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Verifying science and technology is the key development criteria for testing the long-term innovation stability of enterprises.

Adhering to core enterprise responsibility values since its establishment, YOOZ is creating a better environment through long-term and precise development objectives for the industry and its market. YOOZ treats objectivity and rationality as core features of its scientific research.
Long term development objectives are the driving force of YOOZ

  • 3 production lines produce Rechargeable Disposable, Kits and Pod vapes
  • Global presence established in over 34 countries and regions
  • Over 2 million global end users

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Ensuring the highest product quality and safety standards is YOOZ’s top priority, in line with the top concerns of consumers.

Every production link and component completes a strict and thorough inspection process, ensuring only the highest quality YOOZ products enter the market.
During experimental testing and research of e-cigarettes, chemical experiments and physical experiments are combined. In addition to the chemical detection of the oils, physical testing can ensure the safety of users in the event of subtle or extreme environment changes, or in the event of accidents in order to predict and prevent potential safety hazards.

By utilising over 70 different testing machines and apparatus, including multi-channel smoking testing machine, density meter, viscometer, battery explosion proofing test chamber, e-cigarette comprehensive performance tests etc, our experimental testing procedures ensure absolutely comprehensive testing of every link, ensuring YOOZ delivers only the highest safety standard e-cigarette products.
The environmental laboratory has a number of environment simulation testing machines including high and low temperature testing station, humidity and heat alternation testing, salt spray resistance testing, water resistance testing, high-altitude testing and low-voltage simulation testing.

By simulating different environments to test the products in, YOOZ’ e-cigarettes can be used safely and reliably across the world, including in high-temperature high-humidity tropical rainforests, extremely cold environments such as Serbia and high altitude low-pressure mountain environments etc.

E-cigarettes are a part of the high-tech manufacturing industry, so building a leading scientific research enterprise is a core development goal and mission of YOOZ.

The responsibilities of YOOZ Laboratory are not limited to ensuring safety and driving innovation, but also in establishing stronger connections between the middle and upper hubs of the industrial chain and becoming a positive driving force for the development of the entire industry.

Utilising precise scientific equipment, standardised testing and strict procedures, YOOZ Laboratory upholds the values of “putting end users first, leading an industry revolution and taking responsibility” as well as controlling R&D and production standards throughout the upstream.

Through careful selection of high quality supply chain manufacturers and gradual increases in supplier numbers, YOOZ is stimulating the development of R&D capabilities along the development supply chain and ensuring delivery of safer, better and more environmentally-friendly products, fully satisfying customer desires for an improved user experience.

In the future, YOOZ will continue to focus on user satisfaction, striving to deliver long term and stable development. As an industry leading enterprise, we will continue to deliver the highest standards of compliance and development in the areas of safety, scientific research, innovation, and environmental protection.

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