The use of CBD infused e-liquids has grown substantially this past couple of years and is set to continue to be a booming industry to say the least with many established e-liquid companies now bringing out their own versions.

Harmony has been at the forefront of the growth in popularity of CBD pretty much from the start and have expanded considerably. Indeed the company’s first batch of CBD flavours was one of the first I reviewed.harmony cbd eliquid hardware review

I’ve always liked the fact they’ve kept the authentic terpenes taste in their juice range which is not something all users of CBD e-liquid enjoy.

What Can We Expect from the Harmony CBD Vape Pen?

This new set of Harmony CBD flavours continues in that mode – however the addition of zesty citrus fruits has made for an interesting mix and as to if I enjoy them as much we shall see.

Harmony has also released new hardware in the form of eGO style Harmony CBD pen and cartridges. They have also added the classic and solid Joyetech eGO AIO device to their CBD vape juice bundles.

I’d like to thank the folks over at Harmony for sending me a packed CBD hamper that also included lollipops and CBD tea bags as well as a couple of my favorite flavours I’ve already reviewed. And of course even though they arrived free of charge – thank you – that in no way affects my opinions.

BTW CBD is short for Cannabidiol and it’s what’s left when the THC is extracted. That’s the active ingredient in cannabis that gets the user ‘high’.

With that removed obviously whilst CBD has anecdotal claims of helping alleviate certain symptoms – you won’t get stoned…For more information do check out my article Guide To CBD & Vaping – Is it For You? and The Best CBD E-Liquid.

For the record here’s the company’s disclaimer:

These products are not intended for use by persons under legal smoking age or nonsmokers. These products do not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, physical ailment, or condition. Cannabidiol or CBD, is a promising phytocannabinoid found in agricultural hemp. CBD is non-psychotoxic (i.e. it does not result in feelings of euphoria) and has a remarkable safety profile.

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Harmony CBD Pen

These are most definitely an ideal way to try vaping on CBD and at a cracking price too.

They are an ego style vape pen which simply means rather than a USB or 510 connection – the pen screws into the charger which in turn pops into your USB port to power up. It’s the same with the CBD infused cartridge – just remove all covers and screw it onto the pen and vape…no button to press!

At the moment Harmony has just two flavours – Moroccan Mint and OG Kush – I’ve reviewed both these Harmony CBD vape flavours here – however I’ll do a quick recap in a mo’ just to see if they’ve changed at all.

harmony cbd vape pen and cartridge

Just to point out that as of the time of writing there’s just 100mg of CBD infused within each 1ml cartridge.

That might not sound a lot however it’s a good starting point and with around 400 puffs – I lost count sorry lol – on each pen a few puffs every hour will get that CBD nicely circulating in your system.

You can of course buy the battery and charger on its own as you can the cartridges. As to the flavours?

Moroccan Mint

Extremely refreshing and not at all a harsh menthol – indeed it’s not one I’d call menthol as it’s more on the sweeter side of the actual plant…imagine a Mojito and you’ll get where I’m coming from.

harmony moroccan mint cbd cartridge review

The mint mixes beautifully with those botanical terpenes creating a very refreshing pleasant vape…

OG Kush

Yet another classic cannabis strain that many users of the real stuff will recognize with I’m sure some fondness. It’s always been a favourite of mine as has Harmony’s CBD version – very authentic.

harmony og kush cbd cartridge

Nothing has changed with the flavour coming from the vape pen and it is loaded with those earthy botanical notes so maybe not one for the absolute beginner.

Final Verdict

Nothing groundbreaking with the Harmony CBD Pen design and performance – they are very old school and I mean that in a good way.

The draw is very much on the Mouth to Lung (MTL) side of things – restrictive for sure but certainly not uncomfortable.

They’re simple to use, come pre-filled and are solid and satisfying with an affordable entry point to vaping on CBD – especially once you’ve bought the pen vaporizer.

Joyetech eGo AIO

Harmony has also started stocking the Joyetech eGo AIO which whilst a little dated is as solid a performer as you could wish for.

Jonny reviewed this little gem back in 2016 and after using this I have to concur with his thoughts – it offers decent flavour and is about as simple to use as vaping gets.

joyetech ego aio cbd

Given vaping pens and AIO devices have certainly advanced since back then it still holds its own in today’s market. However there are very many MTL vape pens/mods tanks and rebuildables to choose from so shop around if you fancy something a little newer.

Incidentally the Joyetech eGo AIO is not available to buy on its own rather it comes as part of a CBD starter kit which includes a choice of liquid…check the website for more details. Link at the end.

OK let’s take a look at the new CBD infused e-liquid flavours:

NYC Diesel – From 0mg Pure Terpenes to 600mg CBD

new york diesel cbd review

Harmony Say:

Groundbreaking and powerful like the city itself, experience a pleasantly pungent smack of ripe grapefruit and lovely lime that finishes with a hint of funky fuel.

I Say:

Now this one is bang on my flavour profile given I love tart fruity vapes. The grapefruit blows your socks off and leaves your mouth tingling and almost dry – just like the fruit itself.

The exhale brings in that ‘funky fuel’ which I’m guessing is terpenes and against the fore note of grapefruit it makes for a refreshing and mouth cleansing taste – absolutely stunning if you like things on the sour side!

Unlike the ‘city that never sleeps’ this one felt as though it certainly helped with my, at times, insane insomnia…

Critical Mala – From 0mg Pure Terpenes to 600mg CBD

critical mala cbd review

Harmony Say:

Sweet and highly sought-after, you’ll fall in love with the herbal, earthy notes rounded out by a beautifully subtle citrus that lingers.

I Say:

Another flavour I’d pick out without even tasting! This one isn’t quite as wild as the NYC Diesel but still packs a citrus punch on the inhale. The exhale brings in the sweeter fruity notes but most definitely not over sweetened.

And it’s on the exhale where those terpenes come to the fore however they’re not as harsh as I like so this flavour would most definitely suit newcomers to CBD vaping. Just enough of those botanical flavours to keep me happy and sweet enough for newbies…good stuff!

Exodus Cheese – From 0mg Pure Terpenes to 600mg CBD

exodus cheese cbd review

This legendary classic combines a meticulous reconstruction of one of the most widely adored cannabis strains in history. Powerfully tangy and slightly sweet, you’ll relish the deep, earthy notes and sharp tang that have excited taste buds for ages.

I Say:

The smell on opening the bottle whisked me back to the late 70s and my first sampling of this incredible ‘strain’.

The work gone into replicating the taste of this almost mythical variety of cannabis must have been a labour of love – ‘cos they’ve nailed it 90% – and that’s going some.

Earthy it definitely is and those terpenes are to the fore on the inhale however the magic comes on the exhale. Sweet notes in the background swirl across your taste buds before the vapour brings in a tingling tartness that is as addictive as divine.

An absolutely stunning vape that new users might enjoy given the hint of fruity sweetness…however ‘old hands’ like me will relish it to say the least…wow!

Kiwi Skunk – From 0mg Pure Terpenes to 600mg CBD

kiw skunk cbd review

Harmony Say:

Electric and lively, enjoy this spirited “fantasy flavor” profile—the fruitiest combination we’ve ever mixed in a playful dance with damp, earthy kush.

I Say:

This is pretty much becoming a gush fest and it’s as if Harmony has dipped into my flavour profile with these new flavours lol.

Yup this one sits bang on my taste plate again – both the Kiwi and of course the Kush – that of course being yet another legendary strain of cannabis.

It’s a very fruity vape with those terpenes and botanicals mixing quite beautifully with the sharp yet perfectly balanced sweetness of the kiwi fruit.

Very refreshing – very moreish and given the overload of sweet citrusy goodness another good one for new users on established CBD vapers alike.

Final Verdict and Other CBD Goodies

I’ve had a long standing relationship with Harmony – the umbrella brand name for a number of CBD infused e-liquids and have in the past rated their juices highly.

Nothing has changed with these new flavours if anything they’ve surpassed the originals and given CBD is relatively expensive – they’ve also managed to keep the prices competitive.

The new flavours are bloody gorgeous – maybe leaning to the more established CBD vaper given the back and fore notes can be botanics and terpene heavy. However the hint of fruity sweetness does calm things down making for extremely refreshing vapes.

The new Harmony CBD Pen works very well indeed and whilst not bringing anything new to the vape table deliver a good vape that’s not too restrictive. The eGO AIO whilst a very popular device a couple of years ago is maybe a tad dated but again does the job with no fuss delivering a decent flavour.

The folks over at Harmony included a couple of lollipops [not for kids] which are very fruity and also a packet of ‘tek teabags’ made from ‘bio hemp leaves and flowers’. I tried to drink Chinese Green Tea once and bloody hated it… …sadly they’re not for me…I’ll stick to Yorkshire Tea bags 😉

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Vape Pens
Joyetech eGo AIO
NYC Diesel
Critical Mala
Exodus Cheese
Kiwi Skunk
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