Fresh Flavour Delights From Decadent Vapours How Do They Vape?

Decadent Vapours are an award winning e-liquid company based in Wales that as their name suggests specializes in juices that are shall we say a little more complex than most.

Not only are the recipes deep and different the end result is 99.9% of the time a revelation to the taste buds – or at least mine!

DV has just released their latest selection of short fills e-liquids available in either 50/50 PG – VG or High VG.

decadent vapours short fill

OK if you’re not sure exactly what a short fill is then do read our detailed guide HERE – but in a nutshell a short fill is in general a 60ml bottle of 0mg nicotine juice filled to the 50ml mark with the option to add a 10ml nicotine shot to the exact strength you require.

The new range from Decadent includes a 10ml dilutant – depending on the ratio you choose – plus a nic shot.

OK the range is a mix of fruit and with one chocolate based flavour – but as this is Decadent Vapours none of these could be described as your run of the mill fruit or desert flavours – these guys just love to blend!

OK I received all 6 of the new short fills direct from Decadent Vapours but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

For testing I used my trusty Doge II RDA and the Dead Rabbit RDA in squonk mode and each was freshly wicked for each flavour.



Decadent Vapours Say:

A grandiose cosmic cloud of robust rhubarb and boisterous blueberry, finished with a dollop of ice cream. A novel flavour that even Count Bluebarb himself approves of.

I Say:

The smell from this is divine and given blueberries and rhubarb are two of my favourite fruits whilst any ice cream is my idea of heaven – my mouth was already watering before I tasted.

One word – WOW!

This is tart fruit heaven with the sweet cooling ice cream washing in on the exhale creating a slightly sweet and sour creamy milkshake effect.

Wondrous stuff!



Decadent Vapours Say:

Take your taste buds on a luxuriant jaunt to our ritzy rich, hot chocolatey, milky river – sprinkled with the flotsam of velvety marshmallows. Even more comforting than a hug from His Lordship.

I Say:

OMG this is lush!

Think that posh chocolat you get from proper chocolate shops – cacao – with that pleasingly rich bitter sweet taste.

The extremely addictive bitterness is soon tamed by the arrival of sweet gooey marshmallows leaving your mouth pleasingly creamy and extremely chocolaty.

This is a luxurious vape – deep and velvety but as all day vapes go it’s a little heavy – but wonderful on a winters evening curled up on the sofa – yumminess personified!

It’s a Trifle


Decadent Vapours Say:

Juicy peach slices in a raspberry & strawberry jelly, all topped with a dollop of custard, rich whipped cream and sprinkles. A quintessential pudding that’s perfect for His Lordship’s party table.

I Say:

This was the first bottle I opened such if my love for that quintessential British dessert – the Trifle!

I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the blending on this one – closing my eyes on that first inhale had me transported to my grandma’s Christmas tea table where the huge trifle took centre stage.

Layer upon layer of tangy sweet fruits joined by the unctuous custard leaves a syrupy feast on the tongue before the whipped cream balances everything out beautifully on the exhale.

Let’s just say this 60ml emptied pretty quickly – absolutely stunning stuff!

Lemon Puff


Decadent Vapours Say:

A sweet and tangy touch of baked Sicilian lemon cream sandwiched between two delicate puff pastry wafers. A curiously, gloriously moreish concoction, fit for His Lordship’s biscuit platter.

I Say:

I’m a sucker for lemon flavoured vapes and this one has had me sucking on my drip tip like a leak in a space ship!

Oh my goodness the sharp tang of the Sicilian lemon cuts through the cream before a rich buttery pastry back note lifts the flavour to a whole new level.

This is definitely an ADV and definitely one for both fruit and dessert lovers – delicious!

Strawberry Bonbon


Decadent Vapours Say:

Savour the classic British taste of sweet strawberry toffee with a sprinkling of perfectly pink powdered sugar coating. A British classic that’s fit for His Lordship’s secret sweety drawer.

I Say:

Sadly this one is a little too sweet for my taste however it is a little more palatable with a nice pint of bitter 😉

The strawberry toffee is rich and tasty however the addition of the powdered sugar coating lifts it above my favoured sweet level!

Definitely one if you have a real sweet tooth but I have to say the aroma from this one is wonderful!



Decadent Vapours Say:

A heavenly hedonistic blend of fresh bananas, coconut and tropical botanicals. Made especially to alleviate His Lordship’s fatigue on his grand tour.

I say:

Once again the smell from this e-liquid is absolutely amazing and trust me the flavour matches!

It’s hard to tag this as a fruit vape as the botanicals are earthy with a hint of sweetness that once joined by the banana creates a curious but pleasing flavour.

However once the coconut arrives on the exhale the whole thing comes together in what I can only describe as a kind of health tropical smoothie.

One for those with a discerning palate given the complexity of the ingredients.

If I’m honest I can’t make my mind up on this one lol.

Final Verdict

Good to see Decadent Vapours continuing to push the flavour boundaries with a selection of short fills that are among the best you’re ever likely to try.

From the deep dark gorgeous richness of the Choccywoccymoo to the fun fruity freshness of the It’s a Trifle these are magically mixed and blended e-liquids that I have no doubt will go on to become not only firm favourites but award winners too.

Great flavours – superb packaging – good vapour – choice of VG – PG ratio and 3mg/6mg nic options and definitely a range you should be vaping on!

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It’s a Trifle
Lemon Puff
Strawberry Bonbon
Vapour [High VG]
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