Introduction To The Gusto Mini by Aspire

Today we are looking at the Aspire Gusto Mini ‘Powered by Element Designer Nic Salts’. It is known as a ‘closed pod system’ where you slot a pod, complete with coil and e-liquid into the device and you’re good to go!

No messy filling or changing coils. And when it’s empty, chuck it in the bin and replace with a new pod!Gusto-With-Pods

But how did I get on with it? Find out below in my written and video review!

The Gusto Mini is available in 4 different finishes. All of which have the same black C-Frame body, but the difference is in the anodised aluminium cover that slides onto it.

See The Gusto Kit by Aspire In Action With My Video Review

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What’s In The Box


  • 1 x Gusto Mini Mod
  • Micro USB charge cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual


  • Pod Tank Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 950mAh
  • Pod Coil: 1.5ohm
  • Organic Cotton
  • Side view of liquid volume
  • LED light battery indicator
  • Replaceable 510 Drip Tip Mouthpiece

Build Quality & Design

We’ll start from the top and make our way down the device…

The Drip Tip:

You get two 510 drip tips in the pack, both identical. They’re made from plastic and are a perfect size for this device.Gusto-Flat

The Device:

What a little beauty this is! Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for some discreet stealth vaping action! The black plastic c-frame goes extremely well with the anodised metal sleeve.

On the front face you have a fire button, LED charge/power light and a micro USB port. The button is slightly spongy, but has a reassuring click towards the end of the throw.Gusto-Front

On the back edge of the metal sleeve, you have a cut out to see how much e-liquid you have left in the pod. And this hole is also where the pod takes its airflow from outside of the device. So remember to keep your hands out of the way for maximum airflow!Gusto-Back

Sliding off the sleeve reveals the simple internals of the device. Four plastic securing clips, Aspire branding and the space where your pod goes. And it’s simple as pie to install the pods, find out more below!Gusto-Open

Installing the Element Ns Pods:Gusto-Pod-Box

As said above, Installing the pods is as easy as pie. Simply unbox your pod.Gusto-Pod3

Remove the two tails from the baseGusto-Pod2

Let the e-liquid flood the coilGusto-Pod1

Leave for 5 minutes for the wick to absorb the e-liquid, then square up the pod with the device and slide in!

How To Refill The Aspire Gusto Mini Pods

It’s possible, if you don’t mind a little fiddling, to refill the Gusto Mini pods with any e-liquid of your choosing. As always, this is to be done at your own risk! Also, keep in mind this is a coil so it will degrade over time. Could last 2 refills, could last 5 or 10. You will know when the flavour starts to diminish.

Basic instructions

  • Remove rubber bung at the top of the pod next to the chimney hole using needle nosed tweezers or something like a needle and you just want to poke it in there, embed it and pop this little thing out
  • Fill with e-liquid – This will need to be small nozzle to reduce mess.
  • Replace the bung and pop it back down a touch to plug the hole
  • Wipe any excess e-liquid off the pod
  • Pop it back in the tank and you’re good to go!

How Does the Aspire Gusto Mini Perform?

All I can say is WOW. This thing reminds me of the ‘Noisy Cricket’ from the Men In Black film. It’s small, but packs an awesome punch, and that is down to the Element Designer Nic Salts.

The only way I can personally describe Nic Salts is as ‘That first cigarette sensation’ Remember the first time you had a cigarette, and you got that amazing head rush. THAT is what you get.

So, from what I understand, Nic Salts is a different way of extracting nicotine from the plant, in this case, it’s using salts. it also gets into your system quicker, hence why you get the head rush. The e-liquids are 20mg, but give you the throat hit of a 3mg. You get a slight tingle in your chest, but the bulk of the nicotine hit is in the head.

Flavour & Clouds

Overall, the flavour and clouds on the Gusto Mini is pretty damn good! But this device isn’t about clouds. It’s about delivering a decent and reliable nicotine hit, extremely efficiently. And it does it extremely well!

Battery Life:

The life has been pretty decent for a 950mAh capacity battery! I actually gauged this in terms of how many pods I went through before the battery wore out. And it lasted me 2 pods in total, which was around one and a half days of vaping for me. Recharge time is very quick.

I didn’t actually time it, but it took me the length of a nice long soak in the bath to charge up fully. So possibly around an hour if I was guessing. The green light will shine when it is fully charged.Gusto-LED

What I Like

EVERYTHING. The flavour and nicotine hit is pretty damn good. For under £20 you are getting a damn good bit of kit.

What I Dislike

There’s nothing much to dislike. It’s a little small for me and the pods could be a bit bigger capacity. But other than that, nothing to complain about.

Final Review Verdict

The Aspire Gusto Mini is a great little kit for every kind of vaper. Beginners all the way through to advanced. I would go far enough to say it’s a must have for every vaper.

Which brings me to the question, Would I buy the Aspire Gusto Mini If I lost or broke it???



  • Good looks
  • Great flavour
  • Smooth airflow
  • Good battery life


  • 2ml pods
  • A bit too small

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Buying if Lost or Damaged
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  1. I know this is an older bit of kit now, but the capacity of these pods is actually 4.2ml. They are just shortfilled to 2ml for the TPD market! 🙂


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