The Geekvape Aegis Solo is the latest in a line of waterproof/shockproof Aegis mods.

The word Aegis doesn’t mean alot to me, and perhaps not you either, but apparently The Aegis was an Animal skin, or shield, bearing the head of Gorgon and was carried around by Athena and Zeus in Greek Mythology. And my own Personal Aegis Legend has been carried around by me for what feels like an Age. That’s because it’s the complete mod.beaten in woods aegis solo kit
Extremely hard wearing, simple to use, and fairly comfortable for a bigger mod. And the Aegis Solo kit appears to offer the same, but in Single 18650 form this time round.

How could Geekvape Finish off an excellent Aegis Line, including the original 26650 100W Aegis (which I own and love also) The Dual 18650 200w Aegis Legend, and the Mini Mod 80w Aegis Mini with its 2200mAh internal battery. Which also came with the Geekvape Cerberus tank, which is of course included in the Solo kit.

This Kit was sent to me for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are solely those of my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of others.

See The GeekVape Aegis Solo Kit in Action

Price (Store Below): From £35.50 / €41.11 / $44

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What’s In The Box

  • Aegis Solo Mod
  • Cerberus Tank (0.30Ω coil pre-installed )
  • Extra Mesh Coil 0.30Ω
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Bag of Spare O-Rings
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • USB Charging/Firmware Upgrade Cable
  • Battery Door Assist Tool (Not included in my Sample Packaging)
  • Manual (Not included in my Sample Packaging)

what's in the box aegis solo kit



  • Battery – Single 18650 Battery Compartment
  • Up to 100w power
  • Latest AS-100 Chipset
  • Multiple settings options including Wattage/TC/Bypass/Curve
  • IP67 Rating Waterproof/Shockproof/Dustproof
  • Height: 86.4mm
  • Width: 41.2mm
  • Depth: 31.5mm
  • Colours Available: Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Gunmetal

colours avaliable aegis solo kit


  • Constant wattage fixed output
  • Tank capacity: 4ml (2ml for EU)
  • Airflow adjustment
  • Rubberised body
  • Height: 43mm (Inlcuding Low Profile Drip-Tip)
  • Diameter: 24mm (27mm at widest point with bubble glass)
  • Colours Available: Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Gunmetal

Design and Build Quality

I received the full Black version of the Geekvape Aegis Solo, along with a Black Cerberus Tank.

In The Hand

Due to its size and shape, the Aegis Solo fits super snug in the hand, with its thick yet rubbery finish around the majority of the device, plus the stitched leather, which might I add is curved beautifully leaving your index, middle and ring finger in the perfect position.

in the hand aegis solo kit

And did I mention this is a single 18650 version, meaning its super light too. All in all a very comfortable device to hold.

Aegis Solo Mod

Im pleased to see the Solo has kept exactly the same style, design and build quality as its predecessors. From top to bottom its extremely well put together. Starting at the top, its large enough to hold up to a 26mm Tank/RTA/RDA before you will notice any overhang and I’ve had not gaps between the Solo and different RDA’s thanks to its nicely springy 510 connector.

The ‘Diamond-like’ fire button protrudes perfectly but is a slightly uncomfortable feel on the thumb, I wish they had kept with the Aegis legend shape which is shaped a bit like a ski slope and extremely comfortable. But the fire button, and up/down are nice, clicky and responsive.

in hand screen ok beaten in woods aegis solo kit

At the base of the device is one of those ‘Screw to Unlock’ battery compartment covers, which is a little fiddly and very stiff! But it has to be to ensure the IP67 waterproof rating. Be sure to take your time screwing the cap back on though, as it does feel quite easy to cross-thread!

Cerberus Tank

The Cerberus Tank has been used by Geekvape for quite a while now, but it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing too fancy or smart about it but it’s a good all rounder for both performance and build quality. All the tolerances and threads are spot on, the 90 degree twist filling cap is good and creates a lovely tight seal.

I really like the low-profile drip it that came with the tank and it fits into the top nice and snug.
cerberus tank close up aegis solo-kit
The airflow control is super smooth and adjusts beautifully, mostly thanks to the knurling around the top cap, and the airflow ring. And it’s not a super noisy tank, theres a little whistle and a slight bit of that turbulence going on, but it’s not deafening and certainly won’t turn peoples heads.

How Does the Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit perform?

Basic operation

I feel like im repeating myself now, but with regards to the menu and functions, this kit operates in exactly the same way as the Aegis, the Legend and the Mini.

    • 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off
    • 3 clicks takes you through the menu options which include:
    • Power (Wattage)

power display aegis solo

    • Temperature Control x3 depending on coil type

temperature control display aegis solo

    • VPC(Variable Power Curve) – So you can alter the output of the device when you fire the button which is ideal if you prefer a harder ramp up.

variable power curve display aegis solo mod

  • Bypass mode – Which basically means the mod will fire at the maximum it can, similar to a Mechanical Mod, but keeps those important safety features in place.

bypass display aegis solo mod

How To Fill The Cerberus Tank

  • Unscrew the top-cap by turning the top anti-clockwise by 90 degrees
  • Fill the tank using either filling slot
  • Re-fit the top-cap by pushing and turning clockwise 90 degrees

filling tank aegis solo kit

How To Change The Coils

  • Ensure the tank is empty
  • Holding the base of the tank with your thumb, unscrew the rest of the tank anti-clockwise
  • Unscrew the existing coil by turning anti-clockwise
  • Fit the new coil and screw in Clockwise until tight
  • Refit the rest of the tank (Including Glass of course)

close up on mesh coils geekvape cerberus tank

Flavour and Clouds

Thankfully, Geekvape have a brain, and included 2 coils, both exactly the same. Which meant I could give the first on a proper thrashing, even changing up flavours after a few days to see how it copes. Along with firing it over the recommended 30-45w just to see how it behaves.

Then once onto the second coil, I was able to give it a decent durability test to see how long it will last.

In all honest, and unsurprisingly, Coil Number 1 only lasted a few days, but that’s purely down to the stress testing I put it through.
mesh coil aegis solo kit

Onto the second of the Mesh X2 0.3Ω coil, and i’m pleased to say it performed extremely well, I generally vaped at around 38w with the airflow halfway open and it delivered decent vapour production, and a flavour which was good, but not outstanding. But for a ‘Kit Tank’ it was good enough for me.

How to fit the battery

Simply unscrew the bottom battery cap using either your fingers, or the battery door assist tool which unfortunately was not included in my sample packaging. Ensure you fit the battery POSITIVE to the top, and then screw the cap back in place.

battery fitting aegis solo mod

Note – The device will not turn on automatically so make sure you click 5 times… If the device doesn’t power on, you’ve got your battery in the wrong way.

Battery Life

Using the 0.3Ω mesh coils that come with the tank, at around 35-40w. you can rest assured a single, fully charged 18650 should last you all day and all evening. It’s only when you’re putting the wattage over the 50w mark that you might have to swap the batteries during the day.

If you’re looking to vape close to the 100w max output, you might just be pushing this mod further than it wants to go.

Even with the 100w available, I wouldn’t recommend it. Even at 75w with a dual coil Clapton build in, I found the mod got a little warm after around 10 hits.


You can charge the battery using the hidden micro USB port on the side of the mod, but as always I recommend using an external charger.
charging aegis solo kit

The Stress Test

I’ve quite recently put the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Kit through its paces, a mod which is one of the only other mods available to offer similar features to this, and the rest of the Aegis line – The only difference to the Aegis Mini being that it can hold a 21700 battery.

Of course the Cerberus Tank will only hold up to the gentlest of drops, thanks to the bubble glass. But with Ip67, ShockProof, Dustproof Aegis Solo mod, should be able to withstand quite a beating, along with a good soak right? Well there’s only one way to find out!

I took the Aegis Solo mod to the woods with my wife, and 3 young children. And the Kids (Mostly my wife) spent the majority of the nice quiet walk in the peaceful woodlands attempting to destroy the device – Of course the tank, and battery were removed before the fun began.
in hand in woods aegis solo kit

But after a good 30 minutes of being hit with a stick, thrown against trees, and even bouncing off the pavement at times, apart from the odd scuff to the rubber, the mod looks in almost perfect condition.

The screen didn’t crack, and is barely scratched, and it still performs exactly the same as before.
in vase of water aegis solo kit

I then put the mod the same Vase the Jackaroo kit had to endure for a good 30 minutes.

in hand after submerging aegis solo kit

And again, not a drip of water has got into the battery compartment, or anywhere else for that matter.battery compartment after submerging aegis solo kit



  • Extremely Durable and well built
  • Good battery life for a single 18650
  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Screen is clear even in sunlight


  • Mesh Coils last well
  • Well put together
  • Comfortable Low-Profile Drip-Tip



  • 100w Max is pushing it a little for a single 18650
  • The fire button is a little uncomfortable


  • Flavour could be better
  • A little noisy

Final Review Verdict

Quite simply, Unless you get out your hammer, or a drill – You won’t be able to destroy the Geekvape Aegis Solo. Accidental drops will barely put a scratch on this thing.

The tank is another story but the star of the show when buying any of the Aegis Kits is not the tank, but the mod itself.

WorldWide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

US Shipping – Save 10% With Code DNA10

Build Quality - Mod
Build Quality - Tank
Design - Mod
Design - Tank
Ease Of Use
Replace If Lost
Hey Folks. Im Gaz, The Flat-cap Vaper. I’m 35, married with 3 kids and I just love Flatcap's and Vaping! I started my e-cigarette journey in 2014 when I entered my local vape shop and got so well looked after, I ditched my 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day within 48hrs. Following on from this, my Vaping journey began. I started a Youtube Channel at the beginning of 2019 and so far has had over 500,000+ views. I quickly upgraded my device and that’s when my geeky side took over and I began to experiment with making my own liquid, building my own coils and even my own mods! As a trained electrician I suppose ohms, wattage and voltage runs through my veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone.


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