Nautilus – The Big Tank From Aspire

It’s been a long time coming with my Aspire Nautilus review but as they say ‘better late than never’!  I have actually been using this as one of my main go to tanks over the last few weeks alongside the Nautilus Mini when a smaller form is needed.

So how does this tank perform? Lets have a closer look.

Aspire Nautilus Clearomiser

Aspire Nautilus Setup

There is no getting past it, the Nautilus is a big tank. With a 5ml capacity this doesn’t really come as a surprise. Out of the box the build quality is immediately apparent. The smooth, rounded lines make for a nice difference from the straight edges of the Kanger and Innokin tanks I have been using of late.

When I took the clearomiser apart each individual component feels quality and most importantly fits together perfectly reducing the chance of leakage occurring which after using for a while I had no issue with.

The Nautilus parts

First thoughts: I’m impressed so far!

Filling The Nautilus

The Nautilus is filled from the bottom, just stand it up straight and fill, avoiding the centre. Avoiding the center tube is easy due to the size, there is loads of room to fit any size bottle nozzle in the tank. Once the juice is in there simply screw the base back in and you are ready to go.

How to fill the Aspire Nautilus

As mentioned in other clearomiser reviews before filling and when refilling just check the coil head is screwed in firmly. The main cause of leaking through the bottom of any bottom coil tank is down to the fact the coil head has come loose and this can happen when unscrewing the base from the main tank.

Nautilus with e-liquid

Aspire Nautilus performance

The Aspire Nautilus comes with 2 coil atomiser heads. A 1.6 oHm that is already installed and a 1.8 oHm coil  spare.

Aspire have recently updated their coils to the Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) of which I used on the Nautilus Mini review. Performance wise between the two coils, I can’t tell too much difference, both performed a treat for me.

Great vapour volume and flavours coming through on both. With the Nautilus I was using the Rhubarb & Custard e-liquid from Decadent Vapours which was a great little vape on this tank.

The other feature of this tank is the air flow control that is located on the base. There are four settings to tighten or loosen the draw to your preference. This worked well and the actual collar ring when turned has a satisfying click when each selected setting.

Replacement Parts

The Aspire Nautilus coil heads and Pyrex glass are the two main parts that can be replaced. The latter if you are careful with the tank should last a long time, the coils however will need replacing on a more regular basis, obviously depending on how heavy a vaper you are.

Aspire Nautilus review

If you are looking to replace the glass then I would urge you to take a look at the diamond pattern steel sleeve. This really does look great and is only a few pounds extra.

Nautilus Steel sleeve

Overall – Final thoughts

I thought the Aspire Nautilus tank was superb, it’s easy to use and the flavour and vapour volume it produces is up there with the best.

Is the Nautilus suitable for new e cig users? Yes, definitely. It may take a few minutes of studying the tank to get your head around it but after that you will find it super simple to use.

Is it suitable for advanced vapers?. Again yes. If you want something you can just throw on top of your battery, maybe to use out and about, then this is a great option.

So to sum up, if you are on the fence jump right off it and buy one of these tanks.

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  1. Excellent Products! I love my Prospect.
    Folks at Vapor Cafe are most friendly and knowledgeable in all things regarding Vaping!! Vape and Carry on!! N. Idaho

  2. for me definetly the best tank for M2L.. looks pretty nice with the hollowed Tank, taste ist very good, vape is not to much…

  3. This was what I thought was a pretty decent tank, however it gurgled uncontrolable. I still own it and did not think of using a different coil, I’ll see if my eleaf Mello/Triton coil will work!

  4. Still my favourite tank as I get none of the leaks through air holes I’ve experienced on Atlantis, Subtank, iSub Apex & Uwell Crown.
    With airhole wide open, lung hits are just possible but produces lots of vapour even when doing mouth to lung or mouth only.
    Flavour consistently good.
    I feel the 1,8ohm coil is more consistent than the 1.6. It also works most efficiently between 4.2 & 4.8 volts i.e. around 11 watts.
    With flavour & vape production not far behind a sub ohm tank, your battery & juice lasting much longer, a easy fill 5ml tank capacity & your coils being cheaper & lasting longer, there’s little point in sub ohming unless you’re a serious cloud chaser and/or really fussy about flavour.

  5. Great starter tank. Little big if using a small battery. But also comes in a mini. Had one of each for years still working great. Mouth to lung.

  6. While time and tech have should have passed this guy by it does still hold up quite well as a stepping stone product for those looking for a little more than what a cig-a-like brings to the table but who aren’t ready to take the subohm plunge.


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