Froot – An E-liquid for Those Who Like it Fresh ‘n Fruity?

I do like my e-liquids to contain the bare minimum of ingredients – heavy on the VG and most definitely no colourings.

So to receive two very clean and fresh looking 60ml glass bottles of Froot – a US based e-liquid company – certainly got my taste buds tingling in anticipation.
froot e-liquids

I have contacted the company asking if they are introducing 10ml TPD compliant bottles – but as yet I’ve received no reply and I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

A quick reminder that after May 20th vapers within the EU won’t be able to buy e-liquid bottles over 10mls from EU based shops including those online – however Froot e juice does a zero nicotine version which is perfectly OK to buy from anywhere.

However you shouldn’t be penalized for purchasing vape products – including juices containing nicotine – from outside the EU unless customs decides to open your mail and even then it may only be confiscated – so the choice is yours 😉

froot e-liquid review

OK from what I can see on their website Froot e liquid comes in zero and 3mg nicotine strength with a 70/30 VG and PG mix.

I received these bottles free of charge and for the purpose of this review and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

I vaped using the Druga RDA with dual fused Clapton coils and the original Aspire Cleito using the 0.2ohm coils – both were freshly wicked for each flavour.

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UPDATE: Not only as Froot now producing 10ml TPD/TRPR compliant bottles of their delicious e-liquids – they’ve brought out a new flavour AND added short fills to their selection!

I received the brand new LYKEE flavoured short fill and Froot says this is “A sublime blend of juicy kiwi and punchy lychee.

BTW for more about short fills read our complete guide!

I Say:

lykee froot e-liquid review

The simple classy bottle is filled with 50mls of 0mg nicotine e-liquid with a 10ml nic shot – I have to say I might have had a dodgy shot but that top would NOT come off lol!

Anyway once mixed I have to say FROOT are spot on again!

First you get the sweety juicy lychee before the crisp tanginess of the kiwi joins in making a superbly balanced fruit vape – not too sweet and not too tart – bloody lovely and one I HIGHLY recommend as an ADV!

Razberi by Froot – 3mg 70/30 VG PG

razberi froot e-liquid

Froot says:

Razberi’s popularity is due to the authentic fruity taste; a sharp flavor that transcends into a sweet, moreish raspberry juice, just like the real thing and totally tasty!

I say:

I’m a real lover of raspberries especially that moment you get them just before they over-ripen giving a delicious juicy mix of sweetness and tartness.

The smell on opening this bottle was simply divine with the essence of fresh ripe raspberries captured perfectly.

On the inhale you do indeed get the merest and I mean merest suggestion of sharpness before the exhale delivers stunning sweet notes.

I really – I mean really enjoyed this e-liquid so much so the 60ml bottle lasted a little over 2 days – one of the nicest vapes I’ve ever had.

Bango by Froot – 3mg 70/30 VG PG


Froot says:

For the die hard banana based e-liquid fans; Bango will whisk you away to a tropical paradise, combining delicious ripe bananas with succulent mango, adding a refreshing twist to your experience.

I say:

I’ve found finding a decent banana vape extremely hard as they’ve all left that chemical taste in the mouth.

However Froot has nailed it with Bango – dare I say it’s a banging flavour!

On the inhale your mouth is filled with almost syrupy banana that is just verging on being too ripe before refreshing mango washes in and levels out the sweetness perfectly.

I’m not big on tropical fruit vapes – but this a totally tropical delight showing expert blending – smells great too!

Final Verdict on Froot E-Liquids

As I said earlier the Froot e liquid bottles kind of give a clue to the naturalness of this duo of delicious e-liquids – very classy.

Flavour wise I think fruit loving vapers will really enjoy these as will dessert lovers given the inhale on both is sweet however the back notes really do level the taste out.

Vapour wise they’re both on a par with other 70/30 ratio vapes I’ve tried with maybe the Bango giving more vapour overall.

If you’re looking for an all-day fresh vape you’d do a lot worse than Froot – very nice indeed.

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