ROK Universal: Raspberry Menthol PG 60%

ROK Raspberry menthol E-Liquid reviewIt’s been a while since we last reviewed ROK e-liquids but the ones we did try were all very good.

So I was a happy chappy when a selection of their new UK made e-liquids dropped on the doormat.

The first to jump out at me was the Raspberry menthol, after trying Jacvapour’s Raspberry flavour I have a new found hankering for vaping Raspberries!

ROK description: First the raspberry hits you… BOOM and then the menthol arrives & glides over your taste buds..AHHH!”

E Cig used in this review: Vamo V5 topped with an Aerotank


The smell coming from the bottle is a really nice fruity raspberry with just a hint of menthol, not as much as I was expecting.

The first drag is a lot different to what I was expecting, the raspberry really takes a backseat to the menthol which I suppose is to be expected with a strong flavour like menthol.

The raspberry is there though and it does linger in the mouth with the icy sensation you would expect but it’s very much a subtle hint, a touch too subtle for what I would have liked.

This isn’t to say it’s not a good flavour, I have enjoyed this and if you enjoy menthol then this might just give you that something a little bit different. My personal tastes would like a more generous portion of raspberry though.

Vapour Volume

No problems here, vaping this in the Aerotank gave me some good vapour.

Throat Hit

The nicotine strength is low with the liquid I’m using but as with most menthol you get that familiar cool ice hit on the back of the throat.

Production Details

ROK use USA & European pharmaceutical grade nicotine & dilutants, with flavourings sourced within the EU. They also batch test to ensure quality standards continue to be met.


  • 10ml – £4.99


I do enjoy a menthol vape every now and then and the Raspberry Menthol is OK but my personal tastes would rather see a bit more of a raspberry flavour coming through rather than the hint that I was getting.

Overall though I would say give this a go if you have a menthol e-liquid on your shopping list and you want to try something a touch different.

Have you used the ROK Raspberry Menthol e-liquid? Have I missed something in my review? Let us know by leaving your thoughts below!
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