I have a heard a lot mentioned about El Diablo Juices, the range of flavours on offer and their high quality, thankfully I have now finally got around to trying them. As we discovered in our recent interview with Viki, owner of El Diablo Juices, their creation began much the same as a lot of people, making DIY juice, then encouragement by others led to a switch to become a professional vendor.

Viki states the following on her site:

I’ve always loved cooking and especially baking cakes. My dad is an incredible chef and he gave me a real love for experimenting with food. He taught me from a young age about, not only using the best ingredients, but the importance of putting a little bit of love into each meal.

For me personally, I wanted to create juices that gave vapours the same kind of sensory enjoyment as one may get from eating a freshly baked, buttercream laden cupcake. The mmmmm factor. Taste is obviously important here but so is the texture or “mouth feel” when you get when vaping.

All of El Diablo juices are handmade using high quality and safe ingredients. All juices are 50VG/50PG and are packaged in child proof plastic bottles with very attractive and colourful labels.

The EL Diablo Juice range so far:

Sweet Voodoo

El Diablo describes this juice as follows:

Sweet ripe strawberries, covered in lashings of thick whipped cream, topped with a sprinkle of sugar, Full of rich, creamy flavours, but light enough to be an all day vape.

El Diablo Sweet VoodooHow many times have you bought a strawberry and cream vape and noticed that both ingredients seem completely separate to each other and not work properly? Sweet Voodoo is strawberries and cream redefined.

The taste is comparable to real strawberries literally drenched with cream and just like the description there is a slight sprinkling of sugar. It really is delicious, also in some ways it reminds me of those really nice strawberry and cream sweets you could buy.

My only personal let down with it is due to the nature of the flavours they don’t have as strong a taste as the Beelzebub or the St Louis. Don’t misunderstand me the flavour is excellent but its more of a naturally subtle blend where the ingredients balance together than a really in your face kind of vape.

St Louis

El Diablo describes this juice as follows:

St Louis is the home of New Orleans Voodoo and the resting place of the Louisiana Voodoo Queen, Marie Leveau. Louie is also the name of my eldest boy and the inspiration behind this mouthwatering blend of juicy pineapple and sweet peach, topped off perfectly with a tangy raspberry twist. This juice is a fruit lovers dream.

St louis El Diablo E JuiceAs a vaper that loves fruit flavours this is simply gorgeous. Its a really punchy flavour that really hits the taste buds. I love peach vapes but this is even better with the added pineapple which beautifully complements it. Sometimes you get the pineapple first, other times its the peach but both are always present.

Often pineapple has too sharp a taste and can occasionally taste artificial, not so here both fruits taste perfectly natural and quite lovely. The raspberry twist isn’t always noticeable to me but I’m certain it is there rounding off a truly excellent e-juice. This juice is definitely one of my all time favourite fruit vapes.

I found I simply couldn’t put it down and was constantly refilling. Before I knew it the 10ml bottle was empty.

Lime Cream Cupcake

El Diablo describes this juice as follows:

Sumptuous vanilla cupcakes laden with sweet cream and topped with a tangy lime drizzle. This juice will leave you feeling like you have eaten all the treats, without any of the calories.

el diablo lime cream cupcake reviewThis juice is outstanding. It tastes like you’ve just bitten into a vanilla cupcake, then you notice the cream fondant and finally you get this lovely zesty lime. I was awe struck by this juice. I found that vaping at a low wattage the lime doesn’t always come through in the exhale and to be fair I can’t say that mattered to me because everything else was so delicious. Increasing the wattage the lime consistently comes through.

I was particularly in love with the vanilla/cream fondant taste and it is exactly like a real cupcake. An amazing juice that you really must try.

Passion Bomb

El Diablo describes this juice as follows:

Temptingly sweet and seductive, a bold mix of passion fruit and dragon fruit with a strawberry and apple twist. This crisp, fruity mix will leave you wanting more……

Passion Bomb El Diablo Juice ReviewSadly this is the only juice in the entire range that I dislike. I appreciate that it is very well made and blended, the flavours of both the passion fruit and the dragon fruit are very good. The apple and strawberry don’t seem to come through for me but I don’t think they are supposed to, instead they are likely there to subdue the sweetness of the dragon and passion fruit.

The reason I don’t really like this is because I have never been a fan of passion fruit and I’m not that keen on dragon fruit. However don’t let my opinion deter you if you enjoy those flavours then you are bound to love this.

Calavera Catrina

El Diablo describes this juice as follows:

A delightfully light and creamy custard with a swirl of sweet strawberry and vanilla sponge cake.

el diablo calavera e-liquid reviewThe strange thing is I went straight into this juice thinking it would be like a strawberry custard so when it turned out to be rather different I was pleasantly surprised. It’s exactly like the description and is a vanilla sponge cake base with a small helping of custard and a dashing of strawberry.

I love this, the ingredients work so well and it really is rather moorish. The custard tastes like the home made variety and not like the artificial or instant kind. The strawberry which I believe is the same one used in Sweet Voodoo has to be one of the best and most natural strawberry flavours I have yet encountered.

The sponge cake is there and noticeable and the whole juice just works so well that you feel like you’ve been spending your time eating a delicious cake.


El Diablo describes this juice as follows:

Mambo is the Voodoo High Priestess. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, living relatives prepare bread and puddings as offerings to loved ones who have passed. The recipe is inspired by the Mexican flan that is a favourite offering. Ripe bananas drizzled with sweet cream and warm caramel lie atop a beautifully light and fluffy sponge base.

el diablo mambo reviewFor the record I like to eat bananas but I absolutely despise any form of dessert made with them except bananas and custard. I hate banana drinks, sweets and any banana vapes I have foolishly decided to try have left me feeling rather ill.

So I was not looking forward to trying this juice since I expected something sickly. I couldn’t be more wrong this is an exceptional juice. Firstly the banana tastes like a real fruit, it has none of that artificial chemical taste that permeates most of the other juices out there and is without a doubt the only banana vape I have ever tried that I totally loved.

The cream works very well and gives the juice this incredibly lush flavour with a hint of caramel added in and it really is amazing. I was totally blown away by this juice and now whenever I try a banana e-juice it will have to meet the very high standard of Mambo.

I really should thank Viki for actually making a banana vape I can actually enjoy, truly one of a kind I think.


El Diablo describes this juice as follows:

A delightfully wicked mix of blackcurrants and black raspberries, with undertones of sweet blackberry and juicy apple.

Beelzebub e liquid reviewThis juice really is a great example of a fruit vape. I tend to favour juices that have strong flavours and this one has it in spades. The blackcurrant and raspberry are gorgeous and the apple works to make sure the vape isn’t too sharp.

If you are a person that loves a good, strong fruit vape then this is for you.

Quality of service

The El Diablo site is very easy to use and once my order was placed it arrived within 24 hours. Everything was packaged safely in a press fit plastic bag inside the envelope. All the juice was good to go immediately and required no steeping. In terms of their service I was left very impressed.

Prices are comparable to most e-juices, £4.50 for 10ml and £12.50 for 30ml.

Final Thoughts

In terms of vaping all the flavours seemed equally good whether you choose low or high wattage, only the Lime Cream Cupcake needed higher wattage to boost the lime flavour. I enjoyed the entire range in both a sub ohm tank and a dripper.

While its unfortunate I did not enjoy the Passion Bomb I do appreciate how well made it is even if the flavour is not for me. However considering how subjective juice is I am sure people will love it. Highlights for me really are the St Louis, the Lime Cream Cupcake, the Calavera Catrina and the biggest surprise of all is the Mambo, never expected to like that one but I love it now.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you try these marvellous juices as soon as you can because it really is an excellent range of wonderful flavours.

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Jamie Campbell
I have been vaping for four years now. I was a 20 a day smoker and a friend of mine encouraged me to give vaping a try. He gifted me with a ego/ce4 set up and some juice and to be fair I found it reasonable but not ideal so I was still also smoking. I went to my local B&M and got some good advice regarding what vaping gear would suit me, as well as finding some juice more to my liking. For a couple of months I used a Vamo V5 but I kept seeing these shiny tube mods and I wondered what they were. After some investigation I discovered they were called mechanical mods and I had to buy my own. From that point I was completely off the cigarettes and quite satisfied with my set up. I eventually moved on the rebuildable devices with my first RDA and RTA. I love vaping and I have no plans to ever stop because there are so many new flavours to discover and a vast amount of different devices with newer technologies to try. While I still own a couple of mechanical mods my preference these days is VW box mods and I really do enjoy a vape with temperature control. I also make my own e-juice as time allows.



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