Eleaf iNano – Smallest Addition To The Eleaf Range To Date

The Eleaf iNano, in terms of design, is one of the smallest e cigs to date the company has released. It has to be said we are big fans of the Eleaf iStick range, especially the iStick TC100 device and the iStick 30W and 40W mods that still do a great job even today.Eleaf iNano Mod Review

So it’s safe to say we were looking forward to carrying out this Eleaf iNano review, hopefully more of the same quality in a tiny mod.

In The Box

  • 1 X Eleaf iNano
  • 1 X Disposable Tank
  • 1 X iNano Connector
  • 1 X iNano User Manual


  • All In One Vape Mod
  • Size: 29mm x 19.5mm x 64.5mm
  • 650 mAh battery Capacity
  • 0.8 ml Capacity Tank
  • 1.2 Ohm atomizer coil resistance

Design & Build Quality

If you are familiar with the Eleaf iStick 20W or iStick 30W mods then the iNano is instantly recognizable as part of that family of vape mods.

I was actually quite taken back with the size of the iNano.

Yes… I realize it’s named ‘Nano’ for a reason but this mod is tiny. By far the smallest mod I have come across thus far. Eleaf iNano In Hand

It’s also very lightweight but not in a cheap way, the Eleaf iNano is well built.

I could pop this in my t-shirt pocket and when in my closed hand completely concealed.

Eleaf iNano Vs 30ml E Liquid Bottle – Size ComparisonEleaf iNano size comparisonEleaf iNano Vs 18650 Battery – Size Comparison

Eleaf iNano size 18650 batteryTo keep the size to a minimum Eleaf have made this an all in one device. Which basically means the tank is incorporated within the body of the mod.Eleaf iNano all in oneThe tank itself is small, as would be expected, with a 0.8ml capacity. It sots in and out of the mod with ease and clicks into place by way of a magnetic connector. This comes separately in the kit and is screwed onto the bottom of the tank.

The tank stays firmly in place and it’s pretty much impossible for it to fall out without physically pulling it out.

There are two clear windows on either side of the mod that allow you to see your remaining eliquid level. Not the clearest of windows but can just about be made out. I found myself just pulling the tank out when checking the level of e juice remaining.Eleaf iNano review

On the side of the iNano mod is the micro USB port for charging. It also allows you to vape while charging.

How To Fill The Eleaf iNano

Filling is easy although it does take a little care.

Here are the steps to refill the iNano tank:

  • Pull the tank out of the mod
  • Unscrew the drip tip end of the tank. This will leave the centre post and glass tank in tact.
  • Carefully and slowly drip eliquid down the inside of the glass tank. Do not pour any ejuice down the centre post.
  • Screw the drip tip section back into the tank
  • Slot the tank back into the mod
  • Wait for 5 minutes to let the e juice soak into the wicking material.
  • Then you are ready to vapeEleaf iNano Atomizer Tank

How Does the Eleaf iNano Perform?

It has to be said I had a bit of a nightmare with the iNano at first. I had issues with the stock tank/atomizer that came with the iNano kit.

I found it to leak in a big way and the amount of eliquid I got in my mouth when vaping was more than I’ve experienced before.

So.. I put that down to a faulty coil head and ordered another pack of three tanks.

The first replacement again had issues with leaking through the mouthpiece.

I also tried a third tank and the results were pretty much the same. I tried a different vape juice in each with varying PG/VG levels but it didn’t seem to make a difference.Eleaf iNano Reviewed

If you do have the same issue after changing the atomizer it’s unlikely that it is going to be solely a product issue, more likely user error.

Keeping that in mind I tried a few different things until I found a solution that worked for me.

How To Stop The Eleaf inano From Leaking

The only way I could rectify the leaking with juice coming up through the mouthpiece was to do the following:

  • Take the tank out of the mod
  • Get some tissue and hold this loosely around the tank so the mouthpiece is showing
  • Be sure the top airflow holes under the drip tip are covered with the tissue
  • Blow through the drip tip
  • Any excess juice will be caught by the tissue
  • Wipe any excess juice from the tank and pop back in the mod and vape

Not ideal, but once I did this the vape, for this size of mod, was actually decent.

It’s not going to pump out huge clouds, the iNano isn’t designed for that. It likely won’t satisfy you as your go to vape device either.

The iNano is for vapers that want a stealth vaping device to carry around discreetly in your pocket.

If you are used to sub ohm vaping you will of course need to keep in mind the performance will be night and day. But this was never going to have that high end performance.Eleaf iNano Box Mod

The 650 mAh battery life, saw me as a moderate vaper, through around half a day before I needed to re-charge. This will of course be different for you depending on how much you vape.Eleaf iNano Vape Mod

For the size of the mod the battery life is very good indeed.

What I Liked

If a small vape mod is what you want then this is what you get with the Eleaf iNano, it’s tiny. The build quality is also good while still being a lightweight device.

Battery life for the size is good. Although if you plan on using this as your go to device you may find yourself charging more regularly.

I also like the fact that you can vape the Eleaf iNano whilst charging the device.

What I Didn’t Like

I had big issues initially with the atomizer leaking through the mouthpiece and airflow holes. This was rectified with the steps mentioned above but proved to be a pain.

It only holds 0.8ml of ejuice, but again, the size of the iNano it couldn’t have been much bigger.

Final Eleaf iNano Review Verdict

The Eleaf iNano could be a good choice if you are looking for a very small mod for occasional use. I wouldn’t say it’s the best vape mod for your primary device, however.

For me, I prefer the Aspire Breeze due to the performance it gives but it all depends on what you personally need as a vaper.

If a super slim, small device is what you want I would recommend taking a look at our Eleaf iCare 2 review, this is also better performer for us.


  • Tiny…Really, really tiny
  • Decent performance for mouth to lung vapers
  • Battery life OK considering the size of the mod
  • Can vape while charging


  • I had some issues with leaking via the mouthpiece but managed to rectify this
  • Small e juice capacity
Build Quality
Ease of Use
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  1. I think it’s a bit *too* small (battery and tank wise), but on the other hand you could just take two of those along and be fine. Also, there is the iStick Pico which I think is the better compromise between size and power. Nice to have though for absolute stealth vaping or for when you just don’t have pockets to carry big mods around in the summer.


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