Having had the absolute pleasure of sampling a few products from this young vaping brand, Digiflavor, of late…I’ve got nothing but praise for these flavor focused vape geniuses.

I only hope that they keep the good times rolling with more products at the same standard we’ve been enjoying from them.

I’m talking about the Pilgrim GTA, the Pharaoh RTA, the tiny UBox Kit…not a great number of products but Dang people, what’s there is all superb!!! I’m looking forward to seeing more from them in future!

Digiflavor AURA RDA

Now, the Digiflavor AURA RDA, with its unique looks, extreme airflow and practically leak proof design, was designed by legendary Spanish vape reviewer, DJLSB Vapes (so, designed by vapers for vapers) and is just one more reason for me to keep your eyes on this company! Could this be one of the best RDA’s?

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Digiflavor Aura RDA
  • 1 x 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tio
  • 1 x Phillips Screwdriver
  • 2 x (3mm and 2.5mm) Coiling Tools
  • 1 x Squonk Pin
  • Extra Seals And O-Rings
  • User Manual


  • 6mm Delrin Drip Tip Height (Gold Version Has PEI Drip Tip)
  • Diam: 24mm Height: 28mm
  • 1,5 ml Capacity
  • PEI Heatsink at Base
  • Domed Topcap, Close To coils For Flavor
  • Two Separate Airflow Systems Direct Flow Over The Coils
  • 510 Threaded
  • Stepped Clamp Build Deck

Build Quality & Design

Opening up the very neat, high quality, white and red Digiflavor packaging to reveal my stainless steel AURA RDA (it comes in SS, Black and Gold), my first impression is that its considerably taller than your average RDA and I soon discover that this is not just an aesthetic choice.

This is meant to be a flavor RDA and on inspection it looks like it will be. I’ll describe it from the bottom up.

The base features an orange colored Ultem/PEI disc plate, which acts as an heat sink and protects your mod while you go all out on those coils.Digiflavor Aura RDA base

Peeping through the disc plate, the protruding, hybrid safe 510 pin, gold plated and interchangeable with a bottom feeding adapter that’s included.

While the 510 fits all my favourite vape mods just fine, I can’t seem to get a reading on my ohm meter with this 510.

Visible through that see-through Ultem plate and on the bottom edges of the base, two huge bottom airflow slots that head up for the chamber at an angle and can be covered by a re-positioning of the middle cap which features matching cutouts.

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this…you’d think that this kind of bottom airflow would result in catastrophic leaks but on pulling off the middle cap to reveal the base and deck (and two massive o-rings), I can see that there’s little chance of leakage here.

Those bottom airflow shafts have been built up so that they sit raised on the deck, opening up directly under the 2 spots where your coils will be positioned.

Your wicking will tuck into the deep juice well surrounding those raised openings.

The stepped clamp build deck is a bit of a space saver in a chamber that’s has very little room for maneuvering. The dual, stepped clamp posts have one screw each for ease of use.

Replacing the middle cap (or barrel), I see that besides being the adjustment method for the bottom airflow, the barrel also features four airflow holes evenly spaced, at the exact same height as your coils.

This perfectly positioned, side airflow is adjusted with a twisting of the top cap and only two of these holes are open at any given time (as the top cap only has two slots in it). The top of the barrel also features a nice big o-ring.

The top cap itself also has a very interesting design, surrounding the drip tip on the inside, there is a domed protrusion that diminishes the size of the chamber, further forcing airflow directly over those coils and meant to enhance e liquid flavours (we shall see).

There’s an 810 Delrin drip tip fitted and a 510 in the pack, the gold version comes with an Ultem tip to match the heatsink.

Everything looks and feels solid and well machined. O-rings are high quality and, especially once you’re juiced up, everything has just the right amount of give.

The RDA is decorated with grooves, 3 thin ones around the bottom of the barrel and one thick one around the top of the top cap. The name AURA is beautifully engraved on the top cap, in big 5mm lettering.

Everything works together to create a pleasing aesthetic, I especially like the color provided by the heatsink and the ample 28mm height.

Usually 24mm RDAs look too small for my Captain PD270, the height of this RDA creates a sense of balance with even the biggest box mods, it’s a looker!

The Included Coils

The 28/36 SS316 Fused Claptons have a 0.2 Ohm resistance when combined and are well made, high quality coils, specially selected by DJLSB vapes, who knows his stuff!


While I prefer the installed 810 drip tip, I like the inclusion of the 510 option. Also, not only is the Phillips screwdriver really nifty (it can be put on a keychain) but they’ve actually gone to the trouble to include coiling tools…which makes sense, considering the airflow design, which requires perfect coil placement for optimal flow and coiling tools are handy for that.

How Does The Digiflavor Aura RDA Perform?

This is through and through a flavor RDA. Keep the bottom flow shut if you enjoy a restricted lung hit but if you really want to experience out of this world, open airflow and flavor, open it all up and enjoy.

I find the dome design on the inside of the top cap not only enhances flavor, it also seriously prevents spit back.

The bottom airflow can cause condensation on your mod when you’re using heavily but otherwise, I’ve experienced almost no leaking through either the side or bottom airflow, which is a huge plus for me.Airflow diagram of the Aura RDA

I can also tell that the heat sink works well, usually my mod would feel the heat after an extended 100W session with an RDA, not so with the Aura.

The juice well is nice and deep and once you get a hang of how much to drip, it’s a totally mess free, very freaking flavorful and cloudy vape.

How To Fill The Aura RDA

I’d say that you can pull off the top cap to fill it until you’re used to how much you need, after that, simply drip through the drip tip, provided you’ve positioned your coils right and wicked properly, the stepped clamp posts will direct that juice to exactly where it needs to be. Like I said, I find this system almost completely leak free.

Stock Coil Performance

The dual fused captions have a 0.2 Ohm paired resistance and I found their sweet spot to be right there at 85 W.

Vapor volume is intense between 80 and 100W, as is the flavor, rich and really complex.

Ease of build

The stepped clamp build deck has one deep threaded Phillips screw in each post, the big screws make coil changes easy.

Your coil placement on this deck has to be perfect, you’ve got to position each coil (using your coiling tools) directly alongside the side air and diagonally above the bottom airflow…if you get this right you’ll make leaking almost impossible and experience through the roof flavor.

Coil lead cutting can be a little tricky on this deck but you’ll get it right, just protect your eyes from flying metal please!

I’d advise you to cut the wick ends to fall in line with the bottom o-ring, brush them out well and be very careful not to obstruct your bottom airflow.

All in all, build was easy, fast and hassle free…though I’d say that the stepped clamp doesn’t necessarily lend itself to beginners as lead cutting and positioning can be a little tricky and require utmost confidence.

What I Liked

I like the inclusion of a bottom airflow and the design that optimizes  airflow while preventing leakage.

I like the domed cap design which prevents spit back (it seems) and enhances flavor and the Ultem heat sink that protects my mod.

The nice big screw heads allow for easy changes and finally I like the tall design and general aesthetic.

What I Dislike

It’s not easy to find fault with this RDA, it’s well designed, well made and vapes like a dream.

Final Review Verdict

DJLSB Vapes and Digiflavor did what they set out to do, create a flavor chasing RDA with innovative airflow and an almost leak free system.

I think this RDA is very well designed, the bottom airflow makes an incredible difference, as does the domed top cap. This is must-have RDA for flavor junkie intermediate and experienced vapers and I highly recommend it.


Would I buy the Digiflavor Aura RDA if I lost/broke the device?


  • Two airflow systems optimize flavor and cloud
  • Heat sink protects your mod
  • Attractive design
  • No leaking
  • No spit back
  • Deep juice well
  • Great coils


  • None
Design And Build
Ease Of Build
Vape Quality
Likelyhood of Buying if Lost or Damaged
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


  1. Sippo, I’ve found that Claptons will generally have a longer lifespan, plus better flavor and definitely more vapor because of the added surface area! On the other hand, there’s no reason why an ordinary wire coil should leak. Still, if you have the option of using a Clapton instead, I’d definitely recommend you do, just to get the most out of that RDTA and the most out of your flavors.

  2. Hi there, Sippo! 24 Guage can be a great place to start. Remember this rule, the longer the wire used in your coils, the lower the resistance…so a smaller coiling tool with more wraps will give you the lower Ohms. If you’d like a decent 0.3 Ohm vape, dual coils on a 3mm coiling tool with 5-6 wraps. Be sure to fit them, check resistance and pulse them (I’d recommend 55W) to detect hotspots ahead of wicking. If you see hot or cool spots simply space out the coils or tweak your wires accordingly, practice makes perfect.

    • I saw from video review, they use big coil (clapton) for this rda and said no leak. I wonder if small coil like simple 24 awg 6 wrap 3 mm id will cause leak. Had you try your recomended set up? How flavor? On par with big coil?


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