Introduction: ETNA RDA by Digiflavor

Today we take a look at the Digiflavor ETNA RDA.digiflavor etns mtl rda reviewed

The ETNA RDA is latest RDA release from Digiflavor following on from the highly acclaimed release of the Drop Solo. The ETNA RDA is a designed in Italy and a collaboration between Digiflavor, Giuseppe Pappalardo and Salvator Agrosi. If you follow MTL vaping you will know that they were also on the team behind the ever popular Digiflavor Siren 2.

This RDA is very very small with an 18mm diameter making it a super small MTL RDA.

The Digiflavor RDA was sent to me direct for this review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

Check Out The Digiflavor Etna MTL RDA In Action

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x ETNA RDA
  • Spare O Rings
  • Tri Screwdriver Tool
  • Spare Screws
  • Cotton
  • 2 x Fused Claptons and 4 micro coils
  • 1 x Alan Key
  • 1 x Squonk Pin
  • Spare 510 Drip Tip
  • Air Restriction Modules
  • Lip Protector
  • 1 x Beauty Ring

kit-contents etna rda digiflavor


  • Size: 35.5mm x 18mm
  • Diameter: 18mm
  • Drip Tip: 510
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Single Coil configuration
  • MTL Styled
  • Hexagonal Airflow
  • 510 gold plated connection

Design and Build Quality

The Digiflavor ETNA RDA is very well designed and machined, there are no sharp edges, residual oil or loose shards when received. It sits nicely on top of most Mod’s with it’s 18mm footprint or 22mm if you use the included beauty ring.digiflavor etna mtl rda review

The ETNA RDA comes with a fitted, though removable, lip protector. While you don’t necessarily need to use it, I would as the ETNA RDA does become very hot whilst vaping, and, as the name suggests, this gives your lips some protection from the heat of the top cap whilst vaping.

The top cap can be removed with ease if you are using the ETNA RDA as a dripper and locks into place with the top cap positional locking system.

The pre-installed air module in the ETNA RDA weas a perfect match for my MTL style. That said, as any MTL vaper knows, you sometimes have to change the airflow to suit your particular needs. This is soon rectified by finding the correct airflow block to suit your own individual needs. More on the airflow blocks below.

digiflavor etna mtl rda

Depth of Juice Well

The juice well for this small RDA sits at a depth of 10mm. The depth of the juice well is superb for an RDA of this size though the liquid capacity of the juice well is 1ml.

I have used the ETNA RDA mainly as a squonking MTL RDA and haven’t had any problems at all with leaking e-liquid.

digiflavor etna build deck

Post Type

The build deck on the ETNA RDA comes in the form of a two post, single coil set up. Once you have the correct Air Module inserted, it is an ease to build on.

There is no need to measure the coil leg lengths as they are snipped once you’ve tightened down the legs.

The coil I used during the testing period was a fused clapton provided in the box and came out at 0.64ohms with an inside diameter of 2.5mm. The placement of the coil is exceptionally easy and allows you to sit the coil directly over the air holes in the deck.

digiflavor etna build deck

Air Flow

The air flow from the Digiflavor ETNA RDA is very smooth indeed, you will not get any turbulence or whistle noises at all from this RDA.Digiflavor Etna internal airflow

The air flow comes in directly from the hexagonal air inlet, along then through your chosen Air Module and directed up onto the bottom of the coil giving you the perfect air flow direction to maximise the flavour from the ETNA.

Digiflavor Etna Internal Airflow

As well as the installed air flow module and the two extra provided in the box, you can also purchase an optional four extra modules.

Digiflavor Etna Modules
The module I opted for was the one that came pre-installed which was the 0.8mm dual holed module. The kit also includes a 0.8mm tri holed module and a single holed 1.2mm module.

As you would expect, the resistance from the air flow differs as per the module selected.

The differing effects are noted below:

0.8mm Dual airflow module

This module gives the greatest resistance to the airflow. This provides great flavour but minimal cloud production

0.8mm Tri airflow module

As you would expect, this is the middle of the road module out of all three provided. You do not notice the minimal change to the flavour, however, the airflow resistance is lessened and cloud production increase is negligible from the pre-installed 0.8mm Dual airflow module

1.2mm Single airflow module

This module gives you the least resistance to the airflow out of all three modules. Whilst there is a rather large increase from the 0.8mm Dual airflow module, flavour increase, again, is very negligible as is the cloud production. Another thing to note about this module, though the airflow is increased, you are still unable to DTL with it

Design and Build

The build quality of the Digiflavor ETNA RDA is excellent. I didn’t have a drop of machine oil or any sign of loose shards when taken out of the box. The RDA is built precisely allowing for a flavoursome MTL experience.

The design is somewhat Marmite, either a thumbs up down. Some MTL lovers will love the design whilst some won’t like it because of the airflow design. As mentioned previously, you must find the right air flow module to suit your own MTL experience. Once you find it, most MTL vapers won’t want to change it in a hurry.

However, there are those that will want to change the air-flow on a regular basis. Whilst that’s not impossible, you will have to consider the time it will take to take apart the RDA and change out the air module to insert another.

Digiflavor Etna external airflow

How Does the Digiflavor ETNA RDA Perform?

Whether you are using this MTL RDA as a Dripper or as a Squonker, you will not be disappointed at all.

The MTL experience with this RDA is right up there with the best. Not too surprising as it’s coming from some of the people that helped design the Digiflavor Siren 2.

I spent about 80% of my time using this RDA as a squonking RDA. I feel the best performance and ease of use does come from using the RDA in squonk mode. That’s not to say it differs far from a dripping RDA, far from it.

The deck is very easy to build on and the placement of the coil is very easy indeed.

The Digiflavour ETNA RDA gives you a very smooth, full flavoured MTL vape and one I should expect most MTL vapers to love.


  • Great MTL flavour
  • Very easy to build on
  • Very Smooth Airflow
  • Very Low Price
  • Very hard to over Drip or Squonk
  • Small design


  • Flat Head Screws

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good MTL experience, you would be hard pushed to find an MTL RDA that performs as well as the Digiflavor ETNA RDA. You really can set this RDA up to suit your own MTL needs. The possibilities are vast with the amount of options you have with the airflow set up.

Once you get the airflow dialled down to how you want it, this will quickly become your go to MTL RDA.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Value for money
Replace if Lost
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