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Pod system expert ANYX is marking its first anniversary by offering a special gift to its fans and users. The brand has initiated a voting campaign, allowing vapers to determine the upcoming new flavours.

The campaign was officially launched on the ANYX official website on October 21st and will run for a month, with the final results set to be announced on November 21st.
anyx dream flavourThe campaign offers fans nine different elements on the ANYX official website, inviting them to combine these flavours in pairs through a voting process. This process will lead to the selection of their favourite flavour combinations.

With a total of 36 flavour combinations available, users have a wide range of choices to ensure the final flavours align with their preferences.

Sanking Han, CEO of ANYX, stated,

“ANYX has always been a user-driven brand, and we believe that users’ voices and engagements are the keys to our success. Therefore, as we celebrate our first anniversary, we’ve chosen a unique way to express our gratitude.

Through this voting campaign, we not only provide an opportunity for users but also launch a new flavour chosen by them. It’s a mysterious and valuable gift for both us and our fans.”

Driven by Users, the leading Pod System Expert Since its establishment, ANYX has adhered to a user-driven approach, consistently focusing on user-driven product innovations. Their debut product, ANYX Pro, quickly gained widespread market attention and received high praise from industry experts.

The brand specialises in the development and production of pod system vaping products, offering users safe, reliable, and high-quality vaping solutions while creating value for their partners.

Supported by the robust capabilities of the Eigate Group, ANYX holds over 2,300 industry patents and operates several state-of-the-art production facilities. With a dedicated R&D team of over 120 experts, ANYX ensures its products maintain a leading edge in technology.

Furthermore, ANYX holds multiple management certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, GMP, and more.

The Product Manager of ANYX mentioned,

“We are committed to delivering outstanding products that cater to user taste preferences. We look forward to our fans and users actively participating in this special anniversary campaign.

The new flavour we introduce will be based on the flavour combinations most preferred by users. We encourage all fans to get involved and stay tuned.”

For those interested in vaping, you can visit the ANYX official website for more information and stay tuned for the announcement on November 21st.

This campaign is not just a celebration of ANYX’s first anniversary; it is a genuine opportunity for users to participate and shape the future of the ANYX brand.

For more information, please visit:
Follow ANYX on social media: @anyxglobal

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