The Advken Manta RTA is one of the latest atomizers from this Shenzen based company.

I’ve personally had the pleasure of owning the Mad Hatter RDA in the past. Advken are also known regulated box mods like AYANA 60W,and Qiangba 200W and mech mods like Mad Hatter 24” Kit and the Honeycomb Mechanical Mod.Advken Manta RTA and mod

Their Atomizer list includes Ziggs 24 RDA and the Campione RDTA.

I may have tipped my hat to Advken’s Mad Hatter in the past but will we be doing the same for the Manta RTA? Or should it just be send out to sea?

Come with me and let’s take a detailed look at one of Advken’s recent releases.

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In The Box

  • Manta RTA
  • Spare glass (bubble shaped)
  • Coil/Driver tool
  • Spare parts baggy
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Vape and share cardAdvken Manta RTA in the box

Main Specs/Features

  • 24mm RTA
  • Dual Coil Design with Staggered Posts
  • Top Refill System with big refill holes
  • 810 ultem drip tip
  • Gold Plated Positive and Negative Posts
  • 3 Adjustable Air Flow Holes in the deck, and 1 Hole in the Positive Post
  • 5ml for Normal Glass Tube and 5ml for Chubby Glass Tube

Design and Build Quality

The Manta RTA from Advken is made from a glossy finish stainless steel.

Advken Manta RTA on mod

The tank has two options of Pyrex tanks one will hold 3.5ml of liquid and the bubble tank will hold 5ml.

The posts are of a staggered design made of gold plated stainless steel, airflow is fully adjustable and all threads are smooth and operate very well.

The tank is compatible with most 810 drip-tips, the build and design quality is excellent I am very impressed with the overall look and feel of this RTA it is beautiful and sleek with the 3.5ml tank installed.

A quick guide to coiling and filling the Manta RTA

You don’t have to empty the Advken Manta RTA to change your wicks and coils, just turn the RTA upside down and unscrew the base!Advken Manta RTA deck coils

  • To install your coils place the leads through the post holes
  • Tighten the grub screws
  • Wick as you normally would and tuck the cotton into the 4 wick spaces making sure they cover the juice intake slots
  • Moisten your wick and coils with E-liquid
  • Re-assemble your RTA and fill through the large kidney shaped fill ports under the top cap.
  • I suggest that you give the RTA a few minutes to soak up more liquid before first use.

*tip I recommend a 70/30 liquid as I found, for me, that an 80/20 e-liquid caused dry hits.Advken Manta RTA wicked

A word about leaking!

Many people get disillusioned by their RTA’s leaking! Take your time when wicking; it’s a trial error process, sadly we can’t get away with that.

The diameter of your coil is dependent on how much cotton you use. I air on the side of using more cotton than needed and cut down as I see fit.

I suggest with the Manta, using enough cotton so you can just move it when you put it through the coil, fluff your cotton and as you are tucking it into the wick spaces press the cotton backward making sure you fully cover the juice intake slots.

If needed, separate your cotton tail into two, the first half covers the liquid intake and the second fills the wick space, repeat for the other 3 tails.

The Manta RTA disassembles in 5 parts


  • Coil cover/chimney/liquid fill port
  • Top cap
  • Ultem driptip
  • 3.5ml or 5ml Pyrex glass tank

Advken Manta RTA deck 2

The base has bottom airflow which is fully adjustable with 3 holes either side, the gold plated 510 pin sits a little proud of the treads, on the bottom of the deck you have branding and CE marks.Advken Manta RTA 510The build deck is made of gold plated stainless steel, with velocity style staggered two post design, the positive post has one internal airflow hole that sits on a peek insulator.Advken Manta RTA deck 3The internal airflow is handled by 2 holes either side of the build deck, you also have 4 corner spaces to tuck your wick under. Each of these corner wick spaces is a slot for liquid intake.Advken Manta RTA deck 1

Coil cover/chimney/liquid fill portAdvken Manta RTA chimney

Made from stainless steel and sealed as one unit, the coil cover is bevelled on the inside with threads, laser etched into the outside is a manta ray, the chimney separates the coil cover from the liquid fill port, which comprises of 2 large kidney shaped slots and threads.

Advken Manta RTA fill ports

Top cap/ Ultem driptipAdvken Manta RTA cap

The top cap has a cut out pattern that help removal it has threads that allow it to screw to the fill port.Advken Manta RTA top viewInside the top cap drip-tip space you have an O ring, the Ultem 810 drip tip fits tightly into the drip tip hole. The base of the drip-tip sports a branded band which actually makes the drip-tip look like it has a smaller profile than it actually has.

Tank/sAdvken Manta RTA tanks

The Manta RTA comes with 2 choices of Pyrex glass tank a 3.5 straight cut and a 5ml bubble shaped tank.Advken Manta RTA ready to use 1

How Does The Advken Manta RTA Perform?

In testing this Manta RTA I used Flapton (kanthal) wire on a 2.5mm bit at 0.16 OhM’s on my Reuleaux Gen 3 with an e-liquid from Totally Wicked called Danish Swirl (Part of the Route 66 Range).Advken Manta RTA ready to use 2


With one hole open on the airflow I was able to get a sort of mouth to lung draw plenty of flavour but the vapour production was slightly disappointing. A direct to lung draw was much better plenty of flavour and good amount of vapour production, however, even with this one hole open the draw for me was very loose and airy.


Opening up the airflow one more hole produced a nice warm vape with good flavour and vapour production with a straight to lung draw, even so the draw was airy so I closed the airflow back down to one open, the result was too hot a vape for me.


Airflow fully open I was able to almost fill my small office lol again the flavour was good but not as great as at 80w.

I’ve now settled at 90w for my sweet spot with this RTA giving a good balance between flavour and vapour with the airflow open to the 2nd hole.

See The Manta RTA In Action With My Video Review</h3?

What I Like

Like all Velocity style decks this RTA is very easy to build on, with the added benefit of having the staggered posts it makes it even more so. I like the idea that Advken have included a vape cloth and a coil tool which doubles as an Allen key.

What I Didn’t Like

It’s got to be said I personally hate the bubble glass, to me it just doesn’t look as nice as it does when the 3.5ml straight tank is installed.

The airflow is too much for me, I would have preferred a slightly more restrictive airflow or no airflow on the positive post; wicking this RTA can take a little practice to get the balance of fluffy plus amount of cotton. I’ve had more than one leak while learning to wick the Manta RTA correctly. Finally, no spare drip-tip or adaptor was included with this RTA.

Final Review Verdict

The Manta RTA by Advken is a beautiful looking tank that is easy to coil and feels great in the hand. It vape’s very well at medium to higher wattages with good flavour, if you like an airy draw then this might be the rda for you.

It does, however, take some practice to wick this RTA correctly.

Would I buy the Advken Manta RTA again should I damage or lose this one? Yes I would.


  • Good flavour/ vapour production
  • Easy to coil
  • Easy to fill
  • Well built
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Very pleasing to the eye


  • Maybe to airy a draw for some
  • Wicking can take some practice will leak if not done correctly
  • No spare driptip or adaptor
  • Not everyone will like the included bubble tank
  • No where on the packaging is the liquid capacity stated

World Wide Shipping

Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
Price point
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  1. I rate this RTA above the Reload! Yeah, that’s how good I think it is. Build this correctly with the best materials you can get your hands on & the rewards will be overwhelming!
    I’ve had a few better RTA’s since, but they tend to have more Bell’s & Whistles like angled airflow etc. So for it’s retro design I have this one, ‘The Manta’, right up there.


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