you like yours!

      Hope you get sorted.


  4. Hi there
    I’ve been vaping for 4+ years and have been loyal user of vermillion river Minnesota menthol but for last few months have no supply from regular local store. Been told is because of EU restrictions etc ., but I cannot find anything that matches this blend. Am currently using Kentucky maple wood with a few drops of fresh mint but it’s very hit and miss and nothing like my Minnesota menthol. Most places put me onto flavours that are just far too minty. Anyone who has tasted MM will tell you it’s not a minty menthol – it’s a unique combination.
    I previously smoked BERKELEY SUPERKING MENTHOL and MM was my ‘innocent’ replacement when I packed up with the tobacco addiction. At the same time I had at least 4 family members buying MM.
    Cannot get supplier on Internet either in uk or USA. Vermillion River USA themselves gave me the contact for me who they supply over here but it turned out it was my store who no longer stock it. So frustrating – so any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks Diane
    Can you help or advise. This is really frustrating me to find supplier

    • Hey Diane, I couldn’t find that specific flavour after a quick search. I know Ecigwizard used to stock Vermillion River but don’t think they do anymore. If I manage to find anything in the meantime I will be sure to let you know! Sorry can’t be anymore help at the moment!


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