Coilart recently released a number of intriguing products. Take Azeroth line for example, which consists of an Azeroth RDTA, RTA and an RDA.

Their RTA and RDA are especially interesting, because they offer a triple coil deck. Coilart also launched two mods: A variable-voltage Mage Box and a Mage Mech, which we will be looking at today.

In The Box

  • Mage mechanical mod
  • Mage RDA
  • Bag of spares


  • place the main features/specs in these bullet points
  • 125mm height (including the RDA)
  • 24mm diameter
  • Copper tube
  • Hybrid connection
  • Magnetic button

Design & Build Quality

I’ll start with the Mech tube. I’ve got the black version, and I wish I had one of the resin style tubes. They really are gorgeous.

The black one, however, I think is easier to match with atomisers. It has an interesting textured black paint coating, covering the copper tube underneath.

We’ll get back to the annoyance of this black paint very shortly. Mage Mech has a hybrid connection, so don’t forget to use an RDA with a protruding pin. You don’t want to cause a short, safety is above anything else!

On the inside, there’s a Delrin insulator for your battery, it accomplishes two things: keeps the battery from rattling for side to side, and also provides a safety measure against damaged battery wraps.

Button Construction

Let’s talk about the button. All in all, it’s not a complex construction – part that screws onto the tube, the moving button part, a copper pin that makes a connection with the battery, and two magnets.

It does have a locking mechanism that prevents you from accidentally making the connection – you can screw the button all the way in.

The problem with this simple connection, is that when you’re actually using the mod and the button is out, there’s nothing preventing it from completely disassembling itself.

This happens extremely easily when the mod is in your pocket. Not that it’s something you should be doing anyways, but I feel like if I just lose sight of it for a moment, the button will find a way to unscrew itself.

This isn’t just an annoyance, the little copper connection pin stays inside of the whole contraption, and it could find a way to complete the circuit.

Another big problem with the button, particularly on the black version, is that there’s often paint right in the screws on the button, which prevents it from making a connection altogether.

Mine was like that, and after chatting with with other Mage Mech users, I realised I did have that problem. I simply took a knife and a very small screwdriver and removed as much paint from the threads as I could.

Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t get it to be pristine, there’s still small bits of paint left, and this obviously hurt the connection, but at the very least, it works.

Mage RDA

The Mage RDA has a 4 flat post hole deck, I like these a lot for mechanical mods, it really helps with keeping coil legs short. The deck itself is gold plated, which doesn’t go with the rest of the mod, as it has exposed copper letters engraved.

It is however absolutely fine when paired with the resin versions of Mage Mech.

The Mage RDA has a large bottom airflow, with adjustment directly on the top cap.

Airflow works really well, it’s extremely airy when fully open and it’s very smooth even when closed down to your preference.

The only problem with it, is that it seems to be positioned a little bit too close to the posts, which makes it difficult to drip juice from the top, it almost always finds its way into the airflow and ends up leaking all over the mod.

What this RDA lacks is the flavour. It has a fake-out cone-shaped top, from the outside it looks like it is curved on the inside, when in reality it’s completely flat.

It’s difficult to point out exactly what the problem is, it might be that there’s simply too much room in the RDA above the coils.

I have to put fused Clapton coils to get any meaningful flavour out of it, which hurt the vapour production a little bit.

And the last annoyance that I found with the Mage RDA is the pin. It has a Phillips cutout for adjusting it.

You might ask, who the hell cares?

Well, the gap is a little bit too large and it ends up arcing quite a lot, even with 0.2ohm builds. Ultimately this was the reason I put the RDA on the shelf, while I continued using the tube daily.

What I Liked

The Quality of the materials and finishing is superb. This mech feels extremely natural in hand.

The button is very comfortable, even though it’s pretty easy to pop out and it comes at a┬ávery attractive price point.

What I Dislike

While overall quality is great, QC is not on point. I did receive a non-working mod at first, which I had to fix myself.

As stated above, RDA is pretty useless, as flavour is non existent.

Final Review Verdict

So, Artem, is this a good mech? I really think so. At the price point, I’m not sure you can beat it.

I would highly recommend putting the RDA away, and using it with something else.

I actually do use the Mage Mech every day, paired with an Apocalypse RDA, with a 0.10ohm NI80 build – absolutely no arcing on the positive side of the battery.

I didn’t use this mech for a very long time, because of the problems with RDA and the button, but I realised that it’s actually a well-performing mech.

It’s in the same price category as Geekvape Karma, or Limitless mech, but I would choose Coilart any day.

It’d be interesting to compare it to a recent Geekvape Tsunami Pro mech, as that looks rather pretty as well.

Would I re-buy the CoilArt Mage Mech if I lost/broke the device?

Perhaps. I might just look for the mech tube itself if I ever wanted another one.

My first electronic cigarette was a little eGo-c vape pen by Joyetech. That was around 5 years ago. Back then I didn't realise how much vaping would take off, or how much I'd be interested in it. Skip to today, I'm writing this vaping on my Lost Vape Triade and Twisted Messes RDA, with fused Clapton build sitting in in. I have a good dozen different atties laying around and a collection of regulated and unregulated devices that I still own. I've made quite some progress since my first days and I'm quite proud of the fact that having started using cartomisers I am comfortable building intricate coils myself.


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