The Dr Frost Polar Ice Vapes range of e-liquids are fruity with a blast of ice – perfect for the chilly winter ahead?

They are, if like me, you love an iced fruit vape!

Bottles of Dr. Frost Polar Vape Range of Watermelon Ice, Orange and Mango Ice, Strawberry Ice and Grape Ice

If you’ve ever been to a vape show in the UK, it’s likely you’ve seen Dr. Frost wandering around.

In case you’re wondering, he’s the big snowman with a monocle!

There’s something quite refreshing about a company that’s really focused on one type of flavour profile, and it certainly makes them a brand that is instantly recognizable.

What Can We Expect From Dr. Frost’s Polar Ice Vape Juice?

I’m an absolute sucker for cooling in my vapes.

I genuinely feel that there’s no fruit flavour that can’t be improved by a blast of ice.

So you can imagine my excitement to be testing a range of liquids that is exactly that!

In for review I have four of Dr. Frost’s Polar Ice range, Orange Mango Ice, Strawberry Ice, Grape Ice and Watermelon Ice.

All four flavours come as 70/30 VG/PG, 0mg nicotine. I received them in 100ml shortfill bottles, to allow you to add you own nicshots. Though they are also available in 25ml.

They have the same flavours in their 50/50 Range, at 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine. Though the flavour profile will most likely be quite different.

With a big angry snowman as their mascot, I’m hoping that these deliver on the cooling, as I’ve found a lot of other “cold” variations of e-liquid to be a little weak sauce in the past.

Looking at the flavours, I’m curious to see how well they do Grape and Watermelon especially, as I’ve found these can be really hard to capture in an e-liquid.

I tested all of these over a few days on the Wotofo Profile RDA, freshly wicked for each e-liquid.

Now without further ado, on to the review!

These were sent over free of charge for the purpose of review by NewVaping – Thank you.

As always, my thoughts are my own and I shall report back honestly with what I find.

UK/EU Shipping

Dr. Frost Polar Ice Vapes – Orange Mango Ice – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Bottle of Dr Frost Orange and Mango Ice

Dr. Frost Say:

The tropical flavours of Orange and Mango – sent from the tropics to the snowy planes and smashed together with the purest Ice.

A stunning citrus and fruity mix, that fills the whole mouth with juiciness, ending with a hit of cooling menthol.

I Say:

On the inhale you can definitely taste the two fruits flavours, there’s a strong mango base to it, with the orange tasting like orange zest, giving it a slightly more complex zing.

I would say that the mango is juicy, and the orange lifts it and gives it some higher notes.

Very nice!

Exhaling you get an absolute blast of cooling, with the juicy undertones of the fruit.

I am really enjoying this one, the mango is rich and the orange feels like fresh orange peel grated on top of a delicious sorbet.

I wish I was sitting on a tropical beach somewhere vaping this, as it feels like just the thing to enjoy whilst soaking up some rays.

Dr. Frost Polar Ice Vapes – Strawberry Ice – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Bottle of Dr Frost Strawberry Ice

Dr. Frost Say:

One of the all-time favourites from the original Dr. Frost Polar Ice Vape line-up.

Strawberries are delicately handpicked from the golden fields of the UK, washed in spring water, sliced, frozen…then SMASHED to an icy pulp – pretty simple!

But the flavour is incredible!!!

I Say:

Opening this up and you get a smell like opening up a packet of strawberry laces.

It smells like it’s going to be an incredibly sweet juice.

Inhaling and I’m definitely reminded more of bingeing on sweets as a child, than going out and picking a punnet full of strawberries.

It’s possibly not strawberry laces, but more like those slightly squishy strawberry shaped sweets (are they called Strawbs?).

Definitely a juicy, sweet taste, but nothing like an actual fruit.

On the exhale you get that lovely blast of ice again, though it seems a little less pronounced than the Orange and Mango one.

Happily it helps to clear your palate of any cloying sweetness from the strawberry, although it’s still a very sweet e-liquid.

Probably not going to be an all day vape for me this one, it’s a little too sickly, and the cooling doesn’t do quite enough to redeem it.

Dr. Frost Polar Ice Vapes – Grape Ice – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Grape Ice

Dr. Frost Say:

The ripest red grapes scoured from the best regions, frozen en route, then fed into a giant grape press and sprinkled with ice flakes.

Great flavour that fills the whole mouth, finished with that famous ice-cold finish.

Don’t just take our word for it – try Grape Ice!

I Say:

Now we’re on to the two flavours I was worried about!

The smell on this one is probably the most artificial so far, and it’s hard to place exactly what it reminds me of, slightly old Vimto maybe?

Happily when it comes to actually vaping it, this is much more enjoyable than I was expecting.

Grape Juice has never been terribly popular in this country (unless you ferment it and put it in glass bottles… but I digress!) but that’s exactly what this tastes like.

I always think that grape is a hard flavour to get right, partly because when you eat a grape, you tend to be picking up on the texture of it as much as anything else.

Exhaling and you pick up the richness of the grape, carried along with a cooling freeze.

In fact it reminds me of eating really big juicy purple grapes, that have been put in the fridge, and eaten whilst still cold.

I like this flavour a lot, and although the cooling again doesn’t seem as forceful as the Orange and Mango one, it has just the right balance to really lift that juicy grape flavour.

Dr. Frost Polar Ice Vapes – Watermelon Ice – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Watermelon Ice

Dr. Frost Say:

Watermelon like you’ve never tasted!

Chopped, frozen in the deepest ice, then carved out and blended to create this mouth-watering everyday vape.

Get your taste buds watering with the best Watermelon and Ice-Cold Menthol.

I Say:

Two wins and a miss so far from me, so what about this final one?

Once again we have a slightly too sweet flavour when I opened the bottle.

I’m not even really sure what watermelon smells like, as when I try to think of it, I just think of “watermelon flavoured” things.

On the inhale, you definitely get hit by melon flavour, it’s sweet and smooth and lovely… though not really watermelon!

Instead I’m picking up on cantaloupe and honeydew flavours, although that could be because of the sweetness.

I actually really enjoy this vape, and it reminds me of posh dinner parties with melon and ham served as an appetizer (although without the ham!).

Exhaling and this is probably the freshest and cleanest flavour of the lot, the ice definitely doesn’t overpower, and it perfectly compliments the sweet and juicy melon flavours.

Final Review Verdict

As I said earlier, I love cooling in all my fruit flavours, so I’ve very much enjoyed trying Dr. Frost’s offerings.

For me personally the Orange and Mango was the stand out favourite of the bunch, really believable fruit flavour, with a little more complexity than the others, and a freezing wind of chill ice.

By contrast I found the strawberry one a little lacklustre, far too sweet to enjoy as an all day vape, and quite artificial in nature.

Dr Frost and myself
Me and Dr Frost!

The Grape and the Watermelon fall somewhere in between, with the Watermelon one being my preferred, even if I didn’t think it tasted much like a watermelon!

Make no mistake though, if you don’t like cooling notes in your e-liquids, these probably aren’t the e-liquids for you.

Even on the ones where the cooling wasn’t as pronounced, they definitely weren’t underselling it when they put the word Ice in every flavour name.

So if you see an angry snowman at the next vape event you go to, why not pop over and try some of the e-liquid?

Though I feel sure that whoever is in that big furry suit wishes it was as cool as the juices!

UK/EU Shipping

Orange and Mango Ice
Strawberry Ice
Grape Ice
Watermelon Ice
Vapour Production For All Four
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