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An Award Winning Vape Shop and E-Liquid And A Hugely Popular YouTube Channel – We Go Inside Chris Bell’s Vaping Empire

In an interview that really is as big and honest as his personality – Chris Bell owner of the super successful award winning Liverpool based vape shop Empire Vape Co and host of his much loved Empire Vape Co YouTube vape channel talks candidly about the sheer graft behind his meteoric rise on the vape scene.

This is a huge interview so not much of a preamble from me [for a change lol].

It’s a fascinating interview and we discuss Chris’ early roots – his first job in vaping – the launch of his award winning shop and e-liquid line and the incredible growth of his extremely popular YouTube channel and much much more.

And here’s a bit of a teaser…

Could he be one of the first – if not the first – UK YouTube vape reviewer to be bringing out some vaping hardware..?

You’ll have to read on 😉

And as it’s nearing Valentine’s Day there’s a touch of romance too with a lovely story of how Chris met Beka – the Posh and Becks of the vape scene maybe? – and how her unbelievable support has helped get him and his business where it is to day.

I suggest you make sure you have plenty of juice in your tank – you’re going to need it as this is probably the longest interview we’ve ever done!


A little about yourself first…

Hi well my name is Chris, as you may or may not be aware I go by the name Empire Vape Co on YouTube!

I am 28 years young! People know where I am from almost instantly due to the thick scouse accent that you cannot mistake.

How long have you and Beka been together and how did you meet? I guess she’s your number one supporter?

I have been with the lovely Beka 10 years this month on the 17th February.

The way we met was by sheer chance if I am honest. I was out one night many years ago at The Krazyhouse in Liverpool with a few friends just enjoying myself and I saw her across the club with a few of her friends.

It was quite funny as she was dressed in a black t-shirt that said SECURITY across the front so instantly I was like I have no chance, shes staff or she is gonna throw me out just because she could!

As you do I said to one of the lads that she was ‘fit’ and to do the whole wingman thing for me and approach her (I was just 18 come on!) so off they went and ended up asking the wrong girl! They ended up asking her best friend!

Chris and Beka
Chris and Beka

She wasn’t interested as she had a boyfriend and I wasn’t her type so I nearly lost the opportunity with Beka.

This was way back when I was a lot more into my alternative style dress (I still am now just more mature) so I had the long emo fringe, piercings, flesh tunnels, my first tattoo, band shirts, DC shoes the whole lot.

Beka was exactly the same, just the female version! Large back combed hair, thick black eyeliner, piercings the lot. This was my thing in a big way back then so it just worked!

Anyway….I ended up walking over myself sorting the situation out and got speaking to her. We sort of hit it off straight away and had a few quick conversations before leaving each other for the night. I noticed her again at the end of the night got the obligatory kiss in there and that was it.

I saw her again in the same club the following week and thankfully she recognised me and we started talking yet again. This time at the end of the night I ended up getting her phone number….she wasn’t getting away from me again haha!

Engaged On Christmas Day – So Chris Is An Old Romantic Too!

Fast forward nearly 10 years and we are now engaged! I popped the question on Christmas day 2016 because I am a smooth operator like that and thankfully she said yes!

You will see me refer to her in videos as my Mrs Empire. She is easily my number 1 supporter! She was there the week Empire was being stocked up and helped me right up until the last minute the night before we opened the doors for the first time! She has to deal with me working a good 55-60 hours a week at the shop then coming home and a few nights a week walking in dropping my things and going right I have to record a VLOG or a review.

beka and chris empire vape co
Beka and Chris ‘the early days’

She is definitely supportive of what I do and recently has started joining me on the Super Awesome Vape Show Aftershow. People are starting to demand her to come on.
I wouldn’t change her for the world if I am honest. Beka certainly keeps me in check that’s for sure, she doesn’t take any crap and she will definitely let me know if I am spending too much time on the reviews and not with her.

How she puts up with me is beyond me, she has to live with my crazy sense of humour 24/7 that everyone only sees online for around 20-25 minutes per review. We get on so well and it just works. She also gets to try out all the latest stuff I get sent and likes a good look through all the juices that come through.

She has a good taste in mods/tanks/juices so her opinion means a lot.

I think you celebrated your 28th birthday last week and come from Liverpool is that right?

I certainly did! I was well and truly spoilt! I am originally from Huyton, Liverpool! I have since moved to a different part of Liverpool to live with Beka.

What age did you start smoking?

As I said earlier, back in the day I was the typical alternative lad, I was in a band as a guitarist and loved my drink. I used to go to a lot of gigs back when smoking indoors was not illegal.

I tried my first cig and like everyone became hooked. I started smoking lots on nights out and it sort of became a fashion accessory as bad as that sounds.
This lead to me buying cigs for every day purpose and it quickly became a habit.

When and why did you decided to quit through vaping and what was your first set-up and juice?

When I was younger I used to do karate (I simply do not have the time to train anymore) I got to my Black belt when I was 16. My wake up call was one night at training I was hitting it hard, felt fine, then bang!

My chest tightened up and I could hardly catch my breath. This was definitely down to the cigs as I was in a physically fit condition otherwise.

My good friend at the time took me to a basic vape shop not too far from where I live now and I got one of the typical CE4 pen style kits with a 24mg juice (Yes back in the day when that existed)

Needless to say it never really worked. It never gave me enough power. I was able to use a sub ohm styled kit back then without much trouble.


The same friend discovered a shop in Liverpool City Centre called Herman Vapes and off we went. Tom, who I still speak to today both in a friend and professional capacity sorted me right out.

I picked up an ELEAF iStick 50w battery and an Aspire Atlantis tank. My first ever premium juice was Yoda Blood by Ace Of Vapes!

I was hooked! This was what I needed. The flavour was clean, the vapour production was perfect and the hit was spot on!

Before you got into the vape industry what was your job/career?

I have had quite a few jobs to be honest! My very first job was in Curly Music in Liverpool City Centre.

I completed my work experience there and was offered a Saturday job afterwards. It was like a dream job as I was a guitarist at the time anyway! I got paid to help people get into playing and also got to play guitars daily worth £1000+

After then I had a few temporary jobs when I turned 18 in places such as call centres, Cash Converters, Fujitsu Data Processing Plant.

I then got my actual dream job at the age of 18. My cousin used to work for Sony Computer Entertainment in Wavertree, Liverpool. He got me an interview and briefed me on what to say and what not to say and off I went. A few weeks after I got the call!

Dream Job As A Games Tester!

The next 5 years consisted of me getting paid to test games on PS2,PS3,PS4 & PS VITA. People often say that must be a dream job……they are not wrong but it quickly wears off when the office politics comes into it.

The first year or so was amazing and then all the upper management were replaced with people willing to take bribes in return for the ‘good games’ or ‘The English Version’. Testers buying managers their choice of food from chippy’s or McDonalds.

It’s a bit unfair when you turn up to do your job to be constantly testing basically shit games that nobody is going to buy.

It also didn’t help that my team leader at the time was a prick and if it wasn’t dance music you listened to he wasn’t interested. He basically existed to make my shifts as hard as possible. It wasn’t just me that was treated this way.

I was made redundant in 2014 (I got a nice leaving sum) due to the whole robot era coming in. We used to make sure every game was tested 100% and came out working 100% from day 1.

The gaming industry today is a totally different place. Those of you who rush out to buy a game on day one of release only to have to sit there whilst it downloads a huge update….yeah we used to prevent that from happening.

You would get back from the game shop, put the disc in and the game would simply play.
Nowadays the bugs get logged go back to the publisher who fix them in the form of a day one patch (the huge download you now have to sit through.)

What was your first job in vaping and how was it?

My first job in the vaping industry came out of the blue! I was on my dinner hour one day and needed some coils and a top up of juice. I drove past a new shop with a friend and we both looked at each other and said lets go check it out.

So we head in to be greeted by a man who clearly did not know a thing about vaping. I ended up teaching him a few things and was nice about it to help him along the way.

As we were leaving he said “are you looking for a job” I was working at another call centre at the time doing accident claims and it wasn’t the best but it paid the bills. I accepted the job, it was full time and I had a burning passion for vaping.

Nick from DailyVape TV and Chris
Nick from DailyVape TV and Chris

A few weeks passed and I had turned the store around, I had my own customers who would ask for me and only want to be served by me it was fantastic! I was promoted to store manager within 3 months and things started taking off. The first YouTube channel was born.

Things quickly changed when people no longer wanted to speak to the other guy (I will leave his name out of it as he physically cannot stand me anymore) Wages started being withheld and excuses made. Hours being changed at the drop of a hat.

I basically got to a stage where I had no life! I was in the shop everyday 9am-7pm. Days off became a rarity. We did not get sick pay or holiday pay.

My staff started leaving due to the atmosphere in the store when he and his brothers were around. They treated people like machines and it was a horrible place to work in.

Learning The Skills Needed To Run A Vape Business

During my time there I had learned how to order stock, where to order it from and got a good few of my own contacts who again would contact the store and ask for me. This did not go down well with the owners.

I was approached by a customer one day who just came in for coils. He came in and said the following

“Do you want your own shop, I see you in here constantly and you are this shop, you bring the customers I have seen the way they are with you”

At first I was a bit like ok that’s a bit a strange but he gave me his number and left. I discussed it with Beka and my dad. They both said what have you got to lose you aren’t enjoying working where you are now go for it. The next day i gave him a call.

He invited me to his business to discuss the potential new venture and get all the details out on the table. Details discussed and budgets confirmed off I went to give the old shop the good news! Obviously it did not go down well and again the wages started being withheld. I gave them the proper notice that was required and informed the staff I was leaving along with my customers.

I could write you an entire book on the things that happened at that shop!

When did you first get the idea to open the Empire Vape shop and where did the name come from?

That’s a really good question! I have always been a thinker. I don’t stop thinking of ideas. I came up with the name Empire at first from the TV show Empire.I liked the main character, how he thought, his passion.

I also thought of the name as I wanted to do just that….BUILD AN EMPIRE! I knew I had it in me. I was confident in my knowledge and abilities and knew I could make my own business a success.

One of the core values of Empire is to make it everything that the old place wasn’t. So far so good and its flying! I love what I do for a living its so rewarding and I get to do what I love as a job.

How difficult was it to open up a vape shop? Can you explain the process from conception to opening up on the first day?

Simple answer…..NOT EASY! I had a lot of help from the group of lads I made friends with from the vaping industry, existing friends and I obviously had Beka and family too. The man and his partners who offered me the opportunity also brought in a lot of help he was fantastic! I owe everything to him/them.

The proudest moment was holding the keys to my very own shop for the first time. I am not gonna lie there were a few nights I used to come down open it up and just stand in it admiring an empty shell of what was to come.

empire vape co
the dream becomes a reality – the birth of Empire Vape Co

The stock is the main issue…..Even back then in 2016 the market moved so quickly with new releases. I had to sit and make a list of things I wanted to bring in. This had to consist of staple products I knew would sell, new coils and accessories for the newer kits and then a good mix of starter, medium and high end for my existing customers that I knew where about to follow me.

I had a budget I had to stick to and that was to be spread across:

  • Hardware
  • Coils
  • Juice
  • Accessories
  • Physical items for the shop such as EPOS systems, shelves, cabinets. These things things are not cheap!
  • Even little things like kettles, microwave, cutlery etc…

Having to cut costs was not gonna be acceptable for me. I wanted the shop to wow people the moment they entered.

People don’t seem to realise how much work goes into just getting the shop to look like a shop either! My shop was an estate agents before we took it over so the work wasn’t that much as it was already painted and to a standard suitable.

Nevertheless we still painted it all, changed the lighting and removed a few old fixtures.

empire vape co vape shop liverpool
Chris and Joe on the eve of the grand opening

I have always been able to look at something and see it finished and luckily the builder/decorater/painter shared my vision
and let me run with my ideas!

The back wall that houses the juice shelves to some people will just look like a wooden wall…it isn’t! That wall is made up of over 100 broken down import crates and fitted like a jigsaw to the wall to make it unique. Then finished over with a blowtorch to give an old/rustic look.

We finished the shelves off with scaffold poles to give it an industrial look to it. Safe to say it looks awesome!

It took 2 solid weeks of long hours both days and through the night to get the shop ready for opening. The counter is all hand built and the counter top a heavily worked thick slab of wood. Our builder was a genius at work getting that ready for the finishing touch to the counter.

How is the business going and do you have a website for vapers to order online?

The business is flying! I could not be happier! I never in a million years expected it to become this successful. My customers that joined me from day 1 are all still regular customers and its fantastic to see them return time after time.

Add the good few YouTube subscribers that shop both in store and online with me too its an amazing feeling to open the doors every morning.

I do have a website yes! It is Empire Vape Co I try to keep it as updated as I can but there is only so much I can do on my own at times!

How many staff do you currently employ?

At present there is just me and Charlie that are full staff at the shop. I do have a lot of friends that help out on a daily basis. The shop has usually got one of the gang chilling out at some point. They keep me company in between their own jobs and it’s a nice feeling to just be able to chill and have a laugh in between customers.

Do you see Empire Vape Co becoming a chain of shops in the future – what plans to do have for the business?

Empire has blown all my expectations so far out of the water! I was very lucky to have a customer base from day one. I cannot actually believe how well it has done and its only 18 months in!

I do have massive plans! I am ambitious and want a lot of Empire stores. I have even considered dabbling with the wholesale/distribution side to things.

Congratulations on your shop getting 3rd place in our 2017 Awards an amazing achievement – what does that mean to you?

Thank you ECigClick and to everyone who voted for Empire!

To be nominated in this category was absolutely incredible. At first I only saw the YouTube reviewer category, it was a friend that said Empire is up for shop of the year!

A few of the lads will tell you I instantly said I have no chance. It is only a single store and it has only been open 18 months. If it would have come last it would have been an achievement to me.


A few weeks passed and you could track the progress and the votes kept coming in. I couldn’t believe it.

It means the absolute world to me. It just proves the long hours and late nights are all worth it. People only see the shop from the physical shopping side.

They don’t see the long hours ordering stock, spending hours doing stock takes, cleaning, having pointless phone conversations with wholesalers who don’t have a clue what they are selling. A LOT of time goes into running Empire.

When and why did you decide to become a YouTube reviewer?

Haha! See this is a question I get asked a lot! It came about one day during a conversation at the old shop when it was a quiet week and I was chatting to some of the lads.

I was already subscribed back then to the likes of Vaping With Vic and Grimm Green. One of the lads said you could do that….at first I was like never haha. The reason behind it was my crazy sense of humour. They said Chris…you’re funny and you know your shit just set a channel up.

That night I went home and started my first channel titled as the old shop.

I was basically filming on my old potato smartphone before getting a basic webcam and using a guitar hero microphone sellotaped to my monitor (yes I was that rock and roll back in the day)

I had to hand the old channel back to the shop on leaving and I was gutted. I had 1511 subscribers and I thought that was it. That was the end of my reviewer career so to speak.

The old channel now has just under 900 subscribers as they have destroyed it and a lot of the old subscribers have followed over to my Empire channel and left the old channel.

empire vape co youtube

I wanted to become a reviewer for many reasons. I wanted to help people first of all. I know a lot of people that head to YouTube for many different reasons. It is a massive platform for helping people in many situations.

I wanted to give an honest and sometimes brutal opinion on products. I wanted to keep interacting with my old subs from the old channel as there were a few of them I spoke to at length at some points.

I actually enjoy it though! Its a release for me at times and a new hobby that I get something out of in many ways.

Big Thanks To My YouTube Channel Sponsors

At the time of this interview I am sponsored by Twelve Monkeys & BigBoyCoils by Shane Wiseman. I have been working with Twelve Monkeys since VapeJam 2017.

The support from both of these companies has been amazing.

Chris and Joe with the 12 Monkeys team
Chris and Joe with the 12 Monkeys team

Shane who runs BigBoyCoils got in touch via Facebook one day and said I am a coil builder blah blah blah do you want to review my coils. Now at the time of his email I was getting emails from several companies regarding pre made coils. I had tried a lot of them and you know what I am like I say it how it is they were pieces of shit called claptons.

Shane’s coils arrived and I put a pair of his fused claptons in my Recoil RDA.


They fired so quickly, were a dream to build and work with, the flavour was off the charts! I quickly got back to him with the feedback and he said would I consider him as a sponsor of the YouTube channel. I would be a fool not to accept.

Moving on and a few months later I was mid VLOG and I called Shane my sugar daddy. This has since turned into a running joke between us and my coils now arrive addressed to ‘The Sugar Baby’ it gets a few funny looks from the postman but its all fun!

To be even asked by Twelve Monkeys was mind blowing. They make my all time favourite juice in Tropika and now Hakuna.

Apparently the thing that triggered it was a customer of theirs had seen my videos and saw me talking about something I called ‘Crack Monkeys’ I mean Tropika. He wanted to place a substantial order but couldn’t seem to find the flavour ‘Crack Monkeys’ on their website.

They confirmed it was me he had seen on the video and he placed the huge order for his business and the rest as they say is history.

They really look after me though. I am the first person to get the new flavours in the UK and they always keep me topped up with fresh merch.

The guys who work for them on the frontline are some of the coolest and nicest guys in the industry.

What was your first ever review and how was it looking back at it?

On the old channel or? I think my first review on the old channel was a starter kit and then went onto some juice.

The thing that really made the old channel take off was a review I did on the Smok TFV8 tank. That video went on to pull in 56,000 views before it was deleted.

It was filmed in the back office to the old shop at around 9.30am after I had been out drinking the night before I was badly hungover and I thought fuck it lets blast this out.

Approximately 5 minutes into the video you couldn’t see me at all. It was just vapour with me giggling through it as I made my way to 250 watts! I think the video even ended with me still barely visible. The channel snowballed from there gaining roughly 250 subscribers from that video alone.

The first video review on the Empire channel was the Limitless Lux Mod review. It still only has around 900 views to this day. I still have that mod well I say that, Beka has it now, it’s still going strong.

What are your thoughts about the current YouTube vape review scene?

Well if anyone has ever watched any of my videos they will know I say it how it is. I don’t care who I upset. If you feel bad about saying something is bad then reviewing is not for you unfortunately. If you become popular your opinion can make or break you.

If you tell your subs something is good they go out and buy it and it’s a pile of shit that’s gonna come back and bite you on the ass. Always be 100% honest or don’t become a reviewer.

Fans Rory and Louise flew in from Ireland to meet Chris!
Fans Rory and Louise flew in from Ireland to meet Chris!

The YouTube vape review scene at the minute I would say is divided into many sections. You have:

  • The honest and straight to the point reviewers.
  • The hardcore detailed reviewers that have the super HD close up shots.
  • The smaller reviewers struggling for numbers.
  • Promoters that disguise themselves as reviewers.
  • Sellout reviewers.

I would like to see a few reviewers just simply pack up and leave so to speak. The reviewers that say everything is good I have no time for that at all.

I find by doing that kind of thing you are gonna get found out pretty quickly and you have blew your chance to become anything in this industry. The minute you lose your credibility that’s it.

YouTube have recently dropped a massive bombshell on the community as a whole. New guidelines for monetisation which as far as vaping is concerned is pretty much £0.00 now anyway. The new guidelines state you must have at least 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time. This is quite simply pathetic in my opinion. I know a few damn good reviewers that are stuck around 500/600 subscribers.

People don’t realise how hard it is to break past that 1000 subscriber mark and even then to have to have over 4000 hours of watch time is no easy task.

Your videos – especially the Vlogs – are always entertaining and shall we say forthright – and you’re not afraid to ‘call out’ big name reviewers – so what are your thoughts on the current ‘rift’ between UK reviewers on YouTube and is it bad for vaping?

Haha thanks! People say I have problems and to be fair they aren’t far wrong. My sense of humour and personality has gotten a lot worse since I first started it has just sort of come out more as time has gone on.

The VLOGS I like to make personal and interact with my subscribers. I post in my Facebook group (Empire Vape Co – Liverpool) every Monday and ask them to send some questions in and ask any questions if they need advice.

Subscriber Amma meets Chris at Expo
Subscriber Amma meets Chris at Vaper Expo

This can go dark very quickly as my subscribers have a dark sense of humour just like me! I got the inspiration to do a weekly VLOG from both Vaping With Vic and Grimm Green. Vic’s Watts Up is something I have watched loyally every Sunday night the same with Grimm on a Thursday.

I like that you have brought up calling out the “Bigger Names” in the industry. Going back to what I said before….I don’t care who I upset if you do something wrong either involving me, my friends or my subscribers then expect a backlash!

Lately there have been a few names that I have called out. I don’t just cause drama like some people have said lately, supporters of the reviewers in question however. I only call someone out if I have valid evidence. I always release just enough and if people come back at me then I have the rest of the evidence to shut them down.

Expo for example you have probably watched the VLOG where at the end I called a few people out for quite frankly disgusting behaviour.
These reviewers we are speaking about have 60,000+ subscribers.

They are looked up to and respected by a lot of people. I personally witnessed said reviewers refusing to speak to ‘fans’ or subscribers. Refusing to take pictures with them.

If you don’t want the many things that come with being a reviewer of that size then shut your channel down and get off YouTube!

I have literally made time for every single person that has approached me at a show. This can be 5 minutes 10 minutes I even spent half an hour chatting to a subscriber at VapeJam in 2017. It makes their day and proves that you are genuine.

More New YouTube Vape Reviewers Arriving On The Scene

What do you think the people who the big guys turn down are gonna think? Yes that’s right….he is a knobhead in real life I’m unsubscribing from him/them. You lose the respect from people and that’s it your reputation becomes tarnished.

One of the reviewers in question thought he was being clever by putting a pathetic blog post up. I saw it within 10 minutes due to the amount of people that look out for me.

The guy is a joke. He is being found out for what he is and does not like it. He probably thought that by posting it online in a blog I wouldn’t see it and wouldn’t answer it….well he was wrong. Vaping With Vic also addressed this in one of his latest Watts Up videos.

Vic has had a lot of problems with said reviewers over the years and he is someone you do not want to upset. He said everything perfectly and a lot of people look up to Vic and respect him.

You are gonna see a few of the ‘bigger names’ start to lose popularity very soon and see a lot more up and coming reviewers break on to the scene. I am excited to see what happens.

As a reviewer I have got myself to a position were people look up to me. They want to be as successful as me and it’s an amazing feeling.

Subscribers have started sending things in now and asking me to sign various pieces. It blows my mind the support I have at the minute.

I always make time for my subscribers and always will. I have never once wanted to turn anyone away at an expo or in the street (yes that’s happening now too)

They got me to where I am now and I look at it as without them there is no Empire Vape Co.

What are your plans for your YouTube channel going forward?

I am going to continue posting my reviews! I am getting contacted now by huge companies I never thought would see pop into my inbox ever!

I have been contacted by Vandy Vape I am in the process of designing and releasing my own piece of hardware very exciting times ahead!

The VLOGS are going to continue as people love them. It’s a little bit of a laugh and breaks up the reviews nicely. I have also started Vlogging events and things I do with the lads, people really seem to enjoy them. I have been told they like to see what I do in ‘real life’ outside of the vaping scene. I like to think I am taking over 7000 people with me!

I hope to continue to grow and who knows maybe hit the 10,000 subscriber mark by Expo as a few reviewers think I am heading that way.

chris empire vapes

I make a video every major milestone just saying thanks to the people who have supported me and almost always do a giveaway. Its just giving back to the people who have invested their time in me. I think I might cry if I get to 10,000 subscribers as that is a major achievement. I am honoured to be sat here on just over 7000 subscribers.

I take every day as it comes, I am grateful to each and every person who presses that subscribe button.

Help To Improve And Get The Channel Growing

I have recently set up a Patreon account to try and help finance some new flashy equipment to make the experience better for everyone.

You can find that at my Empire Patreon Account.
I have been upfront from the start regarding this. Do not become a Patron if you cannot afford to. All of my reviews are still gonna be available to watch for FREE on YouTube.

A few people think that having a shop and a YouTube channel that you’re a millionaire…..I am not, trust me! I do ok but I am by no means a rich reviewer/business owner.

empire vape co youtube videos
close to 8k subs at the time of writing!

As long as my bills are paid me and Beka are good and the business has money to stock itself then I am doing something right. I am not greedy. We all want to drive a Lamborghini but as long as everything is going smoothly then I am happy.

My subscribers yet again are amazing! They jumped into action and starting supporting the Patreon account. I have said from day 1 that the minute any of that money is spent on something they will see proof of where it went and also a first sneak peak when it arrives exclusively on the Patreon page.

I know Becca bought you an SX Mini G Class for Christmas – lucky boy to have such a generous partner! So silly question but what is your ideal vape set-up and why?

She did indeed! It was a surprise for Christmas she picked it up at Expo from Evolution Vaping as a present. The vape related gifts she has bought me since the channel started kicking off have been amazing.

She wears my merch at times too haha. I can’t thank her enough for the support.

chris sx mini g class
Vaping on his beloved SX Mini G Class

Most recently she got me some stickers made up that I can send out in web orders and to subscribers too.

The setup you will find me using lately (amongst the several I will have with me testing) will be my SX MINI G Class and a Cleito 120/Kylin RTA on top. The Cleito 120 is a simple tank that gives me what I need with the power and flavour to match.The Kylin will always have my Big Boy Coils in by Shane Wiseman for when I want a bit more raw power.

Speaking of Becca – isn’t it about time she got her own YouTube channel? 😉

Haha nobody wants that!

She wanted to open her own shop at one point called ‘Prinny Vapes’ Prinny being slang for Princess round here. We often joke about how she would try and undercut me and have everything in pink or purple.

Beka on YouTube though? You think I am bad? One thing I have learnt over the years is don’t piss Beka off!

If you could be sponsored by either SX Mini or the Monster drink company – which one would you choose? 😉

As much as I adore my G Class, It would have to be Monster all day long!

They have even been in touch. If I reach 10,000 subscribers and provide them with proof it was all natural growth then they will offer me some sort of sponsorship deal!

Watch this space!

What vape shows and meets will you be attending this year?

This year is a busy one for me! I have been privileged enough to have been offered a Press Pass for VapeJam 4, The Vaper Expo in May and The Vaper Expo in October.

I am also a VapeFindr reviewer so I will also be at The London Vape Show in August representing VapeFindr as one of their reviewers. I attended the first show last year as an exhibitor and reviewer. It was a really good show!

VapeFindr London Vape Show August 2017
Award for best juice at the VapeFindr Show

I also walked away with an award for best juice at the show with EVC – Killer Custard.

You’re one of the co-hosts on the new YouTube vape show alongside Vic – TVP and The Devil Vaper – how do you feel about that and what can viewers expect?

Vic approached me a few weeks back and put the show to me. I was amazed to be asked to be fair. Me and Vic speak a lot now and I class him as a friend. He is someone I have looked up to before I even got into the industry myself.

I know there are a lot of other reviewers he could have asked so I am honoured to say the least. TVP – The Vaping Postman, Mark, another reviewer I have a lot of respect for. We are very alike in terms of we will say it how it is and won’t care who we upset in the process.

When it comes to Deano, we are becoming really good mates! I have been subscribed to him for a while and what you see is what you get with Dean. I can talk to him and shoot the shit so to speak with him. His best and worst of 2017 video had me in pain laughing. He said a few kind words about me too so thank you Dean that means a lot!

devil vaper best worst 2017
Must See! The Devil Vaper’s Best and Worst of 2017

His sense of humour again is very like mine. Getting past all that though, he is a damn good reviewer and in my opinion should be a lot bigger than he is.

The show like we have all said, is gonna be audience driven. We want it to be an interactive show. When you total all our subscribers up you are talking close to 50,000 people it will potentially reach.

vaping with vic you tube channel

Having the top 4 reviewers in the UK on one show will be amazing in itself, people can come and ask us questions and between the 4 of us I am pretty sure we can help.

I am excited to see where it leads and like I said earlier I am just honoured to be asked.

First show goes live on Vaping With Vic’s YouTube channel Thursday 15th February 8.30pm! Vic has already said its probably gonna be a train wreck but we shall see!

See you all in chat hopefully!

And finally – anything you’d like to say to your supporters who you call the Empire Vape family and those vapers who voted for you?

Ah where to start? To each and everyone of you out there I would like to say a massive thank you for supporting me! That is through both the shop and the YouTube channel.

You all mean the absolute world to me and I find it amazing that you come to my channel for my opinion on something before you go out and buy that particular item.

I am always there if you need advice or just want to ask a question about something privately. I will always respond.

The Empire Family is amazing and I am truly lucky to have you all! Thank you so much!

Thanks To Both Chris and Beka For the Amazing Interview!


What can I say – thank you so much mate for the brilliant interview and for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule to chat with me.

On behalf of all of us here at EcigClick let me wish you and of course Beka the very best for the future and I personally look forward to meeting you again at this years Expo.

And a big thank you for the shout-out you gave EcigClick on your At Ohm With Empire Vlog last night – that’s very much appreciated – cheers mate 🙂

BTW I really hope the Posh and Becks of the UK vape scene tag sticks – or should that be Prinny and Beks 😉

Chris has dressed as a giraffe in the past – so I feel sure you dressed in a princess outfit is something your subscribers would love to see… 😉


neil Humber 2
Neil Humber

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


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