Sticky Rice, Cornbread and It’s Toast? Interesting Flavour Profile by Craft Vapery! But Does It Work?

Craft Vapery USA E LiquidsCraft Vapery are an American e-liquid company based out of California, offering some really fresh and distinctive flavour profiles from the three juices that form their range.

They are all based on desserts, yet designed to be enjoyed at any time of the day. They are also produced using nasty-free ingredients, in a sterile lab environment, with all bottling done in a clean room and their juices subject to regular lab testing to ensure no nasties are present.

With juices based on an exotic South East Asian delicacy, jam on toast and honey with butter on toast, Craft Vapery have certainly come up with three flavour profiles here that you won’t find anywhere else!

One of the things that sets Craft Vapery apart from the competition is their use of a shape system for vaping, which classifies their juices into certain categories defined by a shape. This is used by culinary experts around the globe and helps to further classify flavours beyond their standard flavour profiles.

Domes tend to be creamy flavours that are sweet, smooth and spread evenly around your palate, Triangles classify citrus and other acidic flavours that are sharp, and Trapezoids are savoury flavours exhibiting characteristics of Domes and Triangles, but do not fully fit either of those profiles. craft vapery sticky rice reviewits toast craft vapery e-juice

craft vapery cornbread review

Craft Vapery juices are available in a mix ratio of 60VG 40PG, in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.


Sticky Rice E Juice

Sticky rice is based on a popular Thai dessert, that blends Mango along with sticky rice and coconut milk to create a luxurious staple meal.

As a vape, Sticky Rice by Craft Vapery is just absurdly incredible, waves of mango hit your taste buds first off and are followed up by thick coconut milk on the inhale, with the texture of rice detectable in the background.

It’s a gorgeous, moreish vape that you’ll find yourself vaping extremely quickly!

I’ve been lucky enough to try the real thing on my travels many years ago and Sticky Rice just nails down that strange and exotic blend so well, into a delicious fruity and creamy vape.

Cornbread E Juice


Cornbread is based on an American delicacy, which is a quick baked bread that can take many forms, baked from cornmeal and can be topped with any number of things, Cornbread by Craft Vapery takes a thick slice of cornbread, butters it generously and finishes it off with a good dollop of honey.

The resulting vape left me dumbfounded at first, dumbfounded by just how good it is.

Authentic honey is the most identifiable flavour here, it had my mouth watering.

Creaminess is added by the butter in the background and you can also pick up a baked feel, almost reminiscent of warm pie crust, in the background. It all blends together for one crazy yet delicious vape.

Its Toast E Juice


Well we all know what toast is! Well we should do anyway…It’s Toast is just that, a vape based on the breakfast treat, good old Jam on Toast.

This is real magic too, with slightly dry wholemeal bread carrying a sweet fruity flavour right to your taste buds, with these two flavours balancing each other off to absolute perfection, and this is that good that you could be eating the real thing.

I really don’t know how Craft Vapery have managed to pull this off but this is just like Jam on Toast!

Throat Hit

At 3mg throat hit is very minimal, I got a slight bit of throat hit from It’s Toast, which may be down to the toast base, but overall these liquids are extremely smooth which fits the flavour profile.

If the throat hit was stronger I believe that it would ruin the vibe these juices give off, and they are far better off with a minimum amount of throat hit.

Vapour Volume

For a 60/40 mix, vapour volume is incredible! These juices blow clouds you would expect from vaping much juice containing a much higher percentage of VG, and you will find yourself blowing some really smooth and tasty clouds with the Craft Vapery range.

If you like thick dense clouds, then the Craft Vapery range absolutely does not disappoint, as you can fill rooms up with this stuff, whilst enjoying excellent flavour at the same time!

Production Details

Craft Vapery is produced with the utmost care and attention, and the Craft Vapery team take every step necessary to ensure you get a clean and Diacetyl free vape. The nicotine base, PG and VG as well as the flavourings are all sourced from the best available sources, and traceable back to the source.

Mixing is done in a sterile lab and clean room environment, to ensure that your juice stays uncontaminated. All juices are also submitted for regular lab testing to certify that they are Diacetyl free and safe for you to vape, so you can be happy in the knowledge that Craft Vapery juices won’t cause you any damage.

Final Verdict

Craft Vapery have produced three liquids here that are distinctively quite unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. And the liquids themselves are absolutely fantastic too, three that are going straight on my regulars list.

The flavour combinations really shouldn’t work as a vape, but they just work so well and provide an immensely flavourful vape. There’s not one juice here that stands out from the rest, they all have their own individual qualities, and quality these juices really are!

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a full range of juices this much, that left me wanting more and more of these. Craft Vapery has become my favourite juice line as of yet, and one I will certainly be revisiting time and time again. This is some of the most exotic and best e juice to date!

As always taste is subjective and these are based on my own tastes but if any of these flavour profiles look like something that you would enjoy then definitely worth a shot!

Sticky Rice
It's Toast
Throat Hit (Suits The Flavours)
Vapour Volume
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