Bryn’s Special Sauce is a new range of e-liquids from a very well-known vaping company – Jacvapour.

Bryn began home brewing e-liquids as a hobby – but pretty soon it was obvious the guy was a mixing genius and JAC has been smart enough to sign him up!

bryns sauce

They say Bryn’s Special Sauce e-liquids are made from the ‘finest ingredients’ and are for the more ‘discerning vaper.’

Whether I’m one of the latter I wouldn’t like to say – however I do know a good juice flavour when I try one and to be honest not many out there tickle my taste buds 😉

Bryn’s Special Sauce – High VG Flavours For Sub Ohm Vapers

OK there’s currently four flavours in the range – Papricot Custard, Sour Blue Sorbet, TE’ and Papricot Custard – I’m told more are to follow.

They are 80% VG 20% PG so perfect for the cloud chasers out there and hopefully for us flavour chasers too – and they come in either 3mg or 6mg nicotine – in x3 10ml bottles inside a nice little box.

The e-liquids were sent to me for the purpose of this review by JAC Vapour – and despite those guys being pretty much responsible for stopping me smoking with one of their kits back in the day – my thoughts and opinions are as always my own.

For the review I used my trusty old Doge III RDA and the OBS Crius RDTA – both freshly wicked every time. Let’s see if these can make on to the best e-juice list!

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Bryn’s Special Sauce – Sour Lime Sorbet

sour lime sorbet bryns sauce jac vapour

Jacvapour Says:

Bryn’s done it again, coming up trumps with another incredible flavour creation.

Combining light, bright and mouth-watering lime notes with a strong, iced finish, his new Sour Lime Sorbet is a truly sour taste sensation that will leave you wanting more.

Balancing the delicacy of Persian lime, with the more acidic and zingy Key Lime, with a twist of lemon, Sour Lime Sorbet packs a hefty citrus blast of flavour.

I Say:

Just in time for the summer and the micro mini heatwave we’re having here in the UK comes one of the most refreshing e-liquids you’re ever likely to try.

This is bang on my flavour palate and even the addition of a cooling agent hasn’t stopped me from chain vaping this since it arrived a couple of days ago.

You are literally slapped in the face by the sharp citrus tang of those stronger limes before the sweeter [but not too sweet] variety combines with that dash of lemon creating a stunning mouthwatering vape.

The cooling effect is just enough to refresh the mouth and cleanse the palate making your taste-buds scream for more!


Bryn’s Special Sauce – Sour Blue Sorbet


Jacvapour Says:

A true, sour vape has been the El Dorado of juice makers for years, but Bryn has truly cracked it. A genuine sour vapour, with lashings of blue raspberry and just a touch of cool menthol to help cleanse the palate. Simple, but incredibly well executed.

I Say:

I do like sharp sour citrus tasting juices and I am on record as saying ‘I don’t do menthol’ e-liquids so to be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to this one.


This is one of the cleanest – crispest and downright delicious juices I’ve had the pleasure to try.

On the inhale comes the sourest and I mean sourest taste that sets your teeth on edge but within a split second its calmed by wave after wave of sharp yet sweet and juicy blue raspberry.

And trust me the exhale of that tingly fresh mint really does cleanse the palate – leaving your mouth clean and fresh and creating wonderfully aromatic dense clouds – an all-day vape for sure!

Bryn’s Special Sauce – Papricot Custard


Jacvapour Says:

Even a man’s man like Bryn needs a little comforting from time to time. Where does he turn? His patented Papricot Custard juice of course. Warm, soft peach, combined with fruity crushed apricot and finished off with a touch of rich vanilla custard. With just a hint of assorted dried fruits, including grape, plum and apple.

I Say:

One of my all-time favourite e-liquids is peach based however as a child I absolutely hated apricots lol so again I wasn’t going into this with much hope that I’d like it!

But once again this guy Bryn has created a masterpiece – this is nothing short of divine.

The inhale gives you a right juicy whack in the gob from the slightly sharp apricot before the sweetness of the peach takes the sharpness away giving a really refreshing fruity vape.


It’s on the exhale the magic happens as layer after layer of more fruit flavours than you can shake a stick at pile in before the creamiest custard combines leaving your taste buds almost orgasmic.

Yeah I did say orgasmic.

This is truly the nectar of the Gods and has shot into my top 5 of all time vapes – absolutely wondrous and one fruit – custard and dessert vapers will adore.


Bryn’s Special Sauce – TE’


Jacvapour Says:

Fresh and candied citrus fruits, and rangpur are blended with notes of Jasmine, Darjeeling and Assam and balanced out with just a hint of menthol for a light, tantalizing vape.

I Say:

Those of you – like me – who are not that keen on menthol vapes relax – because the key word here is ‘hint’.

There’s the merest hit of ice that’s more coolada than menthol and it really does ping the rest of the flavours off your palate.

Hand on heart this is probably the most refreshing e-liquid I have ever tried – a complex mix of various citrus and sweet fruits washed in a variety of refreshing teas bombard your taste buds with layer after layer of deliciousness.

Hey I’m English so putting anything with tea in front of me is bound to be to my taste right!

I’ve had this 30ml box for less than a week and it’s gone – absolutely gorgeous.

Final Verdict

This guy is a magician!

These three e-liquid flavours have surprised me given I really didn’t hold out much hope liking them – given one – I’m a fussy old sod and two – custard and menthol are not high on my list of favourite flavours.

But Bryn has weaved his magical mixology skills and created three flavours that for me are right up there with some of the best e-liquids I’ve ever tasted.

Deep and rich with layer after layer of flavour held together perfectly – trust me you find a new note every time you vape!

And I tell you what those never mind clouds for days – we’re talking weeks such is their sweet smelling density!

Wondrous stuff, I would highly recommended trying the Bryn’s Special Sauce e-liquid flavours a try.

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Sour Blue Sorbet
Papricot Custard
Sour Lime Sorbet
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  1. Vaping changed the way I live I feel better not just my health but my state of mind and I have saved a lot of money and my health has improved so much 😎✌️

  2. Have been vapein for over six years now and have been mixing my own juice for almost a year started before they put the new today ban into place


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