In for review is the Aquios Labs Aquios Bar Disposable Vape.

Aquios Bar disposable e-cigs main picIt’s pretty fair to say that as beneficial to the health e-cigs can be they still cause dehydration which often leads to mouth dryness. That can be especially true for someone like myself – a regular chain vaper.

The combination of VG/PG in e-liquid is known to absorb moisture from the skin. It’s one of the reasons I now drink plenty of water when vaping.

That brings me nicely around to Aquios Labs, a new technology firm. These folks have teamed up with vape manufacturing giant Innokin with a mission to redefine the way we vape.

Armed with over 10 years of innovation within the vaping industry and the tech to evolve, this partnership unveiled the Aquios Bar water based disposable vaporiser at the UK Vape Expo in Birmingham this year.

It seems there are quite a few advantages to water based e-liquids. So let’s take a look.

What Can We Expect From The Aquios Bar Disposable Vape?

Water based e-liquids have been tried before apparently but with little success. It seems Innokin and Aquios Labs have come up with a successful formula thus creating the world’s first water based vapes.

Water based vaping Aquios Labs Aquios Bar card

So why the need for a water based e-liquid in the first place? After all, we’ve managed without it for as long as vaping’s been a thing.

It’s all about the AQ30 water based technology and the extra benefits it brings. The addition of water (30% to be exact) is designed to result in a smoother vape, faster nicotine satisfaction and a cleaner overall taste.

The dehydrating qualities of standard e-liquid ingredients are significantly reduced.

Although PG is relatively tasteless, it’s often the cause of throat irritation. VG usually tastes sweet which means some of the flavour is masked while vaping. The addition of water lowers both PG and VG levels which results in a much cleaner, refined taste with less harshness felt on the throat.

I’m personally having a hard time understanding how it wouldn’t cause leakage but then I’m not exactly innovative either. I’ll leave the science to Aquios Labs and Innokin..

They’ve gone one step further too. We already know Innokin have never shirked from their environmental responsibilities and this is reflected in the design and build of the Aquios Bar.

It’s fully recyclable and uses less carbon intensive material than many other disposable e-cigs currently on the market. Each component can be broken down, recycled accordingly thus reducing the vape carbon footprint.

Amen to that! Always a positive step to take..


  • Size: 97 x 17mm
  • Nicotine: Salt nicotine 20mg
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Puffs: Up to 600 puffs
  • 30% water content
  • Battery capacity: 450mAh
  • Material: Paper
  • Coil: 1.1ohm Nichrome mesh coil
  • Power Output: 3.6V continuous
  • Activation: Auto draw

There are currently 10 flavours in the Aquios Bar range to choose from. I’m taking a look at three and testing for flavour, intensity, consistency, replication and good ‘ole cloud production.

Big shout out to Aquios Labs for sending these across for the purposes of review. It’s very much appreciated.

Mango Passion Ice

Aquios Bar Mango Passion IceAquios Labs Say:

Authentic Mango paired with a sweet Passionfruit and a moderate icy finish.

I Say:

This has a very clean taste and the citrus element begins to kick in just after the inhale. There’s not a great deal of sweetness present and what there is catches the tip of the tongue after the vape.

I found most of the Passionfruit while taking short MTL bursts on the disposable. That’s when most of the tartness spills out. It’s mixed in with just a hint of sourness.

Mango predominates during a normal exhale but it could do with being more focused and accessible to be quite honest. It’s definitely a weakened version but some will prefer that over the usual sickly sweet and overpowering generic fodder out there.

I can’t fault the Coolada. It’s there and massages the rear of the throat without ruining the overall flavour properties of the e-juice.

As a fruity, tropical mix, Mango Passion Ice gets the job done. The flavour quality on the exhale could do with a lift but as always, it’s going to be each to their own.

Sour Apple

Aquios Bar Sour AppleAquios Labs Say:

Sour green candy Apple with a subtle ice finish.

I Say:

I have to be completely blunt about Sour Apple. I’m not getting much of anything. There is a little sourness to the exhale but pretty much nothing else.

There’s also a trace of sweetness left on the tongue after the vape but it’s consequently a very weird experience. I don’t pick out any Apple content at all. To make matters worse, while the Coolada plays its part cooling the inside of the mouth there’s no fruit to accompany it.

So because there’s no actual taste to describe, Sour Apple fails I’m afraid. I’ve spent plenty of time in the hopes that Apple might develop but to no avail.

There’s no way I would continue to vape this passed the test period. It’s totally devoid of flavour.

Watermelon Ice

Aquios Bar Watermelon IceAquios Labs Say:

Sweet candy style Watermelon with a moderate icy finish

I Say:

It’s more about the moderate icy finish with Watermelon Ice. It has by far the most presence out of the three tested. It’s still pleasing that the Coolada has been balanced against the fruit and the Watermelon does actually take on a candy like twist.

There’s a minimal amount of sweetness thrown in and can be felt mid way through the exhale. The overall experience is quite refreshing although again, flavour reproduction is on the subtle side.

The knock on effect is that I’m rarely noticing anything as an after taste to the vape. Nothing lingers. The flavour fades away quite dramatically once the vape is over.

Battery Life and Number Of Puffs

I got five and a half hours use from the Aquios Bar disposable. Based on my usual daily vaping pattern of 90 puffs per hour that means around 495 puffs.

Final Review Verdict

These flavours are very subtle. Nothing ever jumps out in the way it usually does with disposable vapes. It’s hard to describe because the taste is still there. It may be having a helping hand with the sweeter element, often cropping up towards the end of the exhale.

I only managed to squeeze a bit more flavour out when taking short MTL bursts. As far as the MTL experience itself goes the Aquios Bar does a very good job and the airflow restriction is on point.

Vapour production is actually reduced over traditional disposables too. The exhale produces very little in the way of cloud production. So it’s less than a traditional cigarette.

I’m not entirely convinced by these water based e-liquids. Dare I go as far as to say they’re watered down? It certainly feels like the flavour has been diluted hence why I’ve used the word ‘subtle’.

I will end on a positive note, though. What flavour I did receive was consistent throughout every day use, delivering with every vape.

The hit from 20mg salt nicotine was also silky smooth and I suffered no throat irritation whatsoever. Adequate airflow restriction meant that the auto draw performed perfectly, every time.

I just personally prefer more flavour from my disposable e-cigs.

Mango Passion Ice
Sour Apple
Watermelon Ice
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