Ecigclick Vape Awards 202 - ResultsThe 8th annual Ecigclick Vape Awards for 2020 is one of the only industry awards that are 100% voted by vapers. It’s our way of showing our appreciation to those that work so hard in the vape industry.

A big thank you to all that took the time to place your nominations and of course vote in the live polls. This year has seen over 156,000 votes!

Finalists: As always, please get in touch here if you are a finalist. We have Award badges available for all places!

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We would like to say a big thank you to Dinner Lady for sponsoring this years awards.

A word from the sponsor:Dinner Lady Logo - Awards SponsorDinner Lady is proud to sponsor the Ecigclick Vape Awards in 2020. In a challenging year, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate all that is great in the vape industry. Dinner Lady has been the proud winner of Ecigclick’s Best Dessert Flavour Award for the iconic Lemon Tart e-liquid three times since the company launched in 2016, when it also won Best UK Brand in its debut year.

Four years on, Dinner Lady is sold in 96 countries, employs more than 200 people, and this year launched its own online vape store at – as well as continuing to be a favourite brand across the international independent vape market.

2020 Ecigclick Vape Awards Results

This year we would like to start off with an Editors Award for New Nicotine Alliance (NNA). The NNA have been doing some great work behind the scenes in 2020 and this will continue with a big year coming up for vaping in 2021. New Nicotine Alliance Editors award

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Ecigclick Awards 2020 Voting Terms and Conditions:

  • Your vote will not be counted until you confirm via email. Once you confirm you will be redirected back to the awards. Due to the way the system works you will only be able to see the updated votes once you click back to the actual Awards page. Please be assured, once you have clicked ‘confirm’ your vote has been placed.
  • One vote per person – Any attempt to vote numerous times will result in ALL votes being removed. We have various ways to check. And we do check. Don’t waste your time and more importantly don’t waste ours.
  • No prizes/vouchers/discounts/incentives for votes. If you are a company/FB page etc and want to offer an incentive then you can use the official Ecigclick Awards giveaway, which is pretty amazing by the way. Nothing else. Any nominee found offering incentives of any kind in exchange for votes will be removed without notice or will have all votes nulled at the end of the polls.
  • You do not have to vote in all categories.
  • Any personal details you divulge when entering your vote will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Voting is available between the dates given on this website. Although we reserve the right to change these dates at any time.
  • Ecigclick reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent, excessive or suspicious patterns of voting have occurred, or if it considers there has been any attempt to unfairly influence the voting, or promote, or not discourage fraudulent voting. This may include for example, votes from spambots, programmes designed to specifically vote continuously for one project, or from devices where it is evident that cookies have intentionally been disabled or other attempts have been made to try to vote in a way that is not in line with these terms & conditions. Plus paid services for voting. These are surprisingly easy to spot so please don’t waste your money on these ‘services’.
  • Participants are required to encourage their supporters to vote in the way specified by these terms & conditions.
  • The outcome of the vote or poll will be revealed by Ecigclick on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) within a week of the vote or poll having finished. The result will also officially be announced by email newsletter.
  • In the event of any fault, mistake, misunderstanding or dispute concerning the outcome of a vote or poll, or the operation of any part of the web based voting system, the decision of Ecigclick shall be final.
  • Once the votes have been counted, the decision of Ecigclick is final.
  • Above all, the awards are supposed to be a fun event! So play nicely.
  • If you notice more than 10 results in any category this is down to 10th and 11th place having the same number of votes.

What is the process we go through before final poll results are announced?

Stage 1. Vote check – We would like nothing more than to set up the awards and just let them run organically. Unfortunately, with the nature of online voting, there are a minority that will always attempt to game the system.

The vast majority of voters are amazing and keep within the spirit of the Ecigclick Awards, we thank you for that.

Fortunately we can run checks to flag these type of votes and we do. Nobody takes these awards more seriously than us.

Unfortunately it means digging through a lot of data, in every category. Something we do every year.

But.. That’s the only option we currently have to keep things fair. We have a number of checks we can do to ensure that any untoward votes are removed. This does, however, take time.

We actually do this periodically throughout the awards and in full at the end.

Stage 2. Final Awards Announcement – As it says on the tin. Once the above is complete the awards are announced. Due to the above this can take upto 10 days.


  1. Orange County CBD ? I’m so happy to see these guys finally getting recognition ,been using there products for a good while and can honestly say there CBD works ❤️

  2. Voopoo have def been the leading brand in 2020 along with @riotsquadeliquid who should sweep up this year with there high quality and branding and variety of flavours released since the start of 2020


  4. are my DIY winners by miles… They have become my main DIY juice suppliers, fab customer service and great value juice ingredients. have never let me down… even during covid I never had any problems with them 🙂

  5. Dose the brass of heavy hitter mech mod born for Temple v2 and Asgard, Kennedy?
    I love this color ! It is a awesome combo.Expecially the texture of the mech mod,smooth and bright.

  6. Firehouse this one is for you you av helped me out alot with what I want and got me the liquid 100% right for me I’m a fussy bugger like you know lol but keep up the hard work

  7. DARKSTAR IN DA HOUSE. All the way for juice.

    ATHENA killer juice – been vaping it for yearsssss. Well what are you reading here head to there website and start ordering your juices

  8. I’d like to see a category for video / movie of the year.
    I’d have to go look for nominations, but know Pippa put out something recently and Aaron Biebert just released You Don’t Know Nicotine.

  9. Vape City reviews..
    Highly recommend this guy
    The detail in his videos. The way he explains every little thing. Makes everything so much easier to understand and get the best of out of your vape.

  10. Nom nomz are the absolute best liquid for Taste an high quality it’s all I use it is abit expensive but worth every penny best smok I’ve ever used regards Paul

  11. Vape City is the best I’ve ever used this guy goes above and beyond to help any of his costumer,I would recommend him to all my family and friends and he’s always so helpful ❤

  12. We are excellent at what we do and take pride in what we do. All our brands are first class and we have excellent feedback from our customers. When it comes to voting it is very difficult. CBD: Best Brand takes my vote is it helps people with health conditions.

  13. Vape city reviews the guy goes into a lot of detail and never leaves anything out he even tells you the flavour of the oil he does the unboxing downstairs and then goes up for the pros and cons he’s very very good

  14. Hey Jonny, I’ve just put my nominations in, but I did it before without refreshing the page (I came from Facebook link) so if it doubles up it wasn’t intentional, it’s just in case the first one didn’t submit.


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