The creators of Cider Farms e liquid hail from Cardiff in the United Kingdom. They are behind the two and a half year old Jungle Juice so have something of a self imposed code of excellence to live up to.

Cider Farms E Liquid ReviewVery stringent quality assurances and ISO 7 clean manufacturing conditions play a pivotal role in ensuring that all products released are living up to those highest possible standards.

Having gained help and assistance from food scientists with over 37 years of experience the final product is polished in every detail.

This isn’t a process they carry out in-house either. Stephen Hoskins, owner and mixologist for Jungle Juice calls on over 2000 beta testers to provide feedback and advice on how best to tweak a profile and providing almost 100% of these testers are in agreement the wheels of production can finally be set in motion.

What Can We Expect From Cider Farms Vape Juice?

Cider Farms is the latest line having taken over a year to develop and something that Stephen refers to as “unique and special with the cider flavouring having to be developed from scratch”.

You won’t be finding Jungle Juice as a DIY concentrate any time soon!

Naturally it’s a very time consuming process but claims like this are made time and time again in the vaping industry. Will I be wasting my own time or will I be hollowing their praise Tarzan style…just forget about the swinging through trees bit. I’m too old.

First ,I want to extend a very big thank you to Jungle Juice for sending these sample bottles out. They arrived perfectly packaged and the contents sealed in a tamper proof carton.

I’m a sucker for presentation even though you can rest assured that this and the fact I received these flavours free of charge plays no influence on my final opinion of the enclosed goods. The juice.

That’s why you’re here and that’s why you’re reading this.

Four individual profiles make up the Cider Farms e-liquid range all with a 70VG/30PG mix. I received zero nicotine in 10ml bottles.

One thing of interest was the additional bonus of a cooling agent concentrate (10ml) which Stephen informs me is actually neat WS23 and only requires a few drops as a cooling agent.

Well? It is Summer. It’s bound to take the edge off a sweltering hot day at the office, factory or jungle depending on your line of work.

I’m testing all four on my trusty Voopoo Drag with the Goon 25 sitting on top running a pair of Wotofo fused Clapton coils that Ohm in at 0.13 at a conservative 80W.

Enough of this monkeying around, let’s swing.

Ripe Pear

Cider Farms Ripe Pear

Jungle Juice Say:

A ripened pear clashes with a sweet green apple cider

I Say:

An incredible balance is created between the pear and apple content leaving a touch of sweetness on the tongue during the exhale.

Usually I find pear content to be overpowering and synthetic but Jungle Juice have obviously gone to great lengths to avoid this common pitfall. There’s maybe a touch too much of the green apple but its sweetness is its weakness for me because that’s what holds everything together.

Something of a triumphant blending going on and cloud production is fantastically rich and dense, especially given that this is your typical 70VG/30PG ratio.

Strawberry and Lime

Cider Farms Strawberry Lime Fruit vape juice

Jungle Juice Say:

A refreshing wild field strawberry and citrus lime cider, the perfect companion at a BBQ or beer garden

I Say:

There is a very pleasant natural aroma of strawberry on the smell test but rather worrying is the absence of the included lime, however those fears are swiftly dissolved on the very first vape.

A near perfect fusion of fruits is created and the cider content is much more evident here than on Ripe Pear.

Jungle Juice have toned down the acidic back notes often associated with lime to allow those wild berries a share of the limelight.

This one is highly addictive and really packs an amazing amount of flavour that lingers long on the taste buds.

BBQ and the beer garden here I come.

Dark Forest Fruits

Cider Farms Dark Forest Fruits fruit ejuice

Jungle Juice Say:

A dark fruit cider which is deep and rich in flavour.The perfect Summers Juice.

I say:

The scent of blackcurrant is evident upon smelling the opened bottle but nothing else jumps out, yet just like Strawberry and Lime there is an absolute explosion of rich, saturated flavour once you start to vape that all combine together as a whole.

The cider content is in full bloom with this creation, more than ever and really provides depth and richness while a rather cleanly defined sweet raspberry dances around the taste buds with absolutely no loss in quality during the exhale.

This has got to be as close to a dark fruit cider as it gets. You won’t need to raise a glass in praise of this one. Your vape experience will more than suffice.

With Cooling Agent Added

This review cannot be complete without sampling the included cooling agent concentrate. Without doubt the Dark Forest Fruits is my favourite out of this selection so it’s a fitting guinea pig to test its effectiveness.

Stephen informs that only a few drops are needed so after administering I vigorously shook the ten ml bottle in preparation.

Wow! this profile really does take on a whole new dimension!The back of the tongue and roof of mouth become icy cold but none of that terrific flavour is sacrificed.Certainly works in cooling the throat and nostrils so in effect you’re getting two juices for the price of one. Nice touch!

Vintage Apple

Cider Farms Vintage Apple Fruit e liquid

Jungle Juice Say:

A perfectly blended vintage Somerset apple cider, simple yet perfect.

I Say:

I say this is the one I’ve been waiting for.I deliberately kept the anticipation levels high, leaving this one till last. How does it deliver?

There’s a very, very sweet smelling apple on the nozzle to nose test and reminiscent of a boiled fruit sweet, you know, the ones that are renowned for breaking teeth.Once again Jungle Juice haven’t disappointed here.

Thick, billowing white clouds I’ve rarely encountered with this VG/PG ratio are the introduction for the perfect replication of a sweet apple cider and the flavour lingers very nicely on the taste buds. As promised, they’ve kept this one simple and yes I would agree. It’s perfect.

I am a cider vaper. I vape all my troubles away.

Final Review Verdict

What Jungle Juice have managed to do is what so many other manufacturers often fail to do and that is to just keep things plain and simple by not overloading the profiles with unnecessary flavour notes. The result is a range of e-liquids that are full of life and character with bright and crisp flavour in abundance.

Each one follows a general theme, which is something I give extra kudos for because all flavour elements are able to work in harmony against this cider backdrop offering a totally unique vaping experience with each of the four profiles.

Full marks to Jungle Juice. I’ve had plenty of fun reviewing the Cider Farms line and can highly recommend to anyone that loves their fruity flavours.

Being a cider drinker makes it even more worthwhile!

Dark Forest Fruits
Ripe Pear
Vintage Apple
Strawberry and Lime
Neil Cozens
My name is Neil and I've been married to my wife, Kerri, for 21 years. I have been smoke free since 2014 thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work colleague. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.


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