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Shenzhen, China, June 29, VOOPOO 2022 “More Than Infinity” Global New Product Launch officially came to an end. voopoo-infinity-launch0

VOOPOO spent 30 minutes reviewing the 8 years brand story at its 8th anniversary, divided into three chapters to explain how the combination of infinite symbol and brand spirit match the attitude VOOPOO using technology to create more infinite possibilities.

At the launch, three POD products carrying VOOPOO’s most leading-edge technology became the biggest highlight.

A very significant theme of the launch is the development story of VOOPOO since its founding 8 years ago. From the early atomisation chip solution provider to today’s open tank system giant, VOOPOO has been driving the positive development of the industry through a series of disruptive innovation, and to complete the brand transformation with irresistible force. In addition, the globalisation process VOOPOO started last year has extended to the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, France, Canada and Malaysia, more branches will be landed to strengthen local operations in the local market. Through the establishment of brand flagship stores, put mobile apps on more regions, those combinations strategies are deemed to deepen the global influence of VOOPOO in electronic atomisation industry.

Atomisation platform + chip construction supports the new products, highlighting VOOPOO’s R&D strength

New product is the vital part of the launch, and VOOPOO reveals 3 Pod products this time, including two V series products, VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition.

These two products are equipped with newly upgraded cartridge, with 5A freshness-seal technology to lock the fresh taste and fragrance of e-liquid, and the use of special Fresnel lens texture design on the cartridge, effectively reducing the exposure of light to the e-liquid, striking the user with the fresh taste experience.

Silver ions were specially added in the cartridge, the effective anti-bacteria rate is above 99%.

The Drag Q has been released with the new infinite appearance again, the Drag Q overturned the industry’s concept of POD vape products with its intelligent pressure regulation and taste restoration of professional-grade.

VOOPOO global brand ambassador also detailed the core reason for driving VOOPOO to achieve leapfrog development, the “user-centred” strategy oriented investment in research and development.

At present , VOOPOO pioneered three atomisation platforms for various user needs: PNP, TPP, ITO. As well as two Gene chips: GENE AI and GENE TT. It is the VOOPOO’s continuous optimisation and innovation in atomisation technology wins the love and support of our consumers.

Join hands with 100,000 + clients and 50million + customers to build an electronic atomisation culture

The last chapter of the launch event was left to the clients and thousands of VOOPOO fans who have stepped forward with VOOPOO. For the past 8 years, VOOPOO has worked closely with more than 100,000 retailers offline, winning the favour of the majority of customers with constantly high-quality products and continuous market investment, but also showing a mutually beneficial and win-win business answer with partners with the actual market results.

In the global context, more than 50 million users have become loyal fans of VOOPOO, pushing VOOPOO continue to create era-leading products, and thousands of VOOPOO eco-system consumers to build a culture of atomisation.

VOOPOO mentioned at the launch, the brand flagship stores will be firstly debut in the UK, Indonesia and other places, and VOOPOO fans can contact with no distance, perfect VOOPOO ecosystem together.

The launch took 30 minutes to explain the development strategy of VOOPOO, the spirit of innovation, brand culture and the deep connection of infinite symbols.

What kind of performance will the listed three heavyweight products make is also worth expecting for the industry.

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