Vape giant Geekvape and PSG will team up next season making it the first time a major football team has partnered with a vaping company.

Paris St Germain is based in Paris France, and is a relatively young football club that celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.

geekvape psg team up

It has attracted some of the world’s greatest players including, Ronaldinho, Beckham, Ibrahimovic, and currently has star striker Kylian Mbappé.

GeekVape is one of the best known, and loved, China based vape companies, and to say this is coup for them is an understatement.

We have seen vape companies team up with soccer teams in the past – but certainly not with a soccer side this big.

Paris St Germain has around 100million followers on social media and attracts supporters from around the world.

Becoming an official partner means GeekVape will join the team’s wider community projects and other joint campaigns.

At the launch, Marc Armstrong, Paris Saint-Germain’s Chief Partnerships Officer, said:

We are delighted to welcome Geekvape to the Paris Saint-Germain family.

Geekvape is an innovative Chinese brand with worldwide ambition.

We both share the same determination to ally excellence and elegance.

We are looking forward to working together to develop creative campaigns.

Allen Yang, the CEO of Geekvape Technology, said:

Geekvape has always followed a brand concept of ‘Love of Life’ and building an excellent life experience, while Paris Saint-Germain is known for playing elegant football.

In their own sectors, Geekvape and Paris Saint-Germain are sharing the same passion for ‘Excellence’ and ‘Elegance.’

And based on this common idea, we have come together today.

Six years after its creation, Geekvape has grown into an international brand serving millions of users around the globe.

The partnership with Paris Saint-Germain is an essential step in its brand strategic upgrade and will, at the same time, attract more users to feel the positive energy brought by football through Paris Saint-Germain’s football magic.

Can’t wait to see the first GeekVape and Paris St Germain team up vape kit – oo la la!

GeekVape and PSG Team Up – Geek Up!

This really is a case of the vaping and football geeks of the world united!

GeekVape says the word ‘geek‘ typically connotes an expert or enthusiast obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit – a perfect fit for vapers and football fans!

Future community campaigns will feature under the title Geek Aid.

GeekVape says:

In addition, Geekvape, which takes its responsibility to the greater society as a priority, is committed to the research and development of environmentally friendly materials and public programs.

Geekvape plans to soon launch a series of Geek Aid programs for the public welfare in partnership with PSG with the aim of expanding the traits of geeks to include love and responsibility while also enhancing their emotional and spiritual maturity.

Speaking about the exciting collaboration, GeekVape says it’s the perfect match:

As a young and capable football club, PSG continues to consolidate its position as a game changer in the world of football backed by its proven track record of fearlessly exploring its potential for growth.

Football is a combination of sports and competition.

If a sport is a game by its very nature, then curiosity is the DNA of sports.

A healthy competitive spirit and actions to push the envelope are reflected in the brand values and beliefs of Geekvape.

It’s certainly a great result for both sides and there looks to be exciting times ahead.

And it’s definitely great to see such a major name in the world of football embracing vaping – especially in France a country synonymous with lit tobacco.

The signing ceremony will take place here in the UK in September and will feature a star studded event with the world media, guests and PSG fans invited to attend.

So are you ‘over the moon‘ or ‘sick as a parrot‘ about this news?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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